Money Emergency? 71 Ideas to Help You Make a Quick $50 Today

Need to know how to make money easy and fast when you needed it yesterday? This post should help!

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There are virtually endless ways to make a quick $50, but when you have an emergency and need cash fast, it’s easy to get flustered and forget simple tricks.

You also may not know that many of these quick, easy money-making methods even existed.

In many cases, $50 is right within your reach, either online or offline. Instead of scrambling to figure out a way to get cash in your hand today, check out this organized list of ways to do it ASAP.

Ideas to Make Money Fast Online

Take Online Surveys

While some online surveys are anything but fast-paying, others do pay quickly if you earn enough for a reward.

To make money fast, you’ll want to look for survey sites that pay PayPal cash as a reward option.

SurveyJunkie (review) is one of them, and it also has some high-paying surveys that can help you reach the low $10 payout threshold quickly.

Combine fast-paying survey sites with the other money-making methods I’m going to talk about in this post, and you’ll be on your way to $50 in no time.

These other sites also pay with PayPal:

Use the Best Rewards Sites

Reward, or GPT sites, are much like survey sites in that they can pay fast, but only if you use the right ones.

Again, using only those that deliver fast payments with PayPal is important to get your 50 bucks fast.

These are definitely the best when it comes to fast, reliable payments:

It’s also a good idea to sign up for InboxDollars. This GPT site won’t pay you quickly for the first payment because you’ll need $30 and it will arrive in the mail as a check.

But, once you get paid the first time, you can get faster payments via other payment methods, like a VISA gift card.

InboxDollars can help give you a steady side income stream once you get going with it, so it’s worth looking into!

Read more: Inbox Dollars Review: Is This One Worth The Time?

Use Money-Making Apps

There are so many apps you can use on your tablet or smartphone to give you some extra money whenever you need it.

Ibotta is definitely one of the best.

This app helps you save money on your groceries and online shopping trips just by redeeming offers. You’ll choose your rebates or cash back offers, shop, and get money back to your Ibotta account.

When you need to shop anyway, this is the perfect way to get some money back from it.

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You only need $20 to cash out, which you can get in one shopping trip if you redeem enough rebates.

Other options to try for quick cash that you can search for in your app store:

  • Swag IQ: This app is a live trivia game that hooks up to your Swagbucks account. Play the game daily for a chance to win extra SBs!
  • TV: Watch your favorite shows and movies for cash.
  • Shopkick: Another app that pays you to shop, this one rewards you for scanning your receipts, scanning barcodes, and taking quick surveys about your shopping trips.
  • AppLike: Pays you to download games and try them out on your device.
  • DietBet: Make money by reaching your fitness goals by participating in challenges.

Sign Up for Websites or Apps

Some websites and apps will even pay you bonuses just for signing up – nothing else is required!

The key to getting paid quickly is to sign up for apps and websites that don’t have high minimum payout requirements.

These sites and apps have high earning potential with low payout amounts to get you money fast:

  • iBotta: $10 bonus, $20 minimum payout
  • MyPoints: $10 bonus, $3 minimum payout
  • TopCashback: $10 bonus, $0 minimum payout
  • BeFrugal: $10 bonus, $0.01 minimum payout

Start an Online Gig

You’ve surely heard of freelancing, although some refer to it as “gigging.” Either way, they both refer to the art of making money in a flexible way by doing things that interest you or use your skills.

You can be as creative as you want here.

The internet has made it possible for just about anyone to make money aside from their jobs.

Check out Upwork, a freelance marketplace dedicated to matching clients with freelancers looking for work.

Browse the categories and apply to join. Once you’re in, you can look through jobs in your chosen categories and bid on them with your rates and scope.

Once your work is complete, the payment will only take a few days to clear through Upwork’s system after your client approves everything, so you can have it within the same week.

Other places to find freelance work:

  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • SimplyHired
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Indeed
  • 99Designs
  • Craigslist (yes, you can even find remote work on this locally-based site!)

See if Anyone Owes You Money

The web can help you find money that other people or companies owe to you, and it could be way easier than you think it is.

First, check and click on your state. Enter your information and see if there’s any unclaimed money in your name.

Don’t forget to check other states you’ve lived in, too, if applicable.

It could be anything from an insurance settlement to someone’s estate that you didn’t know you were entitled to!

Then, download Paribus, an app that hooks up to your email accounts and combs through them to find all your shopping receipts.

When the app finds a lower price for something you paid for, it will get a rebate back for you!

Complete Quick Tasks

Quick tasks, also called short tasks or microtasks, refer to data entry-type tasks that you can do quickly to build up a balance.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the most well-known and popular site for this work.

For those who are computer-savvy, microtasking is a great way to use your skills while making money in a flexible way.

Here are some sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Quick Cash Ideas That Don’t Require the Internet

Get Overtime…

It’s surely not your favorite way to get extra money (mine, either!), but it works.

March into your office and volunteer to take some hours off your co-workers’ shoulders by getting some overtime.

