30 Best Sites That Pay You to Write Reviews from Home in Your PJs

There are tons of ways to make money online by writing, but this may be one of the most fun ways to do it.

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Writing reviews can be a good break from writing blog posts and long articles because they give writers a lot of room to insert their own opinions.

You’ve likely seen product reviews on personal blogs, but unless you have a lot of traffic to your own blog, you probably won’t make much money writing reviews there…unless you have some help!

Check out this huge list of other sites that will let pay you for reviews in a few different ways.

Some pay for you to write reviews of products/services on your website or social media networks, while others pay you to do it on their sites. Others offer some more unique options, like sharing your opinions through surveys.

Sites That Pay Money for Writing Reviews

Survey Junkie

Eligibility: US, Canada, Australia, 13+

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites on the web, allowing you to share your opinions and get paid for them quickly.

Surveys here focus on a variety of topics, including somewhere you’ll need to provide feedback on certain products or services you’ve used, or those that are getting released on the market in the future.

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Eligibility: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, India, 18+

Swagbucks also lets you share your opinions with surveys, but members may sometimes qualify for product testing opportunities.

You’ll get a free product and then share your opinions with a follow-up survey that can give you SBs (Swagbucks points) to exchange for a gift card from the rewards catalog.

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Vindale Research

Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Vindale Research is one of the highest-paying survey sites, with some that go up to $75 or more.

The site sometimes has in-depth focus groups and product testing opportunities available for panelists, but you can also get paid just to share your opinions with regular surveys.

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Best Buy Blogger Network

Eligibility: US only, 18+

This influencer network is for bloggers who love Best Buy products!

It’s a good idea to have a site dedicated to the techie stuff that Best buy sells to get the most opportunities.

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There’s a quick sign-up form. Once you’re approved, you’ll wait for new campaigns in your email.

Apply to those that interest you. Most will be either a blog post review or a quick social media amplification for $50 to $100 as a Best Buy gift card.


Eligibility: Requirements not listed on site

This network offers bloggers paid reviews of various products for $20 or more.

Some products will be free in exchange for a review, but you can focus only on paid reviews if you choose.

Once you apply for a gig, wait to hear back from the advertiser for further instructions.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Work with brands to develop relationships, test out new products, and be one of the first to learn what’s new for the companies you work with!

Some opportunities here will require reviews on the brand’s websites, while others will be focused more on sharing on your own blog or social media networks.

You can set your rates.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Clever has a wide range of opportunities available with many of today’s most popular brands, and they cover a lot of industries!

Most campaigns pay very well.

Even quick social media amplifications pay at least $50, usually, while blog posts and reviews range from $75 and up.

You can apply for whatever ones interest you, but be sure to connect your website and social media accounts, so the site always has your updated analytics information.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Create sponsored content and reviews for brands and get paid with Cooperatize.

This network is somewhat exclusive, so not all bloggers can join.

Some influencers will have opportunities throughout the year to attend fun events and media trips!


Eligibility: US only, 13+, but some states require higher ages

Join the crowd at Crowdtap, a crowdsourcing platform that utilizes the help of influencers to shape brand products and services.

Members have chances to get free samples from the campaigns they participate in, and some even give out free gift cards as rewards for their time.


Eligibility: No country or age requirements listed

DropZone is a site dedicated to skydiving.

It accepts guest posts from experts and enthusiasts, and it’ll even pay you for your work.

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You can write general information articles, interviews, events, and even reviews of the skydiving places you visit or gear you’ve used.

Reviews need to be at least 500 words, and you can talk to your editor to discuss rates.


Eligibility: Worldwide, must be of legal age in your country

This network comes from YouTube and gives all kinds of content creators a way to make money, either through storytelling, unboxings, reviews, and more.

You’ll choose gigs you want to apply for and will have the chance to work with established and new brands from all over the world.

Get paid with a check or PayPal once the campaign is over.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 13+

On Fiverr, you can create your own gigs.

If you want to write reviews, write reviews!

Some people focus solely on writing reviews of products and services by companies who need more reviews on Amazon, blogs, or their websites.

Just be sure not to get into any shady practices where someone pays you to review something you’ve never used.

You can set your rates for packages on Fiverr, putting you in total control over what you earn.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

If you have a blog with a DA of 20 or higher, you can join GetReviewed, a site that helps you find brands that need reviews.

All you need to do is follow the company’s requirements for a blog review on your site and, once you’ve tested out the free product, write about it on your blog!

Influence Central

Eligibility: US only, 18+

This is a huge network of influencers and companies working together to spread the word about brand offerings.

When you sign up, you’ll gain access to new campaigns and can apply for those that interest you.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Izea is a hub for brands and influencers to work together for sponsored blogs and social media posts.

