A Complete Survey Junkie Review: Do You Know the Truth?

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Survey Junkie is run by Blue Media Ventures, Inc.  They are a relatively young company compared to the other recommended survey companies out there.

It appears to have been around for around 7 years, but they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

They also have an A+ from the BBB, and they only have one negative review, which isn’t bad over the course of 7 years.

That negative review is related to disqualification.  While no one likes to spend time on a survey and then be disqualified, it is something that just goes along with taking surveys.

Sometimes you get to finish, and sometimes, despite have a complete profile, it just doesn’t work out.

The company overall has a good reputation.

Sign Up

The sign-up process is pretty par for the course.  They ask for the standard contact information, and then you work on your profile demographics.

You must live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom and be 13 or older to sign up.

There is a 25-point bonus for signing up.  If you complete your profile, you will get another 50 points.  Also, there are several profile surveys that offer 10 points each.

They range from 11 to 19 questions and cover topics from shopping to technology and tons in between.

It is worth it take those, because that information can be used to better match you with surveys you are qualified to complete.

If you take the “How it works” virtual tour you can earn another few points.

Confirming your email will get you another 25, so you can actually end up with around 100 points before you ever take an actual survey.


As soon as I signed up, I had 11 surveys available, all worth between 25 and 90 points and estimated to take from 5 to 20 minutes.

It is important to note that the number of points a survey was worth was not tied to the estimated time to complete it.

There were surveys that were estimated to take 5 or 6 minutes that paid 65 points, while one 20-minute survey was going to pay 40 points.

Still another 20-minute survey was supposed to pay 90.

One 11-minute survey was going to pay 25 points.

The amount of points a survey is worth is more about the company putting out the survey and the required demographics than the time it takes to complete.

Some surveys are available on mobile devices, but not all.  It is best to use a combination of your computer and mobile devices to get the most out of the site.

Members are notified via email when there are new surveys available to them.

My Survey Experience

After signing up, I have gotten about an email a day from Survey Junkie.  This isn’t bad, especially if you have a dedicated email account for surveys.

You can opt out of the emails and choose only to check your account for available surveys, but I kind of like the emails as a reminder to check and see what is available.

There was a neat survey for 40 points that was supposed to take only 2 minutes.  I am starting taking it, but it wanted me to watch March Madness and agree to a follow-up survey.

I couldn’t guarantee I could watch, so I answered no.  I was awarded 3 points for trying.

What did stand out was the same questions being asked more than once.  I had read a couple of reviews that mentioned that as a complaint, but it was way more obvious than I expected.

If I had not expected it from my research, I would have thought it was ridiculous.  I also would have wondered about their systems if they didn’t realize they already had the answers to those questions.

There were a few questions asked what seemed dumb, such as “Which one of these is a number?” Another asked which sport had “touchdowns.”

When you run into this, know that they are quality control questions to ensure you are being honest and paying attention.

It won’t last long in the grand scheme of each survey, and if you are doing what you are supposed to do, you have nothing to worry about.

Points and Rewards

The cash out minimum is 1,000 points for $10.  Points do not expire as long as you are active, so be sure to log in and do something at least once every twelve months.

If you do not log in for a 12-month period, you will be considered inactive, and your points will be forfeited.

Points can be traded for PayPal cash and e-gift cards.

The list of e-gifts available cannot be seen until you are eligible to cash out, but reports are that they include the standard fare of Starbucks, Target, Amazon and more.

E-gifts are only available in the United States.


There used to be a lot of complaints about spam after signing up with Survey Junkie.  As a result, the company has made a complete change.

This is no longer an issue.  Your information is used only to verify your identity and for Survey Junkie to contact you if needed.

They also use the information you provide them to validate data you give them in an effort to provide a higher quality product to clients, which only helps the survey taker in the end.

What You Need to Know

Survey Junkie has had a bad reputation in the past.  In addition to the spam, there were the previously mentioned complaints about answering the same questions over and over.

This has been addressed by the company, and it actually makes sense.  Some questions are asked multiple times in an effort to provide higher quality information.

If there is an inconsistency in the answers, a red flag is thrown.

This works to ensure clients do not get bad information, and it allows Survey Junkie to weed out those that may be trying to scam the system.

The key is to answer the questions carefully and consistently.  Inconsistent answers can get you banned from the site, and your points will be forfeited.

Do you really want to work for a survey company that doesn’t have the integrity to provide their paying clients with a quality product? It seems tedious, but it is actually a mark of a good company.

Is Survey Junkie Legit, or is it a Scam?

Is It Legit or Scam?Survey Junkie is definitely the real deal.  No one is going to get rich, but they have come a long way from where they were just a few years ago.

They have processes in place to ensure they provide a quality product, and they offer an incentive comparable to what others in the same business offer.

There are no signs that this is a scam.  It is free to sign up, and you never have to provide credit card information.

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Based on the research, it seems that despite issues in the past, this is a great survey site to sign up for today.

The issues were not from being a scam, the site has always been legit.

It just took them a bit to get their bearings in the industry.

In comparison to other sites, the downside is you cannot see the available rewards until you are eligible to cash out.

Also, the point value for cash out is a little higher than some of the other sites.

Due to many complaints several years ago, they have made some very positive changes.

These changes have put the quality of the site way above many popular sites today.

It is easy to use and easy on the eyes.

You are not overwhelmed with emails, and from my experience, the surveys are fun and easy to take.

There have been very few complaints in recent years other than those from people who are not used to how these types of sites work.

If you read the policies and understand what you are doing, is a great site for earning while you take surveys.

Are you ready to get started? [/wps_conclusion-with-button]

Have you been using Survey Junkie for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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