Global Test Market Review: Great Idea or Beware?

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Global Test Market is part of Lightspeed research.  It used to be run by GMI, which is one of the largest advertising and media agencies on earth.

When you trace it back to its roots, you see that Global Test Market has been around for much longer than the internet, and was, in fact, one of the first marketing agencies to go online.

It was also one of the first to offer online paid surveys.

They work with over 1,400 companies across 60 countries, which means they are big, and they are old.

This is a good sign in a world of companies that make promises they never intend to keep.  A business cannot stay around as long as this one has by cheating people.

But do they do what they say when it comes to paying for surveys?

As with all survey companies, there are pros and cons.  The questions really boil down to do they really pay, and is what they pay worth the time.

In the case of Global Test Market, the short answers are yes, but you need to know more.

How Do I Get Started?

The sign-up process is pretty standard related to other survey sites.  Enter your name and email address first, then you will be prompted to enter your other contact information, birthday, and language you speak.

Be sure to answer all questions honestly, so you have a better shot at being sent surveys that you are eligible to complete.

Remember to use a separate email address dedicated to survey sites when you sign up.  If you don’t have one start now.  This will help you keep your surveys organized and avoid clutter in your main inbox.


This is an old company that takes privacy and security very seriously.

There are no known significant breaches, and there isn’t a lot of complaints about security or privacy issues related to signing up for surveys noted in other reviews.

They may share your information with business partners and sponsors, but they will describe what is happening to you beforehand, based on their privacy policy.

How Many Surveys are Available

This varies based upon many factors.  At the core, it depends on the customers’ needs at any given time.  Of course, as with all such sites, there could be a ton of surveys available and none that you qualify to complete.

On average you will receive two to three emails per day notifying you that surveys are available.  It is impossible to tell how many panelists will be eligible to finish.

On average surveys take about 20 minutes to complete.

How Does Global Test Market Pay?

They pay on a points system with each survey being worth point amounts that vary based on the urgency and the time it will take to complete.

Most surveys are worth points on average that translate to between $1.50 to $1.75 each.  The amount earned from completed surveys is credited to your account immediately.

Even if you do not qualify to complete a survey, you earn 5 points.  Most surveys only give you sweepstakes entries, if anything, after you screen out of a survey.

The cash out threshold is $50.  This means you cannot access your funds until you have at least a $50 balance. In theory, this means you would have to take and complete 20 to 30 surveys to be able to cash out.

It could take a while, depending on your specific demographics and what is available in the system at any given time.  Also, some surveys pay out in sweepstakes entries instead of points.

Funds are paid out via PayPal.

Do they really pay? The answer is yes.  They pay you what you earn.  The only drawback is it could take a while to earn enough to meet the requirement to cash out.

Also, don’t give up.  Payment processing can take up to 5 weeks.

How Does Global Test Market Compare?

Here are a few points that lead us to believe Global Test Market is one of the better survey companies out there, and a few make them really unique in the field.
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You get to choose your topics. You can choose to only receive surveys on topics of interest, which is rarely seen as an option with other survey companies.

  • They are very old, very large, and their overall reputation over the years if good.
  • Though some complain about their support, if you contact the parent company with any concerns, you will likely find the answers you need.
  • Even if you disqualify from a survey, they credit your account with 5 points. Again, this is something that is rarely seen.
  • There is a Global Test Market mobile app that lets you take surveys on the go. While this is becoming more common, it still isn’t the norm.

One last thing that makes them stand out, but isn’t necessarily a positive, is that with Global Test Market your points do expire three years after the date they are earned, or after 12 months of being inactive.  However, that is a very long grace period, so it doesn’t cause much concern.

Just be certain to stay active and cash out any points you have before the 3-year mark.

Is Global Test Market a Scam or it is Legit?

Global Test Market is most definitely legit.  There are no common scam markers present.  For example:

  • They do not ask for any credit card information at sign up.
  • They have been around for a long time.
  • They actually pay people when they meet all the requirements.
  • Their contact information is easily accessible.

Remember, to stay safe while taking surveys for money,  and never give your credit card information.  You should not ever have to pay to take a survey.

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The verdict then, is that Global Test Market is a company you should sign up with if you enjoy taking surveys to earn some extra money.

As with all the rest, no one is going to get rich.

However, the more legit survey companies you sign up for, the more you can make.

This one should definitely be on your list.


Are you ready to get started? 

Have you been using Global Test Market for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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