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I’m sure you’ve been to a website or two that has offered a sign-up bonus when you register.

The bonus could be as little as $0.10 or as big as $20 – I’ve seen quite a range of bonuses with these sites.

Are they legit though?

Will you actually receive your bonus just for signing up?

If you register for legitimate websites, then yes, the bonuses are real, and you can really get paid just for registering.

That’s why I’ve created this post, so that you don’t have to dig to find real sites that pay sign-up bonuses!

Some bonuses come with some stipulations before you can actually redeem that cash from your account, so I’ll go over all that, too, to make your job as easy as possible.

Why Do Websites Offer Sign-Up Bonuses?

Websites are basically online businesses. People often create websites to make money, or at least to use as one of their many tools to make money.

The sites that offer bonuses for signing up are usually ones that make money directly from advertisers.

These are sites like reward/GPT sites that offer members different tasks they can do for money, with each task helping out their partnered advertisers in some way.

Or, cash back shopping sites that make money when you shop with one of their partnered retailers.

Whatever the method, that site is making money.

Of course, it needs people to join and stay active in order for the money-making process to continue.

One of the best ways for these sites to continue getting new people to register is by offering a sign-up bonus. Who wouldn’t want free money just for signing up?

But, to make sure you don’t just take the money and leave your account inactive, there’s usually some requirements that come along with the bonus.

In other words, don’t expect to get free money for doing nothing.

These sites usually have a minimum cash out amount that’s higher than the bonus, so you may still have to participate on the site to get your payment.

Others will require you to make a certain amount with other tasks before you can receive your bonus.

There’s no way for you to be tricky here – you’ll still have to put in some work.

But sign-on bonuses offer you a quick, easy way to get some extra cash in your pocket with very little time involved, so it’s worth your while if you need a little more money this month.

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With some sites, it’s just like getting a PayPal sign up bonus because they offer PayPal cash as a reward!

Join and Earn Money from These Websites with Bonuses!

RegisterCashCrate: $1

This GPT site lets you get paid to take surveys, refer friends, play games, and more.

Fill out a quick registration form, and you’ll get $1 added to your account.

CashCrate does require you to have at least $20 in your account before you request a payment, so you’ll need to do more than just sign up to get your bonus.

Sign up for Cash Crate here.

Vindale Research: $1

Vindale Research is known for being one of the best paying survey sites with payouts of $10 or more on many of its surveys.

You can get your first $1 by signing up, which only takes a few minutes.

Choose from a check or PayPal cash when you reach $50, which is easier than it sounds with this high-paying survey site.

Sign up for Vindale Research and get $1!

Treasure Trooper: $1

Treasure Trooper is another rewards site that pays an easy $1 for signing up.

Other paying tasks include online shopping, completing offers, and making 20% of referral earnings!

A minimum balance of $20 is all you need to get your first payment, which is easy to reach just by completing free and trial offers.

Sign up for Treasure Trooper here!

Panda Research: $3

This survey site has some high-paying surveys, and you can get started earning with your easy sign-up bonus.

You’ll need $50 to cash out your balance, but since most surveys pay well, you could reach that amount relatively quickly.

Get $3 from Panda Research.

CouponCactus: $3

One of the best places to go before you shop online, CouponCactus offers promo codes, cash back shopping, and other ways for members to save money.

Receive $3 for registering and confirming your email address and get paid every quarter if your balance is at least $10.

Sign up for CouponCactus here.

SquishyCash: $3

SquishyCash has the usual GPT tasks: paid surveys, offers, friend referrals, and more.

Join and get $3 added to your account. Rack up $20, and you can get your first payment via PayPal, direct deposit, or redeemed for one of several gift cards.

Sign up for SquishyCash.

Swagbucks: $5

You’ll get 500 SBs for joining Swagbucks, which equates to $5 for most prizes.

The Swagbucks rewards catalog is huge, featuring a wide range of gift cards to suit just about anyone’s interests.

To get PayPal cash, you only need as little as 300 SBs, so you could get a reward right after joining.

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InboxDollars: $5

This is one of the most popular reward sites on the web because it has tons of ways to make you money.

I personally like that you can get paid for easy things like web searches and quick surveys.

You need $30 to get a payment, and your first one has to be a check. After that, you can choose from other payment methods.

Get started with InboxDollars here.

FusionCash: $5

FusionCash has a lot of ways to earn money online, including its unique system where members can post on its forum for an extra $3 a month.

Sign up and get $5 and cash out when you have a total of $25.

However, $15 of that has to come from non-bonus tasks, like offers or surveys, so your $5 won’t count toward that non-bonus requirement.