If you typically make $12 an hour, that overtime pay turns into $18 an hour. You’ll only need about 11 or 12 hours (taking taxes into account) to get $50 on top of what you’d normally make.

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Or, Ask for a Bonus

Another option that you have at your job is to ask for a bonus or an advance bonus, but you better be prepared to back up why you deserve it.

This will probably only work if you have a good rapport with your boss and have done some great things at your job that make you stand out.

If that sounds like you, then make an appointment with the boss and ask, politely, if there’s any possibility of a bonus for you and your hard work.

You might even be able to squeeze out an advance on your paycheck if there’s a worthwhile emergency involved.

Be calm and honest; most bosses will appreciate your honesty!

Sell Stuff

I’ve made $400 in one day just by selling things in storage that I haven’t used or needed in years.

Toys, clothing, and video games have been my best sellers, but baby gear, old cell phones, movies, home décor, and furniture are all good options too.

Set up a quick yard sale and post signs around town (just be sure to check your local laws because some places have regulations about signage and yard sales) or advertise it on local Facebook groups.

You can also post your items directly to FB groups and meet up with interested people.

Sit (Just Not on Your Bottom!)

You can sit for cash, but not on your couch!

Sitting jobs – in other words, taking care of something or someone else other than your own belongings – can bring in good money because you can be in control of what you charge.

The three main types of sitting are:

  1. Babysitting
  2. Pet sitting
  3. House sitting

But, it’s possible that you can get creative with this if you know people in unique situations.

Maybe someone you know needs you to take care of their car while they’re on a business trip. Or, perhaps a family-owned business will close for a week while the owners leave for vacation.

You might be able to cash in by offering to “sit” the car or office in their absence.

You can find sitting jobs on,, and!

Use Your Car

Becoming an Uber driver is a popular way to make money now but signing up to become a driver isn’t very quick.

When you need cash fast, you may just want to create a ridesharing service with your own car to help out people in the neighborhood.

Offer to drive people to the store, school, work, or doctor’s appointments, or deliver groceries, medications, or food to them.

If you have a truck, you may even be able to make money hauling large loads or helping people move.

Rent Extra Stuff

You can use websites to rent your extras (clothing, baby gear, cars, and even your home!), but again, when time is an issue, these sites may take too much time to get you your cash.

You can cash in on the idea, though, by offering your extras to family, friends, and neighbors.

Let them use your car for a few hours on the weekend, rent extra space in your garage or driveway, or rent an extra room in your home to someone who needs a temporary place to stay.

Help the Neighbors

Check with your neighbors for ways you can help them.

You’ll probably be surprised by how much help people need but didn’t know who to ask!

You can offer services like:

  • Pool cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Washing windows
  • Shoveling sidewalks/driveways
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Painting
  • House cleaning
  • Repair work
  • Car repair

Get Creative

If you’re creative in any way, then you could make money from crafting.

Making jewelry, painting, sketching, creating digital art, and making printables are all popular forms of crafting that sell well.

First, get yourself an Etsy shop so that you can potentially start earning regularly from your talents when people all over the world shop for your products.

To get paid quickly now, look for any local arts and crafts fairs where you can set up a table and start selling.

If none are happening right now, try selling your stuff in a Facebook group!

Make Money from Your Hobbies

Like crafting, other hobbies might net you some quick money.

  • Sell your smartphone photos on Foap, an app that pays you when someone downloads your photos.
  • Teach music to local kids with your favorite instrument.
  • Bake up your favorite goodies and sell them to neighbors or at a school bake fair!
  • Choose your favorite subject and tutor kids after school.
  • Refinish old furniture to resell for a much higher price tag.

Whatever your interests, there’s probably a way to make money off them!

Use Neighborhood Gig Apps

If you’re not having luck finding ways to make money around your neighborhood, you can always try one of these apps that help you find local people who need your help:

Cancel Subscriptions

Last, but definitely not least, is a way you can gain extra money in your pocket every week or month by not spending as much.

Subscription services – from TV services like Netflix to music services like Google Play Music – are fun and convenient, but they can eat a hole through your wallet fast if you’re not careful.

While you won’t necessarily make money by cutting them, you’ll keep more money by cutting at least some of them out.

And you might be surprised at how easily you end up with an extra $50 by doing it!

Go through each subscription you have and write them down along with their weekly or monthly cost.

Choose at least two or three to get rid of, even if it’s for a month.

Chances are, you won’t miss it as much as you thought you would and you’ll probably find better ways to spend the money you would have spent on the subscriptions.

You can also connect your accounts to Trim, an app that finds you the best deals on services and will even cut your expensive ones out for you when you switch.

[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Conclusion: How to Make 50 Fast Bucks Online or Offline” style=”card-success”]

You now have several options for getting your 50 bucks fast (plus a lot more, in some cases!).

I do want to point out one important thing, though, that many people might overlook.

No matter how you make money, you’re still responsible for reporting your income to your government. Income is income, no matter how you earn it!

Be sure to keep detailed records of your extra cash so that you can report it accurately at tax time.

Let us know – which of these ideas is your favorite? Have you tried any? What other ideas do you have for getting cash fast?


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