25 Best Apps That Give You Free Gift Cards or Paypal Cash in 2023

Gift cards are great. Of course, they aren’t cash, but they are convenient when you’re heading to meet someone for a coffee date at Starbucks or shopping on Amazon.

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I personally prefer gift cards over actual gifts because that way I can buy whatever I want!

I have done some research and compiled the 25 best apps that will give you free gift cards with minimal “work” involved.

Obviously, you need a smartphone to utilize these apps. That’s pretty much it!

Here we go…


MyPoints is one of the original cashback websites.

Over the years, MyPoints has become a very popular reward site where members can earn points for playing games, taking surveys, shopping, and more.

Once you have enough points, you can cash them out for gift cards or Paypal cash.

To get started, go to MyPoints.com, and then you can install the app on your smartphone.

Read more about MyPoints here.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is hands down one of the best websites for taking surveys and earning rewards. It currently has over 3,000,000 members.

And, it is free to join.

You will receive points for every survey you complete that can be exchanged for Paypal cash and gift cards.

Read more about Survey Junkie here.


InboxDollars is a popular reward site where you can earn money by taking surveys, shopping online, referring friends, and more.

The app is well-organized and user-friendly, and on the day you join, you get $5 for free!

InboxDollars pays by check or VISA prepaid cards.

Read more about Inbox Dollars here.


Swagbucks is my favorite rewards site because it gives you so many ways to earn points to redeem for gift cards or Paypal cash. Some of these ways are shopping online, watching videos, and answering surveys.

Visit Swagbucks before you shop anywhere to see if you can receive cash back from your purchases.

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Read our extensive review on Swagbucks here.

Harris Poll Online 

Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest research companies for paid online surveys through their website or app.

What’s cool about Harris Pool online is that governments, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies partner with this company to get your opinion!

Points can be redeemed for gift cards and Paypal cash.

Read more about Harris Poll Online here.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is one of the original reward sites, but it is still going strong.

On Cash Crate, you can take surveys, play games, search the web, and more for points that you can redeem for gift cards.

You need $20 in order to cash out, and when you do, you can redeem your points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Read our extensive review on Cash Crate here.


Ebates is a great way to earn cash back or gift cards from shopping.

I have made some extra money just by shopping online for things I normally shop for.

When you sign up for Ebates, you will get $10 in your account. Then, shop online and get cash back for your purchases.

You can redeem your cash for a PayPal gift card.

Refer your friends to Ebates, because for each referral, you get $25!

Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-day is a little different because it is part online survey site and part social media platform. This company offers paid survey and product testing opportunities where you can earn free gift cars.

But since it’s also a social media platform, you can also connect with other Ipsos members and earn additional points by taking user-created polls.

If you complete up to 200 surveys a year, you can earn an annual loyalty bonus!

Read our review of Ipsos I-say here.


If you enjoy taking surveys, participating in focus groups, and mystery shopping, then you need to check out PanelPayday.

PanelPayDay pays well and fast; you can begin earning between $25 and $75 per survey, and you will earn $25 the day you sign up.

PanelPayDay will send you between two and four invitations each month to take surveys on various topics. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.


If you enjoy uploading pictures to social media sites – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc – you could earn gift cards with this app.

According to their website, “CoSign is the first app to make products in your photos ready-to-buy, turning your social media followers into customers and your style into a way to earn cash rewards.”

Basically, whenever you upload an image to a social networking site, include some information (price, brand) about the product(s) in the picture like your pants, dress, shoes, bag, etc.

However, the image and what you are selling is not limited to fashion. You can now also tag products from other categories – household items, food, movies, books, etc.

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If any of your followers buy any of the items in your picture, you earn a commission of up to 35% of the product price.

You need a minimum of $40 in your account before you cash out. After $40, you can cash out for Paypal cash or gift cards.

App Nana

App Nana is different in that it pays you to download other apps!

When you download and use another app from the link on App Nana, you will earn points that you can redeem on gift cards.

According to the App Nana website, some people make up to $300 just for referring others.

AppNana is available as an app too.


Points2Shop is an iOS and Android app where you earn points to play games, search the web, complete offers, and more.

According to the website, you can redeem your points for millions of rewards (including gift cards) or you can withdraw your cash earnings.

Another cool feature of Points2Shop is their online community where users can post questions and suggestions in the forums.

You can earn 250 points just for signing up with Points2Shop!

App Trailers

App Trailers is a really cool website that lets you earn gift cards by simply watching trailers of new apps.

You can earn points by watching trailers of apps and even more points for downloading them on your phone.

Most trailers are only about 30 seconds long, so you can watch plenty of them and earn points without feeling like you are wasting time.

App Trailers offers gift cards to Amazon, Itunes, and more.


CheckPoints is another reward site that offers gift cards to its users.

