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Reward sites, PTC sites (Paid-to-Click), or GPT sites (Get-Paid-To) – whatever you choose to call them, they all do basically the same thing.

They reward you for completing a variety of tasks online.

Usually, they’re super simple and fun tasks, too, that feel like anything but work, yet you get paid for them!

On GPT sites, you can do things like:

  • Take surveys and share your opinions
  • Play games
  • Watch videos or TV
  • Shop online and get cash back
  • Sign up for free stuff or complete paid offers
  • Search the web
  • Read paid emails
  • Refer your friends and family

That’s just some of the most common things GPT sites have you do for cash, but some offer other unique opportunities too.

I’ll be the first to admit that not all GPT sites are the same.

There are a lot of scams out there, but there’s also a lot of great sites that do pay.

The problem is, not all of them pay very fast.

In some cases, members might have to wait several weeks or months to get a gift card they redeemed.

That’s not the case with the following GPT sites, though, which all have the option of giving you your cash instantly with gift cards or PayPal, a quick and convenient payment method that lets you get paid online.

Since you can send PayPal cash instantly to others, it’s one of the fastest payment methods, and may even be instant in some cases.

You may still need to wait a few days for your payments from these sites to process, but it’s still much quicker than waiting for a check or gift card in the mail.

Instant PayPal GPT Sites

These 12 sites all offer PayPal as one of their redemption methods, but also include other options if you have more time to wait.

The only downfall with PayPal is that the service doesn’t work with all countries.

If you’re unable to get a PayPal account in your country, then that option won’t be available for you on any of these sites, even if they accept worldwide members.

Fortunately, some of them do have other options similar to PayPal, like Dwolla, that work in countries that PayPal doesn’t, so you might still have the opportunity to get a quick payment.

Swagbucks (US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, Ireland, 13+)

I’m listing Swagbucks first because, not only is it one of the best GPT sites on the web, it’s also one of the fastest payers when it comes to PayPal.

You can get a PayPal gift card with as little as 300 SBs, which equals $3 in PayPal cash.

There are no hidden fees to get your payment.

It’s so easy to earn 300 SBs on the site. Seriously, I’ve done it in just a few minutes before!

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One of the best ways to make money on Swagbucks is with cash back shopping, so remember to always check the site first before you shop online to see if the retailer is a partner.

If so, click the link for the online shop on Swagbucks and make your purchase.

You’ll see your SBs credited within a couple of weeks.

Some stores offer a lot of SBs per dollar, so you can rack up rewards quickly.

Be sure to participate in the many other tasks on the site, especially all the bonus games it hosts, for more SBs.

In most cases, you can get your PayPal cash within two or three days after redeeming, but I’ve gotten mine in as little as a couple of hours.

BONUS: Swagbucks also has a new app called Swag IQ that lets you have a chance to earn more SBs by playing a live trivia game every day.

If you answer all 10 questions right, you’ll get a share of the grand prize.

I’ve seen people win over $50 in SBs just from one game!

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Cash Crate (Worldwide, 13+)

Cash Crate is a long-running reward site that’s fun to use.

You’ll need at least $20 to cash out, which isn’t too hard to get with the various offers, surveys, and other tasks the site has for members.

If you get more than 25 active referrals, you’ll become a Silver+ member and be eligible for PayPal payments that are issued monthly.

If you’re a Bronze member, you’ll have your choice of Dwolla or a check, which are also sent once a month.

Gold and Elite members with more referrals will have the option of weekly payments to get cash even faster!

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InstaGC (Worldwide, 13+)

InstaGC is short for Instant Gift Cards because all of its prizes are digital gift codes that get delivered straight to your email when you redeem them.

This one actually doesn’t have PayPal as an option, but you can still get paid quickly.

Once you redeem a gift card, you should get your digital code sent to your email within a couple of hours (sometimes instantly!).

The gift card catalog is huge, so you can definitely find something that interests you.

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PrizeRebel (US, UK, and Canada, 13+)

PrizeRebel is known for its online surveys, but it’s more of a GPT site because it offers other ways to make money too.

Here, you can search the web, watch videos, collect daily bonus points, and more.

