My Personal Review of BigSpot: Should You X Out the Spot?

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Survey FrequencyHigh
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Business NameVarsityPlaza, LLC.
Join now is owned by VarsityPlaza, LLC.  Their BigSpot BBB file shows that Varsity Plaza has been around for 13 years and has an A+ rating, but they only have one review, and it is negative.

To be fair, it is negative because someone is mad they have filled out a ton of surveys and haven’t made but a few cents.

We know this is kind of par for the course when it comes to taking surveys for money, so we kept digging to get the whole story.

What is

Well, they claim to be a paid survey site, but when I signed up, I found out they really aren’t.

Immediately after sign up, I was taken to a page that listed 3 popular survey sites.

It said I should click the link and sign up to start making money.

The list included i-Say by Ipsos, MySurvey, and Global Test Market. I am already signed up with each of these companies.

I immediately began to click around to see if they had any surveys of their own and could not find anything.

I could not even find a link to my account, which, if they only link to me to other survey companies there would be no reason for that anyway.

It looks like BigSpot essentially works as a kind of middleman, connecting those that sign up with companies that pay you to complete surveys, but they do not actually function as a paid survey site themselves.

Does Big Spot Really Pay?

Well, no.  They don’t.  They connect users to sites that will pay them to complete surveys, but you have to sign up on those sites, and those sites pay.

They pay you on their site and not through

The terms state users will have the opportunity to make money for taking surveys, some of which may be through third parties and some that may be from BigSpot.

Here is the direct quote:

“By joining this website you will have potential opportunities to earn money and rewards by participating in online market research surveys. The surveys presented may be administered by us or other third parties you may sign up with. “

I cannot find one single place on that lists surveys, or that keeps a running account of money earned from surveys taken.  I do not think this actually happens on this site, despite the fact that they say in their terms that it does.

What’s the Point?

That is my question exactly.  If they are only going to connect users with other survey companies that anyone could find and sign up with on their own, what does BigSpot get out of it?

The answer is probably two-fold.  First, many of these companies offer affiliate programs.  BigSpot is likely using affiliate links and collecting money for each person that signs up on these survey sites using their affiliate link.

However, they don’t really need all the information you have to give at sign up for that.  They don’t ask for a lot, but they do get your email address, birthday, and race.  That sounds like information that could bring in some money if sold.

Of course, their privacy policy states that they do not sell your information without permission.  The thing is, it is highly unlikely they come out and ask permission.

It is likely disguised as an offer, which you agree to accept, and in turn in the fine print, you are agreeing to allow them to share your information.  They very well may get paid for doing so.

There is no way to know if this is really the case, but they certainly have to be making money somehow, and they are not making it by running surveys for marketing companies.

This is how legitimate paid survey sites make their money.  That is why they do not mind offering incentives to take surveys.

BigSpot does neither.

Social Media

I’m not going to lie.  I didn’t get past Facebook.  The account is grossly neglected.

There has been no post since 2013.  The posts that are there are useless.

Is BigSpot Legit or A Scam?

I think they are scamming information.  They aren’t scamming money, because they don’t ask you for any.  However, they are collecting information and not really offering anything in return.

You could find the sites they direct you to just as easily on your own, and you may already be signed up for them, meaning you get nothing.

In addition, they do not have a phone number on their website.  There is a contact us link, but it only leads to a generic email form.

Then again, if they don’t really offer any service themselves, there really is no need for customer service I guess.

The only thing that has been accomplished by signing up is that someone else on the internet has your information.


Pass.  There is no need to sign up with BigSpot.  They do not offer anything.

If there were even a larger variety of site links, or some sort of guarantee that they have reviewed the sites they recommend, that would be a little different.

There are similar companies that do just that, and if you aren’t sure where to start with taking surveys, a site like that could be useful.  This is not.

If you want to get paid for taking surveys, you should try one of our recommended sites:

  1. SurveyJunkie
  2. SwagBucks
  3. InboxDollars
  4. MySurvey
  5. Toluna

Have you been using BigSpot for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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