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I’ve made it clear in my posts that using the right survey and reward sites can make you money quickly online.

I love using rewards sites, especially, because they offer plenty of ways to make money with fun tasks that you’d normally do online anyway.

It’s better to get paid for them, though!

When I need to make some quick cash – $20 or more – I turn to reward sites for doing it.

But there are definitely some that I consider much better, faster, and more reliable than others because they’ll help you earn fast and they’ll pay you fast.

One of the best I’ve found is SendEarnings because it has excellent free and paid offers that can boost your account balance lightning-fast – and you can make your first $5 just for signing up!

How to Make 60 Dollars Fast (or More!) Using SendEarnings

How SendEarnings Can Make You $60 in One DayWhat is It?

is a typical Get-Paid-To site that comes from one of the oldest GPT sites on the block: InboxDollars.

Like InboxDollars, this site lets you make money by playing games, taking surveys, referring friends, searching the web, and more.

Not surprisingly, its offers are one of its most popular ways for people to earn because they have excellent rewards just for signing up for a site or making a purchase.

The site actually operates much like its parent site, InboxDollars, so if you’re already familiar with that one, you’ll get the hang of using SendEarnings quickly.

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Is SendEarnings a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?

I totally understand why you’d ask, “Is SendEarnings legit?”.

The first thing I do when I hear about a site I haven’t used before is research it because I, too, want to know if it actually pays so I don’t waste my time.

Since SendEarnings is InboxDollars’ child site, I already felt good about it before joining, but I still did some research to be sure.

Like most GPT sites, there are some mixed reviews, but most negative comments come from people who don’t think they earn quickly enough from surveys, paid emails, and other tasks.

Honestly, this is an issue with a lot of GPT sites, which is why my review is going to focus on offers, which let you make the most money quickly.

Other people have had issues accessing the site using a VPN (a private network that blocks your real location) which isn’t a surprise since it’s against the Terms of Service to do so.

As far as payments, members do get paid what they make, so that’s not an issue. The site is definitely legitimate and I’m going to show you how to use it to maximize your money-making ability.

Signing Up for SendEarnings

Signing up for SendEarnings is simple.

Head to the website and you’ll see a box on the top of the screen that asks for your name, email address, and a password.

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Enter your information and you’ll be registered. You’ll see your free $5 in your account too!

Unlike other survey and GPT sites, you don’t have to fill out a profile survey to finish registration.

However, it’s a good idea to complete the profile survey listed on your homepage for an easy $0.50 and to fill out your demographic information to better connect to surveys later.

Ways to Earn Money on SendEarnings

There are so many ways to make money on SendEarnings that it’s nearly impossible to get bored or run out of things to do.

Here are the various things on the site that give you cash:

Daily Bonus Tasks

On your homepage, you’ll see a list of tasks to complete for a $0.50 bonus. Do them!

They’re usually quick tasks, like taking a survey, doing a web search, or reading a PaidEmail, that you can get finished in 10 minutes or less.

Every day, new tasks will be available for bonus cash.


Offers are where the best money opportunities are.

Some offers are free, others will have you sign up for trials, and others require some type of purchase but will also pay the highest.

You can make $0.10 or more just for completing a 100% free offer, but trial and paid offers can make you $1 or more (some are as much as $100!).

Since this is the area of the site I’ll be focusing on to get you your $60 fast, I’ll get into the offers more in-depth a little later.


Take paid surveys through SendEarnings or Peanut Labs.

You can take as many SendEarnings surveys as you have available in your account, but Peanut Labs surveys are limited to five a day.

Earnings vary depending on each surveys length and complexity.

Check out my favorite survey panels here


SendEarnings partners with GSN Games to bring members fun games to play online for a chance to win cash.

You can earn cash for winning games and tournaments, and you can also earn cash back for buying game-related things like boosters and token packs to play games.


Browse the Videos section to find videos to watch for money.

They won’t pay much (usually $0.01 for 3 to 5 short videos), but it’s still something to do when you have some spare time.

Web Searches

Use the SendEarnings built-in search function to search the web and make money.

You’ll need to complete four searches to get paid and you can only make up to $0.15 a day doing it. Still, that’s over $4 a month just for searching the web.


The Deals section is where you’ll find ways to make money for shopping.

You can:

  • Get cash back from Groupon purchases
  • Print and redeem coupons in your favorite stores
  • Earn cash back from shopping with one of several partnered retailers through the SendEarnings portal


Refer your friends and family (or complete strangers!) to SendEarnings for extra cash.

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Getting Your SendEarnings Payments

SendEarnings payments work just like InboxDollars.

For some people, this is kind of a drawback because you’ll need $30 to cash out.

That seems like a lot if you were just taking surveys or completing other tasks that may take a while for you to get to $30.

However, I’m going to focus on building up to that $30 through offers, which you can complete in a few minutes to get your first payment!