On CheckPoints, you can take quizzes, watch videos, search the web, and more to earn rewards in gift cards to Amazon, Wal-mart, Target, and more.

CheckPoints is available on iOS and Android.


The FeaturePoints app helps you learn about new apps you might like to use on your smartphone.

You earn points by downloading and using different apps.

You can earn gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal, and Xbox, or you can choose to use your points to get paid games for free.

If you refer your friends, you will earn 50% of everything they earn after signing up using your referral code.


With Ibotta, you can earn gift cards and cash for grocery shopping! The Ibotta app will not only let you take advantage of the in-store savings when you swipe your grocery store loyalty card, but you can also earn cash back by purchasing items within the app.

For example, you might get paid to buy a specific product like Kleenex tissues while other offers will pay you regardless of the brand, as long as you buy milk, bread, and cereal.

You will need to scan your grocery store receipts so that you can earn the cash rewards. Cash rewards can be redeemed for gift cards or Paypal cash.


Shopkick is a fun app that lets you earn free gift cards by browsing and shopping for what you normally would!

Just download their app on your smartphone (IOS version or Android version), and then enable the locations on your settings so that Shopkick can keep track of what store you are visiting.

The cool thing about this app is you don’t have to buy anything to receive points; you can earn points at each store by scanning barcodes of certain items and provide the current selling price.

When you make a purchase, you will also receive additional points for the purchase amount.

Shopkick is a cool way to simply browse the store and scan the prices of items without actually buying anything. You can earn points to redeem for gift cards that way!


With FeaturePoints you will earn points by taking surveys and downloading apps, and then redeem your points for gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, PlayStation, and more.

All you do is download the apps from partnered developers and then try them out. You don’t need to keep the apps you download.

This app also has a 50% referral bonus, where you not only earn your points, but also half of your friends’ points when they earn!


Honey is a browser extension that can work on your Mac, PC, or laptop.

This app will reward you for using it while shopping online. All you do is download the extension and, when you shop at an online retailer, Honey will search its database for coupons for you to use.

When it finds a coupon, Honey will automatically apply it to your cart and reward you with a bonus for using it.

Honey also has bonuses with retailers where you can earn even more points for shopping. You can exchange your points for Amazon gift cards. You only need 1,000 points (equal to $10) to cash out.


You probably know Bing as Microsoft’s search engine, and it is, but it is also an incredibly easy way to earn gift card rewards by searching the internet!

Bing is now available as an app for iOS and Android. The app also has the ability to scan barcodes as you shop if you are comparing prices.

The best part about Bing is if you use it to search the web, you will earn points. Use your points for gift cards for places like Walmart and other retailers.

You can also use points to enter sweepstakes and win bigger prizes like laptops.


FreeMyApps is another app that pays you to download new apps to your smartphone.

But this app isn’t limited to downloading apps. You can also earn points by referring friends and entering contests.

FreeMyApps has some of the most rewards to choose from, including gift cards to iTunes, and Amazon. In fact, there are over 50 gift cards to choose from on this app.

This app is currently only available for Android users.


iPoll lets you earn cash or gift cards as you take surveys and complete tasks on your smartphone.

iPoll will use your current location to match you with opportunities around you.

As far as rewards, you can accumulate into the $10,000 quarterly prize draw and save up your rewards for Paypal, iTunes, or Amazon gift cards.


AppLike is pretty cool because it acts as a discovery app that gives you points when you find, download, and use new apps.

The majority of the apps are games, so if you enjoy playing games, this one is for you.

The more you play games, the more you can earn with bonuses.

Gifts cards to Amazon, Spotify, and more are the rewards for using AppLike.

You can download AppLike on Google Play.


Fronto is neat because it keeps track of all the information you check daily like news, shopping deals, and fun apps, and pays you to check them out.

What’s cool about Fronto is that you can still get paid even when you don’t click on anything.

You can earn more if you download an app or shop at one of the advertised deals.

Fronto lets you earn money without even unlocking your phone.

Fronto offers rewards such as PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards and is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is a typical reward site app for Android and iOS.

You can earn points through completing simple tasks like taking surveys.

You can earn more points by sharing Gift Wallet and referring other users.

Gift Wallet offers Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and other gift cards as rewards.

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[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Conclusion: Best Apps That Give You Free Gift Cards” style=”card-success”]
I do want to mention (as you probably already know), there are plenty of scam apps out there that claim you can earn rewards if you use them.

My advice is to check the reviews on any app before you use it. Most people, especially if they have had a bad experience, will let the public know what happened.

The apps I talked about here have been researched and proven to be credible.

My advice is not to overwhelm yourself all at once with all 25 of them, but pick a few that interest you and test them out.

You will earn more cash and gift cards if you use a few and maximize your earnings from them. Find the ones you like best, and start earning free money and gift cards!

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