Many of the opportunities here are review-related, where you get a free product and get paid to review it.


Eligibility: US only, 18+

Linqia is an influencer network that works with a variety of brands and thousands of influencers to promote their products or services through content, stories, and reviews.

You get paid per click of sponsored links in your content, so it helps to have a large audience.

However, Linqia will adjust how many clicks you can get if you keep going over your allotted number, which can raise your earnings for future campaigns.

Matomy SEO

Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Matomy SEO is an affiliate marketing network that partners with several Fortune 500 companies.

You can choose the brands you want to work with and make money by advertising or reviewing their products and services.

Modern Mom

Eligibility: US only, 18+

This blogger program is a great one for moms to join.

The network focuses on working with brands and connecting them to bloggers for paid reviews, free products, sponsored posts, giveaways, blog tours, and more.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

The PayPerPost network, as the name suggests, pays you per post you complete.

These are sponsored posts that may include review products, but others might require you to insert a sponsored link or create a story around a brand or its products and services.

Review Stream

Eligibility: Countries that accept PayPal, 18+

Users can create reviews of any products, services, websites (and just about anything else) they want and sell it to ReviewStream.

If your writing and review match what the site is looking for, it’ll pay full price. If not, it’ll still pay a “bulk price,” which will be less but still something.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Write about your favorite products using Shoutly, an affiliate network that helps you get paid for the content you create.

Partner up with the brands it works with, share your reviews and content, and make money.

Slice the Pie

Eligibility: English-speaking countries and Germany, 18+

With Slice the Pie, you’ll get to review new music by established or new artists!

Write in-depth reviews based on your opinions about what you hear, which goes right to record labels to see if the music could be a hit or needs some tweaking.

Social Fabric

Eligibility: US only, 18+

Social Fabric members participate in “shoppertunities,” which are basically shopping trips to buy specific items and then write about them on their blogs.

The catch?

Influencers should create a story around the products rather than just reviewing them (although honest opinions are welcome).

Bloggers who have success with the network take large, clear, eye-catching pictures to go along with their blog stories.


Eligibility: US only, 18+ or 13+ with parental permission

Socialix connects bloggers and social media influencers with brands for sponsorships.

You could write reviews about a brand’s newest products or create stories using its products.

Brands pre-fund your account with the money, so once your post is approved, you’ll get paid quickly.

Software Judge

Eligibility: No specifications listed on site

You can make up to $50 per software review on this site if you have awesome, in-depth reviews.

If not, you’re looking at making less than that.

Still, you can try it out for a few reviews and see how it works for you.

If it’s profitable, great. If not, onto the next!

Tastemaker Mom

Eligibility: US only, 18+

Moms can apply for this network, which offers parenting-related products to moms to test out and review on their sites.

Some products are given for free in exchange for a review, while others will have monetary compensation too.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

Tomoson is a long-running review site with a wide range of products to choose from.

Once you get accepted, you’ll have access to the many products and can apply to review them.

Some will need reviews on a blog, while others just require social media reviews or quick mentions. All the details will be included in the description.


Eligibility: Countries that accept PayPal, no minimum age requirement

This site is all about tutorials for Photoshop and other software products, so you’ll need to be skilled with them.

You won’t necessarily be writing reviews but rather, tutorials that explain how to do specific things with the software.

Payment is $150 per tutorial.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

This marketplace for freelancers can help you find review work quickly and easily.

Sign up, create a profile, and begin browsing jobs. You’ll want to look in the writing categories or search specifically for “reviews” or “blog reviews.”


Eligibility: Countries that accept PayPal, 18+

ValuedVoice comes from LinkVehicle, another sponsored post network for bloggers and influencers.

ValuedVoice focuses more on stories created with content rather than paid link placement, but also uses affiliate marketing and video creation as other avenues for influencers to make money.
[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Conclusion: Get Paid to Write Reviews Online” style=”card-success”]
If writing reviews is something you enjoy doing on your blog, then start getting paid for it!

Some things to keep in mind to have the most success with paid reviews are:

  • Boosting your audience. You should have an engaged audience for your blog to have the best opportunities available to you.
  • Make them thorough. Your reviews should not only be honest but should also give readers helpful information that will assist them in making a decision.
  • Disclose your relationship. Be sure to look into the legalities of writing reviews on your blog, like letting your readers know when you get paid or receive a product for free.
  • Watch your writing skills. Reviewers should have excellent grammar and punctuation skills to make a good impression.
  • Be sure to tell a story. Some reviews will be straight reviews, but other brands love it when you tell a story about their products to make your contact resonate with readers.

Most of all, have fun writing and getting paid for it!

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