For your first payment, you can choose from a VISA prepaid card or mailed check.

Either option will have a $3 processing fee, giving you $27 from a $30 cash out.

You should receive your pay within 10 to 16 business days.

After you successfully get your first payment, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a Gold member, which means you’ll have faster payments, more reward options (like electronic gift cards) and better rewards for your referrals.

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Making Quick Cash with Offers

Now, onto the super important stuff: Making money with offers.

Offers will change from time to time and vary by location, so please note that the offers I list below may not be available to you.

The purpose of me listing them is just to show you how much you can potentially make by completing offers.

100% Free Offers

First, I suggest searching the 100% Free Offers section and completing as much of them as you can.

Free offers don’t require any trial signups or any purchases for you to get paid, so this is all profit.

Once you click on 100% Free Offers, you can filter the results by showing the highest-paying offers at the top. Complete them to build up your balance faster.

Some of the highest paying offers currently are:

  • Sign up for Permission Research for $2
  • Join Global Test Market for $0.75
  • Sign up for Paribus for $2.50
  • Complete a shopping survey for $2.50
  • Fill out a Fingerhut credit application for $10
  • Download the ShopTracker app for $4
  • Sign up for the Target REDcard for $3
  • Check your Credit Sesame credit score for $1
  • Take a soda survey for $1
  • Enter an instant sweepstakes for $0.50
  • Get $25 if you qualify for a free health survey!

As you can see, these offers are quick to complete and pay well!

If you complete all of the ones I mentioned – which should take you no more than a half an hour – you’ll make $52.25 from 100% free offers.

Add that to the $5 sign up bonus you already have in your account, and that’s $57.25 already, which is enough to get your first payment!

Trial Offers

But I know you need more than that, so it’s time to move onto the trial offers.

Browse through them and see if there’s anything that interests you.

These offers tend to pay more than the free ones, so you can build that balance up quicker.

The only thing is that you’ll need to remember to cancel the trials you sign up for before you get charged.

Read the fine print on each trial offer, though, because some will remove your rewards if you cancel a trial too early.

Some of the best current trial offers include:

  • Sign up for a Hulu trial for $8
  • Start a Blooom Retirement account trial for $10 and get $25 (Net: $15)
  • Pay $1 for a 7-day Freester trial and get $3 (Net: $2)
  • Begin a $1 Experian trial and get $4 (Net: $3)
  • Start a GameFly trial and get $10

Your net total for these trials comes to $38, bringing your grand total to $95.25!

Paid Offers

Now, paid offers will require you to pay money to get a reward in your SendEarnings account, so I only recommend doing these if there’s an offer that gives you more than what you paid or if there’s something you needed anyway.

You might as well get some cash back if you were going to buy that product or service!

Some of the best rewards that cost little out of your pocket include:

  • Get your first Airbnb guest for $100 in your SendEarnings account
  • Sign up for Lyft and drive your first passenger for $100
  • Uber has a similar offer for $100
  • Make a purchase with FlexShopper get $20

Completing these offers (which, of course, won’t be quite as quick and simple as the others) can give you an extra $300 or so in your SendEarnings account.

Can I Get $60 Fast from Other Sites?

Yes! You can get 70 dollars in one day – or maybe even more – from a few other excellent sites like SendEarnings.

SendEarnings is simply the one I chose to feature in this article because it is one of the best and has a great track record.

There’s so much to do on the site that it’s easy to make money quickly.

It’s absolutely one of the best sites for its high-paying offers, which is the best way to get your $60 fast.

I can understand wanting more options, though, to make money even faster, so here are two more legitimate options that could get you the money you need in one day:



InboxDollars is an obvious choice because it works exactly the same as SendEarnings.

It’s also a great place to find high-paying offers and it’ll have some different offers than SendEarnings, so you won’t have to worry about already having them all completed.



Swagbucks is different than the other two sites, but it’s one of my favorites for its quick, reliable payments and fun ways to earn.

Swagbucks has bonus tasks and fun events throughout the year that help you make even more on the site, but you’ll also have the basics available, like paid surveys and offers.

On this site, I like to make most of my money through cash back shopping.

Whenever I need to make a purchase online, I check Swagbucks first to see if the retailer is a paid partner.

If so, I click the link on Swagbucks, shop and make my purchase, and then get the cash back in my Swagbucks account.

It’s an easy way to make 100% passive income online. Remember to use it every time you shop and you’ll get a steady stream of SBs (points) to redeem for gift cards and PayPal cash!

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Conclusion: I Need 60 Dollars Now!

Go to SendEarnings and start making money today!

As you can see from the example offers I mentioned here, you can make well over $60 in one day if you set aside some time to complete free and trial offers.

Once you’ve gotten the cash you need, start working on paid offers that can make you even more for things that interest you.

Good luck on your money-making journey!

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