Ipsos iSay Panel Review: How Much Can You Really Make?

Ipsos I-Say
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If you have spent any time at all looking for ways to make money taking surveys online, you have likely come across Ipsos iSay.

The parent company, Ipsos, has been around for 43 years and is the 3rd largest company of its kind in the world.

Headquartered in France, this international company is dedicated to helping consumers find their voice, so that businesses can do better at giving their customers what they want.

While the company has many branches, this review is focused on their survey site, Ipsos iSay.  It offers surveys and a few sweepstakes opportunities.

Unlike other survey sites, there are no other options for earning such as product testing or gaming.

First Impressions

The site is easy on the eyes and user-friendly.  My favorite part is that you can get all kinds of information before you even sign up.

Some survey sites do not let you see rewards before you have an account, but that is not the case here.

The far right side of the screen has some easy to understand links that will take you to everything you need to know about the site before making a decision.

Sign up

The process is fast and easy.  You can either enter your information, or you can sign up by connecting your Facebook account. I like that option because it is one less password that I have to remember, but for those who choose to keep their accounts separate, the standard account creation option is available.

Once you are in, you will answer the same demographic questions about race, a number of people in the home, income, etc., that other sites ask.

They do ask for your cell number, and that freaked me out a little.  I skipped it and sailed right through, so no worries if you don’t want to share either.

After that, you are asked to take a “getting to know you” survey and an extended survey.  While it may seem tedious to do all that work without any chance of points, it should pay off in the end by helping you get invited to more surveys you are actually qualified to complete.

The Surveys

Ipsos says you will be invited to at least one survey per month and an average of 8 per month.  That doesn’t mean you will qualify for them all, of course.

I kind of like that they don’t just invite you to every survey out there though. Hundreds of survey invitations in my inbox make it hard for me to prioritize, so knowing that iSay is doing their best only to match me to surveys I can get points for makes it easier for me to take advantage.

Upfront you are told that you may have to answer some questions more than once.  It is acknowledged that no one likes this, but it is part of their quality control.

There are plenty of complaints against them related to this, but with so many out there trying to scam the system, can you blame them?

If you answer the question differently each time, it is considered a contradiction and it could cost you your points.  Not only that, but it could get you kicked off the site as well.

As long as you are careful to answer the questions truthfully and consistently, you will be fine.  Don’t rush.

There have also been some complaints about spending too much time taking a survey before you are disqualified.  The result to you is wasted time.

This an issue with taking surveys in general, not just this site, so if you are a survey taker, don’t let it deter you from Ipsos.

If you are not a survey taker yet, and are only kicking the idea around, you may want to take that into consideration.  It is always possible you will spend a significant amount of time on a survey and not get to finish, thus not earning your points.

Some surveys are available on mobile devices, but not all of them.


There are a few sweeps opportunities.  The most notable is the Poll Predictor.  You get to play this at the end of each survey, whether you are disqualified or not.

You are asked “How many people answered yes?” to various poll questions.  The closer you get to the answer, the more chances you win to enter.

You can spend your chances and allocate them however you wish.  Prizes are drawn weekly.


Ipsos awards points for completed surveys similar to most other survey sites these days.  The number of points awarded varies per survey and it not necessarily tied to the time it takes.

In my experience on most sites, the higher paying surveys are the ones that require a more specific demographic.  Those that a ton of people qualify for do not tend to pay as much.

The lowest number of points you can cash in is 500, which equals $5.  There are options for gift cards, e-gifts, and cash.  Gift cards options included Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Visa pre-paid, and more.

Cash rewards are sent via PayPal.

It can take 4 to 8 weeks to receive physical cards.  E-gifts are faster, and PayPal cash actually can take up to 3 to 4 weeks.  This seems long, but since it is addressed on the site, I find it more of a nuisance than a concern.

Loyalty Program

The more surveys you do with Ipsos i-Say, the more points you can earn.  The Loyalty Program works like this.

Number of Surveys CompletedLoyalty Points Awarded


Ipsos iSay never shares email addresses.  Per their FAQ section, this is 100% guaranteed.  In addition, they are registered with Habeas, Trust-e, Casio, ESOMAR, MRA, and MRIA.

They acknowledge that their business depends on them following their accredited email processes, so they do not veer from it.

A Note about their BBB Rating

If you do a search for Ipsos iSay at BBB.org, you are going to see something disturbing immediately.  They have an “F” rating!

A closer look, however, reveals that this particular profile was not set up until July of 2017, and the rating is based on only 3 bad reviews/ complaints.

In addition, it seems that at least two of those are from the same person.

The other thing that contributes to the “F” rating is the fact that the company has not responded to the complaints.

There is more to the story, however.  Ipsos, the parent company, has a profile that has been around much longer, and it lists Ipsos iSay as one of the alternate business names.

It has an A+ rating.  While it does have 7 negative reviews, each and every one is addressed by the company.

In the grand scheme of the number of years the company has been in business, 7 negative reviews is not bad.  There are 40 complaints, but that really isn’t bad either considering how the age and size of the company.

In most cases, the issue stemmed back to the user not understanding the policies.

There were a couple of complaints from users who tried to cash out large amounts and were told there were inconsistencies in their answers, and therefore their accounts were terminated.

My suggestion, in addition to being certain to answer questions carefully, truthfully, and consistently, is to only cash out smaller amounts and then save them on your own, rather than saving large amounts of points to cash out at once.

Is Ipsos iSay Legit, or is it a Scam

Is It Legit or Scam?This company does not throw up any of the red flags of a scam.  It is well established, and it has a stellar reputation in the marketing world.

They do not ask for money or a credit card number to sign up.  Their privacy policy is clear, and there is no indication that it is not followed.

Though they are slower than some at sending out rewards once points are redeemed, it appears that if the policy is followed, rewards are received as promised.

It is our opinion that Ipsos iSay is a legit way to get paid for taking surveys online.

Can You Make Some Real Money By Filling Out Surveys Online For Ipsos iSay?

Ipsos is a very large, very old marketing company.  Thousands of people fill out surveys for them daily.

While it is certain there will be issues occasionally with so many people involved, there is no reason to believe they do not pay as promised when the policy is followed.

If you are looking to get paid taking surveys, this company is a good one to work with.

Whether you want to use them exclusively to make a little pocket change or add them to your basket to help pull together a more sizeable income, Ipsos iSay is the real deal.

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