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MyPoints is one of the top 5 survey sites for earning money.  It isn’t just surveys though. There is so much more.  You can earn points for doing various online activities, many of which you likely would be doing anyway.

For example, you can earn points for shopping, reading emails, and even printing coupons.

How great does it sound actually to make money by spending money? With MyPoints you can do just that!  Of course, that is really more like saving money, but a penny saved is a penny earned, right?

How about making money by using coupons.  If you are going to be printing coupons anyway, print them from MyPoints and earn points that can be redeemed for cash.

Want to know more?

How does it work, and how much can you really earn?

Sign Up

The sign-up process is fast and easy.  You can either enter your contact information or sign up through your Facebook account.

Once you have an account, you will be asked various questions and get a rundown of how to use the site. There is no need to enter credit card information or even a PayPal address at this point.

Signing up is completely free.

I encourage you to spend some time on the site getting familiar with it.  Take each section at a time and explore the various options.

Earning Points

Once you are in, you are likely to be overwhelmed.  There are so many opportunities to earn points.


If you are shopping online, go to first.  There are hundreds of stores that offer points for shopping with them through the MyPoints site.

The amount of points vary by store.  It may be 1 point per dollar spent, $3 points per every $5 spent, or something totally different.

If you are going to be shopping anyway, you might as well earn some points while you are at it, right?


You can sign up to receive emails that award points when you click the link in the email.   One click earns 5 points, and it takes 10 or 15 seconds to get it done.

You could earn more points if you take advantage of the offer in the link, but they often cost money.


You can earn points by watching videos.  There are a ton of videos and many different topics from which to choose.

Videos categories include news, entertainment, home and garden, travel, food, and more.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will just let videos run in the background on a muted tab, however.  I tried it.  The video pauses when you click off of the tab.


There are various games you can play, and points are awarded for achievements within the game.


If you print coupons online, print them from the MyPoints site from now on and earn 10 points per coupon printed. If you are an avid couponer and print coupons online anyway, this can add up fast.

Daily 5

Log in daily to take advantage of the Daily 5.  This is a list of activities that offers 5 bonus points for every 5 activities from the list you complete.

The list includes things such as taking polls, printing coupons, looking at deals, reading coupons, and more.


When you first click on the surveys link you will see a list of surveys available in the system, along with how long they will take to complete and how many points they are worth.

This is one of the best things about taking surveys at MyPoints, as you can see all this information on all available surveys at the same time.

You will not be able to take any surveys yet.  First, you have to unlock the ones for which you are eligible.  To do this, you have to complete your survey profile.

You earn 5 points for every 10 survey profile questions answered, which is another big difference between MyPoints and many other survey sites.  Many do not offer rewards for filling out your profile.

As you answer questions, you begin to have access to surveys.  These are being unlocked as you answer questions that note your eligibility to take them.

How Much Can I Earn Per Survey

Point values and times vary drastically between surveys.

A recent glance revealed a survey that was estimated to take 40 minutes would pay 425 points, while another survey estimated to take 20 minutes was worth the same amount of points.

Still another survey was estimated to take 30 minutes and was only worth 213 points.

Only you know how much time you have available, and whether it is worth that amount of points.

Special Deals

Occasionally a company will run a MyPoints special.  For example, Hulu might offer 500 points to new customers if they sign up through the site.

Retailers sometimes will offer deals where you can receive bonus points for spending a certain amount with them.

Currently, BestBuy has an offer of 500 bonus points for spending $50 on items featured in their current ad.


Do you love trying new products for free and telling the world about it? offers the opportunity to just that.

As part of their program, they offer MyPoints as rewards for answering surveys and participating in other Buzz activities.

This is separate from the MyPoints site, but since it is an opportunity to earn significant MyPoints and does involve surveys, it bears mentioning here.

How Much Can You Make

Each point is worth about .63 cents.  That means that it takes about 1600 points to earn $10.

There are rewards available for much fewer points, however. Amazon, eBay, and Dunkin Donuts each offer $3 gift cards for 480 points.

Most stores cash out at a $10 minimum.

You can cash out points for airline miles also, with the most expensive reward being $500 to American Airlines for 79,360 points.

There is a PayPal, with the minimum amount being 3,970 points for $25.  Processing takes up to 5 business days.

Tips for Maximizing Points Earned

Based on the amount of time you have available, these tips can help you get the most from your MyPoints account.  It can help to be organized since the site is so large.

Before You Start

  • Pick a goal. Are you going to work towards a PayPal cash out?  Are there certain gift cards you want?

Maybe you want to collect a ton of the $3 gift cards to hand out to the homeless or to add to small gifts, or purchase airline miles for an upcoming trip.

  • Explore the videos. Take note of any that you may want to watch regularly.  I find this is a better plan of attack that is randomly choosing videos to watch at leisure.

You have actually to have them on a tab that is visible, so it helps to find those you at least want to listen to.

  • Fill out your entire profile and work on unlocking surveys. You earn points for this, and it will save you time in the future.


On the first day of the month, make a list of items you need to purchase.  Are there any birthday gifts you need to purchase? Is an anniversary coming up?

Is Teacher Application Week or Administrative Assistant’s Day soon?

Make a point to shop for those gifts through MyPoints.  Check out the current deals, and take advantage of any that are relevant to your needs.

Also, make a note of any other deals that may be useful keeping in mind upcoming purchases you know about.

Are you are going to be school clothes shopping, or if you need a new outfit, add it to your list.

Maybe you will need a new appliance soon, or you are thinking about sprucing up your home with some new décor.  Add that to your list also so you will be certain to pay attention to related deals.


  • Review your grocery list and the printable coupons available. Print the ones that you can use.
  • Check your goal progress.
  • Work on unlocking surveys if there is any work to be done. This is basically answering some quick poll-type questions, and you earn points for doing it.

Daily (as time allows)

  • Hit up your daily 5.
  • Check deals to see if new ones have been added. If so, see if any of them are relevant to your gift list.
  • Check surveys. Do as many as time allows.
  • Set your videos to play while you accomplish other things, like the dishes, or watch while having coffee. Don’t forget to keep them going if you walk away to do other tasks.

Year Around

Do all of your Holiday shopping through MyPoints.  You can do it all at once or a little at the time through the year.  Either way, you can earn some mega points.

Remember to use any online codes or coupons you can find, because you can use them and earn MyPoints at the same time!

Is MyPoints Legit?

Is It Legit or Scam?Yes!  MyPoints is a legitimate site for earning rewards for taking surveys and participating in other activities.  They are well known for offering many opportunities to build points quickly.

There are no warning signs of a typical survey scam. There is no requirement to pay any money unless you want to take advantage of a paid partner offer, and cash out is fast and easy.

In addition, unlike many survey sites, there are options for a low cash out threshold, meaning you can cash out faster.

It is also easier to accumulate points more quickly than with other sites.

Final Decision is one of the top paid survey sites around.

If you enjoy taking surveys, ever shop online, or enjoy earning rewards for spending a relatively small amount of time completing easy tasks, join now.

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Do you use MyPoints?

How quickly do you earn rewards?

What is the best thing you ever used your MyPoints to get?

We would love to hear your experience.

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