An In-Depth iPoll Review: Is It The Real Deal?

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Survey Frequency High
Rewards Cash, PayPal, Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards
Geografic North America, Europe, Oceania
Minimum Age 18+
Business Name Survey Sampling International, LLC.
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What is iPoll?

iPoll is part of the same family as SurveySpot and Opinion Outpost.  They are all owned by the same parent company, Survey Sampling International.

They aren’t exactly alike, however.  There are some major differences that are important to note if you are thinking about signing up for iPoll.

Why an iPoll Review?

There are some similarities as well of course, as should be expected with most siblings.  The point is, you cannot make a decision on any survey company, even one that is similar to others you use, without all the facts.

The facts are what help you make an informed decision, and the facts are what we have put forth in this review.

Privacy and Terms

I think it is important to address this with each survey site owned by SSI.  While they make it clear that they keep your information protected from hackers and those that would obtain it illegally, they are very vague on their policy as related to third-party partners.

In fact, they make it clear that any and all information you provide them with is your responsibility, and that you should understand that all information put online is just that, information that is online and therefore could be found out.

There are not a lot of crazy complaints from panelists about their information being shared.

Sign Up

I went to the website to sign up.  I first wanted to make certain I did not already have an account, because according to the terms, multiple accounts are grounds for removal.

I tried to sign in with my normal email and password that I use for survey sites, and there wasn’t one.

I then tried a password reset.  I was told that a reset link was sent to my email, and if it never came, there was no account attached to that email.

I never got an email with a link.

Then I tried to sign in with Facebook.  I was told an account had been created, but I needed to verify my email address, and that an email with a verification link had been sent.  It never came, even to my Spam folder.

Finally, I tried downloading the mobile app.  I was able to create an account there, and then I was able to sign in through the website.

I do not know if this is the norm, but if you try to create an account on the website and it doesn’t work, try the app.

Mobile App

This is the major thing that sets iPoll apart from the rest, even the other sites under the same parent company. It is easy to download and a cinch to use.

The design is simple, it runs well, and the surveys are super easy to navigate on a mobile device.

How Can I Use iPoll to Make Money on Surveys?

Since I was first able to sign in on the mobile app, I will start there.  As soon as I was logged in, I was given a profile survey.  I had read that this would take 20 minutes and pay $.50.

The 20 minutes sounded crazy, but I knew it would save time in the end because I would be less likely to receive surveys I did not qualify to complete.  That is always a frustrating waste of time.

Also, most survey sites do not pay you to complete the profile surveys, so the $.50 sounded good, even though it isn’t a lot for that amount of time.

In reality, that survey only took about 5 minutes.  I did not see my money credited, but when I logged in online it was there.  I tried logging out of the app and back in, and then I could see it on there as well.

When I finished the profile survey, I had 4 surveys show up on my account on the app immediately.  Two of them paid $2.50, one paid $1, and one paid $.50. I could not see on the dashboard how much time each was estimated to take.

My Survey Experience – App

After clicking on the two that would pay $2.50, I was told they would take approximately 34 minutes and given the option to go back or continue.  I did not continue.

The $1 survey was estimated to take 15 minutes, so I skipped that one also.  The $.50 survey was estimated to take 4 minutes, so I gave it a shot.

After taking the screeners, it said that the survey was about baby products, and since I do not have a baby, they wanted me to answer questions about my family’s brands.

I clicked okay and was immediately told I was not a fit for that survey.  I noticed I was rewarded with a prize drawing entry for my trouble.

My Survey Experience – Website

At this point, I decided to try to log in on the website again.  I was able to and immediately noticed my $.50 from the profile survey.

There was no list of surveys available as there had been on the app.  There was only a button that said: “take a survey.”  I clicked this thinking I would come to a list, but I did not.

Instead, there were several screener questions.  After a couple of minutes of answering these, I was offered a survey that would take 7 minutes and pay $1.50.

I gave it a shot, and it was all about travel.  I answered many questions related to two specific trips I took.  After way more than 7 minutes, I think it was more like 15, but it could have been a little less, I was given the option to stop.

I was also told that they wanted to know a little more and that if I chose to continue, I would earn more.  I chose to continue and was immediately given the message that this survey wasn’t a good fit.  I was not credited the $1.50.

This part really bugs me.  I don’t really mind spending a ton of time taking screeners and then screening out, because that comes with the territory.  I don’t love it, but it is a risk I know I am taking.

These were not screener questions.  These were related to specific trips that I had taken.  They were survey questions, and they got my honest answers.  It took way more time than they said, and I was given a choice as to whether to stop or keep going.

At first, I thought that they were saying I wasn’t actually eligible for the continuation part of the survey, but then I was not credited the $1.50 for the first part.

If I had chosen to stop, rather than continue, I would understand a little more.  It still would not be right, but it would make more sense.

I cannot make this result make sense. However, I forgot to screenshot or save the survey number, so I cannot actually open a service ticket and expect much help.

Let this be a lesson! Always write down all the information you have and take screenshots.  This way, if there is a problem, you can write a useable service request.

After this, I did try one more time.  After the screeners, which I guess are required before any survey, I was offered one that would take 25 minutes and pay $1.50.

I took a look just because I was curious, and it was interesting.  I was asked if I would let my 13 to 17-year-old take the survey and told it was about gaming.  As my 13-year-old was still asleep, I passed.


One thing that iPoll has in common with its sibling Opinion Outpost is that they track rewards in actual dollars rather than points.  This just simplifies things, which is always appreciated.

The iPoll cashout balance is $25, and you can claim it in the form of an Amazon gift card, an iTunes gift card, or a PayPal transfer.

If you choose PayPal, you must claim it through the website.  Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards can be claimed through the app or the website.

Gift cards are paid in the form of electronic gift codes and are available within one to three days.  PayPal transfers are supposed to take this long, but some report it taking longer.

If you are awarded prize draw entries, you are in the running for a $10,000 prize every quarter. Winners are posted in the “Rewards” section of the website under “Prize Draw Winners.”

They are also notified by email, phone, or registered mail after the drawing.

Better Business Bureau

Survey Sampling International has an F rating from the BBB.  However, all of the complaints are related to either frozen accounts due to not understanding the terms properly or unsolicited phone calls.

The phone calls do not appear to be related to survey sites, and in fact, I was never asked to enter my phone number.

Also, Susan, a customer service representative, responded to each complaint, and the one positive review noted how the company was working with them to resolve her issue.

Is iPoll Legit or a Scam?

iPoll is not a scam.

It isn’t a full-time job by any means, but they do offer incentives for completing surveys, and those incentives are awarded as promised as long as there is not a breach of the terms.

[wps_conclusion-with-button title=”Conclusion: Should You Sign Up?” style=”card-success” btn_style=”btn-primary btn-shadow” btn_url=”/gotosite-ipoll ” btn_text=”Sign Up Here Now” btn_target=”_blank” btn_position=”text-center”]

My final conclusion on iPoll is that you should sign up.

I did have an issue with a survey, but I do feel based on my research that it was not a common occurrence and that I could get it fixed if I was able to give customer service all of the information they would need to help me.

If you want to make an income doing surveys, you will not be able to do it with anyone website, and iPoll is not an exception.

However, if you combine this along with other websites and apps like iPoll, you may be able to piece together at least a part-time income.

Are you ready to get started? [/wps_conclusion-with-button]

Have you been using iPoll for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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