Its referral program is excellent, offering up to 30% of everything your referrals make on the site.

Level up your account by staying active and doing more on the site and you can earn awesome bonuses!

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In addition to PayPal cash, PrizeRebel offers direct deposit, Amazon, iTunes, and various other gift card options.

Treasure Trooper (Worldwide, 13+)

Get $1 free just for joining Treasure Trooper and then make money by taking surveys, completing offers, listening to advertisements on the phone, and playing games against other members.

You’ll need at least $20 in your account to cash out, which you should be able to make pretty quickly by completing cash offers and taking surveys.

The money should go to your PayPal account within a couple of days, but there is a $0.50 fee for a transfer.

Points2Shop (US, UK, and Canada, 13+)

Points2Shop works much differently than other sites because all of its rewards come from Amazon.

When you complete surveys or other tasks with the site, you’ll get points that accumulate in your account.

You can use those points to choose from products listed on for your prize.

If you’ve shopped with Amazon, you already know how quick Amazon is at shipping products that are in stock, so you can also expect that your Points2Shop prizes can arrive quickly.

The site states that most prizes will arrive within a week of redeeming them.

Offernation (Worldwide, 18+)

You can earn your first $0.25 for joining Offernation, a GPT site that has surveys, free offers, trial offers, and paid offers.

Like other GPT sites, the offers come from partners that pay the site to place their advertisements.

You’ll need to take some type of action as outlined in the offer to get your cash.

Start with the 100% free offers to make money by signing up for sites and other easy tasks, and then see if there are any trials that interest you (they pay more!).

Try to steer clear if paid offers unless they have something included that you’d buy anyway or will pay you more than what you spend.

You only need $1 to cash out with PayPal.

QuickRewards (US, UK, and Canada, 18+)

QuickRewards is one of the few GPT sites that has no minimum requirement to cash out.

You can redeem your money for PayPal with $1 if you wanted to.

There are several ways to earn here, from three different types of paid videos to completing a daily set of bonus tasks for extra cash.

Surveys on the site don’t pay a lot, so your best route for earning cash fast is by completing offers and getting cash back from shopping.

SuperPay.Me (Worldwide, 18+)

PayPal, Payza, Amazon, and Skrill are the payment methods available on, a lesser-known GPT site that focuses mostly on surveys and its referral program.

The referral program is a good one, giving you 25% of their earnings and starting them off with $0.20 as soon as they join.

Squishy Cash (Worldwide, 13+)

Squishy Cash’s website may not look the cleanest and easiest to navigate, but there’s a lot of earning potential on this GPT site.

In addition to the usual tasks like completing free or paid offers, taking surveys, and shopping online, Squishy Cash sometimes has paid product testing opportunities.

The referral program gives you $1 per referral plus 25% of their earnings!

PayPal and Dwolla are options for fast payments, but you can also get some electronic gift codes from Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, and more, that will get you paid fast.

DollarClix (Worldwide, 18+)

DollarClix is mostly a survey site, but it does have some paid offers and a solid referral program for you to make money faster.

Download the app and you can do everything you’d do on the site while you’re on the go.

PayPal, Amazon, and Bitcoin are just some of the quick redemption methods available to members.

iRazoo (Worldwide, 13+)

Complete offers, download and try other apps, take surveys, and more on iRazoo, another popular reward website.

The great thing about this site is that it pays weekly, so you could get a PayPal payment four or five times a month!

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Conclusion: GPT Sites That Pay Instantly with PayPal

PayPal and electronic gift cards aren’t the only quick payment methods available.

Contrary to popular belief, getting a check in the mail can also be relatively quick when you get it from a trustworthy place.

That’s why I also want to mention InboxDollars (review) and its child site, SendEarnings.

Both of them are excellent GPT sites with tons of ways to earn – and they’re fun.

You’ll need $30 minimum to cash out, and your first payment must be a check.

However, by completing free and trial offers, you could easily earn your first $30 (and more) in just a few hours.

Your check should arrive in just a couple of weeks. No, it’s not instant, but it’s still a quick and convenient way to get an extra $30 or more in your pocket.

If you know of any other reward sites that pay quickly with PayPal or another method and are legit, please let me know in a comment!

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