Survey Disqualifications: Ways to Avoid Them

survey-disqualificationsOther than being screened out, being disqualified is the most frustrating risk that comes with taking online surveys.

They sound similar and they also end the same way, with no reward. First, let me tell you about how they are different.

Screened Out vs. Disqualified

There is a difference between being screened out and being disqualified. If you are screened out, it is often because you are too late. If you get disqualified from a survey then that is a bit more serious.

However, you can usually get around being disqualified and I’m going to tell you how. Before it comes up though, once you have been disqualified there is nothing you can do to undo it. The tips here will help to prevent you from being disqualified in the first place.

When To Be Honest

Honesty is a good thing. Survey panels like it when you’re honest. It makes their job easier. At certain times, being honest will also make taking surveys easier for you.

There are two things you definitely want to be honest about when you take a survey:

The first thing you want to be honest about is your location. Your location won’t change by 500 miles and then back again every other night and the panels know this.

Don’t try to say you live somewhere else thinking that it will help to get you more invitations. It will not. Being honest about your location is the best thing you can do here.

The other thing you need to be honest about is your personal information. There are a few reasons you should do this.

First of all, the survey panels don’t like it when you give inconsistent answers to anything. This is especially true when it comes to your personal information.

They pay special attention to this because they are responsible for the security of any personal information you give them. If there is a problem they have to face the consequences.

Another reason they watch closely here is to ensure that the right crowd is getting the right invitations. They don’t want to be guessing when they send out invitations. They need to know who is getting what.

When To Stretch Things A Bit

Notice how I said stretch. I do not condone lying or anything like that. The trick is to know the right way to think about what you’ve done wink wink.

I have to let you in on a little secret. The survey panels don’t like people who take surveys specifically for the money. It doesn’t make sense to me to offer money if they don’t want to attract people who want money but maybe they know something I don’t.

Anyway, one question you will see often is if you have taken a survey recently. The panels don’t like to keep hitting up the same people for opinions. If you answer yes to this question then you have a fair chance of being disqualified.

However, recently is a very relative term. Recently does not necessarily mean today, this week, or within the past hour. It all depends on how you see things. I think you know where I’m going with this.

Also, if you tell them you work for or with a marketing agency you will be disqualified. I’m not sure exactly what to tell you about this one. I know that the answer they are looking for is no. Use your imagination if you have to. Notice how I am still not telling you to lie or condoning lying.

Another Tip

The last tip I have for you is to be detailed with the answers you give once you get past the screener questions. Screener questions are the ones you always have to go through before you get to the real survey.

By giving detailed answers to the real questions you are basically making your response more valuable to the panel. This will not only prevent you from being disqualified, but it will also lead to better invitations. I’m sure you know by now that better invitations lead to bigger paydays.

Wrap Up

Again, I am not condoning or encouraging lying. That being said, I do encourage you to be creative and thoughtful when going through the survey process.You should also answer all survey questions to the best of your ability.

If you’ve been paying attention then you know what to do. With the tips you’ve learned here you shouldn’t have any problems avoiding disqualification when possible.