Here’s where to sign up for FusionCash.

Cardpool: $5

Cardpool is the place to go if you want to buy discounted gift cards or have some unused ones to sell.

The bonus changes from time to time, but the site’s been known to give $5 bonuses when it needs new members to sell gift cards.

Sign up for Cardpool and get $5!

SendEarnings: $5

SendEarnings works just like InboxDollars because it’s an InboxDollars-owned site.

Get the same bonus for registering and cash out when you make $30.

Sign up for SendEarnings.

Cash4Offers: $5

Cash4Offers pays members to read emails, refer friends, take surveys, and more.

The great thing about this site is that $5 is the minimum you need to cash out, which means you’ll already get enough from signing up to get your first payment, which you should receive within 72 hours.

Sign up for Cash4Offers here.

CreationsRewards: $5

Completing offers is the quickest way to make money at CreationsRewards, a rewards site that has various online tasks you can do every day for extra cash.

You’ll need at least 1,000 points to get a reward, which is equal to $5, so you’ll have enough to get your first cash out from the get-go!

Get $5 from CreationsRewards!

ExtraBux: $5

ExtraBux is all about cash back shopping, and it has plenty of retailers to choose from.

Get $5 for joining. After 90 days, you’ll be eligible for a direct transfer to your PayPal account.

Get your $5 ExtraBux sign-up bonus here.

Mr. Rebates: $5

Mr. Rebates is a cash back shopping portal that’s been known to hand out $5 sign up bonuses when it’s in need of new members, so be sure to check back occasionally to see if it’s available.

Members need only $10 to get a check or PayPal payment.

Sign up for Mr. Rebates!

PointClub: $5

Take online surveys with PointClub and get your first reward when you sign up.

There are even daily points giveaways that can help boost your balance!

This one does require you to have a lot of points – 25,000 – to get your first payment via gift card, and PayPal cash requires 50,000 points or $50.

Get $5 from PointClub.

Univox Community: $5

Sign up for Univox and take surveys on the website or through its mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

$25 is required to cash out, and you can redeem your points for PayPal, Amazon gift codes, or a Virtual VISA gift card.

Join the Univox Community here.

MyPoints: $10

Another cash back shopping site, MyPoints has excellent ways to save you money when you shop online.

You can also make money from surveys, games, referrals and more.

Redeem your points for gift cards with as little as $3 in points.

Sign up for MyPoints.

Ebates: $10

Ebates is another excellent online shopping portal that helps you get money back for your online purchases.

It has one of the largest retailer databases, so you can likely find the stores you shop with the most (and some new ones to try!).

Get $10 for registering and confirming your account, and you can choose from a Walmart gift card or Ebates cash bonus for your sign up reward.

Sign up for Ebates here.

ibotta: $10

Use the ibotta app to make money while you grocery shop.

Scan your receipts, and you’ll get cash back by redeeming rebates at your favorite stores.

You only need $20 to get your cash sent to PayPal, and you’ll be halfway there after you sign up and get a $10 bonus.

Earn cash back on groceries with ibotta.

BeFrugal: $10

BeFrugal is one of my favorite places to go to save money online.

Find cash back offers and coupons for popular online retailers and earn up to 40% back when you shop!

To get your balance via PayPal, a minimum amount of $0.01 is needed, so you could cash out as soon as you sign up.

Sign up for BeFrugal and get $10.

Groupon: $10

Groupon’s bonus works a little differently than the others, and it doesn’t happen all the time so you’ll need to check the homepage before you sign up to see if it’s available.

This bonus is one you’ll get when you make your first purchase on Groupon.

It must be at least $25, and Groupon will automatically give you $10 off that purchase!

Be sure to regularly check your email inbox because Groupon sends some excellent, similar offers to save you money.

Register a Groupon account and get $10!

TopCashback: $10

TopCashback is a cash back shopping site that gives you an awesome $10 bonus for registering.

There are no minimum payout amounts here, so you can get PayPal cash, direct deposit, or gift cards as soon as you join.

Sign up for TopCashback here.

Conclusion: Get Paid to Sign Up for Websites with These Bonus-Giving Sites

Sign-up bonuses are great if you’re going to be signing up for websites anyway or want to try some new ones.

They give you a head start with earning so that you can reach the minimum payout amount even quicker, redeem your rewards, and see whether or not you like the site enough to stick with it.

Be sure to always check your email inbox after you sign up, as many sites require you to confirm your address before getting the bonus!

What other sites have you found that have given bonuses for registering? Feel free to share them for others in a comment.

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