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MySurvey is one of those survey companies that comes up now and then and tends to get mixed reviews. Some users love it, and some do not feel it is worth the time.  I find that generally it depends upon the expectations of the user.

The thing about doing surveys for money is that even those companies that are legitimate and actually pay are not going to pay a ton of money.  No one is going to get rich taking surveys, so in that respect, if you expect to survive on money made from doing surveys, you will give most every survey company a bad review because that isn’t going to happen.

Another important thing to remember is that the best companies, those that really are worth it, offer better and higher paying surveys over time.  This means the longer you spend with them answering the surveys that are worth $3.00 or less, the more likely you are to start getting higher paying surveys more frequently.  As you build trust, the opportunities get better and better.

With some companies, you can start to see surveys worth $10 to $25 and even more if you are loyal and take what you do seriously.

Where does that leave us?  Does my survey really work? Is it safe? Do they pay cash?  Here is everything you need to know about before you take the plunge.

A Long History has deep roots that go all the way back to 1946 when they were known as the National Family Opinion Panel.  By the time they took their surveys to the web in 2001, they were already a very old, well established company.

In 2010 they were purchased by Lightspeed Research.  The BBB info on Lightspeed can be quite alarming, but it is important to remember that they own multiple companies and complaints on just one or two of those can bring down their BBB rating, even if not all covered companies are invovled.

MySurvey has some poor reviews as is to be expected over such a long life-span, but the good far outweighs the bad.  Overall it has a generally good reputation.

The Sign Up Process

The sign-up process was par for the course.  You start with basic name and contact information and move from there to various questions about demographics to help them know which surveys to send you.

It seemed like it took less than 5 minutes.  In reality it may have been more like between 5 and 10 minutes.  I didn’t time it, but it certainly didn’t take a long time.

My Personal Experience

Once I got all signed up and logged in I didn’t have any surveys available at first.  However, I answered a quick poll and survey popped right up.  It was completely unrelated to the poll, so I feel like there was simply a delay in the processing of my information and matching to surveys.

That said, I never screened out of the first one, and there were two more available almost immediately.  I was able to take three in all before I had to do something else, and I didn’t screen out of any of them. This is almost unheard of with me, as I tend to always screen out it seems like, and it is quite frustrating.

It is important to note that I have screened out since then, but it has always been within the first 2 or 3 minutes so time wasted was minimal.

The Best Part

The best part, other than not screening out once, is that if I had kept going and things had continued the same, I would have earned 110 points in 45 minutes.  While this isn’t a huge amount, it is closer to the 1200 point cash out threshold than I expected to get in a day, let alone less than an hour.  My experience with other surveys companies has not been so positive right off the bat.

The Worst Part

As was noted in several other reviews, I did get a ton of error messages.  There would be at least one, if not more, survey available as soon as I finished one.  When I would click on it, there would either be an error message or a message that I was not eligible.

It appeared that they were simple filling up quickly and disappearing almost as soon as they became available.  That may or may not have been the case, but it only took a few seconds of clicking through to get to another one that I could complete.

I suggest writing down each survey number before you start so that if an error occurs while you are in the middle of a survey you can appropriately report the issue.

My Experience Conclusion

In all, I earned close to 100 points in a half hour, and the surveys were fun and interesting.  They incorporated videos, which was nice, and there were various ways of answering questions that kept me much more engaged than the simple “check the box” type.

Also, I did time how long each survey took and compared to the time estimated it would take.  They were very close each time, with each survey taking within a minute of the estimated time listed.

How Do Rewards Work?

MySurvey works on a points system, as most survey companies do these days.  The difference is that the threshold for cashing in points for rewards is relatively low compared to other sites.  You can cash out 1200 points for $10 in PayPal cash or gift cards.

Many other sites require you to have points equal to $25 or more before cashing out.

Some suggest that you may receive gift cards faster than cash, so that is a consideration when cashing in points.

I suggest browsing rewards as soon you sign up to get an idea of what you are working towards.  You have up to 1 year to redeem points.

How Can I Earn Points?

While surveys are the primary means of earning points on, there are a variety of other options for increasing points.


Occasionally you may get the opportunity to work on a diary.  These are usually offered to loyal panelist that answer surveys thoughtfully and often.  A good survey taker is always thoughtful with their answers, and those who are behind the scenes at these types of companies know who their loyal panelist are.

Getting an invitation to a diary is a huge deal if you are serious about making some more significant money.  A diary consists of recording your use of a certain product or group of products over the course of several days.

An example might be using a certain brand of toothpaste or skin moisturizer and going to the site to fill out the diary based on your experience with the product for a set period of time.

This may be a new product that you are sent to sample, or it may be a product that you have already stated that you use anyway and you simply then them about it in the diary.

Diaries tend to be worth significantly more points than standard surveys.

Product Testing
Another opportunity that may be offered to loyal customers is product testing.  While it may be tied to a diary, it could also be as simple of receiving the product, trying it, and then logging in to fill out a related survey at the specified time.  These also tend to be worth more points than standard surveys.

Web Cam Surveys

Web cam surveys automatically detect your web cam and turn it on.  The camera records your facial expressions as you watch or read an ad or some other type of video or written piece.  This is to help see how you truly react before you have a chance to think about it.

These can be fun because there is very little work to be done other than watching or reading.  You face answers all the questions.

Sweepstakes Entries

Each month all members are put into a random sweepstakes for 10,000 free points.  This is equal to $100, and 10 members are drawn each month, winning 10,000 points each.

There are a ton of ways to earn extra entries to increase your chances of winning.  For example, lifestyle surveys are worth 50 entries each.  These are those surveys that ask you questions about your lifestyle so that you can be better matched with surveys for which you are eligible.

You may also be awarded entries if you screen out of survey.

Is Safe?

This is a company that has been around for a long time.  It takes privacy and security very seriously, and there are very few complaints related to these issues.

Also, it seems that the vast majority of surveys on the site are MySurvey’s alone, not related to third parties.  The lack of redirection to other surveys sites not only aids with ease of use, but also helps keep privacy issues to a minimum.

Their privacy policy and terms are easily accessed right from the Home page.

Based on reviews and experience, it seems to be as safe as or safer than other similar sites.


It is definitely a legitimate website that is known to actually pay what it says it will.

Many do report that is can take several days or even weeks for rewards processing, and some complaints for non-payment may be due to not waiting long enough.

It does not throw up any of the standard red flags of a scam.  It isn’t a new company, it doesn’t make its contact information, terms, or privacy policy difficult to find, and it doesn’t ask for credit card information.

It is our conclusion that, while this site is not the number one survey site, it is one that is definitely worth adding to the list if you want to make money taking surveys.

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