Top 3 Ways to Get Free Google Play Money For Your Apps

There is literally an app for everything you can possibly imagine. Most apps are free, but you can only get premium features if you pay for them.

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Other really awesome apps want you to pay for the app itself on your monthly bill. Although, apps are relatively cheap, over time the charges can start to add up.

The good news is that you can avoid these charges, or at least some of them by earning and getting FREE Google Play credits which you can use to indulge in the finest apps.

What Are Google Play Credits?

First things first, you need to know what Google play credits are and how they work to start taking advantage of them.

If you haven’t heard of Google Play Credits, you are in for a real treat. These credits can be used for most purchases in the app store.

Google Play Credits are essentially like gift cards or gift certificates. But, they never expire! So you can save them up until you have as many as you need.

When you have enough credits, you can use them just like cash or a credit card to buy apps or unlock those premium features.

Although you can’t redeem them into cash or use them to buy hardware, you can use them for software.

You can also buy Google Play Credits online or at stores as gift cards. You may have gotten these for a gift. But, we want to teach you how to get them for free!

You can get Google Play Credits as a reward or bonus for doing various things online!


Here’s How to Get Free Google Play Money

The most obvious way to get free Google Play money is by doing surveys and rewards programs. But, you can also use Google Play Credit hacks to get free money as well.

It can take a little research trying to figure out where to find these surveys, rewards, and hacks. So, sit back and scroll down because we have done all the work for you!

1. Google Play Credit Hacks

Fortunately, you don’t always have to do a rewards program surveys to get Google Play Credits. So, here’s some Google Play Credit hacks you can do today:

Register Your Samsung Device

Occasionally, Samsung will give you Google Play Credits simply for registering your device with them. The offer changes from time to time, but there is always a great deal.

To register your device with Samsung, visit their website here. Even if you can’t get any Play Credits now, you can still get put into a prize drawing.

Get Credits with Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast or Android TV, you may be able to take part in a promotion to get Google Play Credits. Visit Chromecast offers here to find out more.

Sell and Trade Gift Cards

Gift cards are the go-to gift for anyone that doesn’t know what to get you. But, that can mean having various gift cards you are never going to use.

Instead of keeping those gift cards in a junk drawer, you can sell and trade them for Google Play Credit gift cards.

Here’s some places where you can score some great deals:

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  • Buy Google Play Credit gift cards at a discount with Gameflip while selling your old gift cards, too.
  • Cardpool lets you sell unused gift cards and use that money to purchase other gift cards like Google Play gift cards.
  • One of the most popular gift cards sites is Raise. You can sell old gift cards and then purchase Google Play gift cards all in one place.

Download Fronto

Downloading Fronto allows you to get paid in gift cards just for unlocking your phone. Fronto will put news, coupons, apps, and more on your screen before you unlock it.

If you interact with those articles or ads, you can earn points. Points that you earn can be used to purchase anything from Paypal cash to Google Play Credit gift cards.

Become a Costco Member

Another hack to getting free or cheap Google Play Credits is by using your Costco membership. Sometimes, Costco puts their gift cards on sale for a lower price than they are worth.

This means you can score $50 and even $100 Google Play gift cards for less than the face value price. What a deal?!

2. Surveys for Google Play Credit

Another great way to get Google Play Credits is to do surveys. There are several survey sites that will pay you in Google Play Credits or points that you can use to buy Google Play gift cards.

Here are some ways you can take surveys to get free Google Play Credits:


Another popular survey site is Toluna. Toluna is another way you can earn points for taking surveys and cash them in for gift cards.

Unfortunately, this site does not have Google Play gift cards, but you can get cash paid to your Paypal which you can then use to get Google Play Credits.


With the JunoWallet app, you can build up rewards by completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and inviting your friends.

Like other apps, you can use the rewards you redeemed to purchase gift cards for various stores including the Google Play store.

Google Opinion Rewards

Surveys are just a form of giving your opinion. We all have a lot of opinions, so why not get paid by Google Opinion Rewards to give it.

Google is always trying to find out more about what consumers just like you want. You will get credits that value up to $1 for every survey you complete.

The money is transferred directly to your Google Play store account as soon as you complete the survey.


Get digital gift cards received instantly with InstaGC. Earn points for things you normally do on the web and use those points to buy gift cards like Google Play digital gift cards.

You can get points for watching videos, taking surveys, conducting web searches, shopping, and so much more.


Points2Shop is a site that offers you a variety of ways to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards. Google Play Credits can be redeemed as well.

This site focuses more on earning points for surveys and that is where your moolah will come from. However, you can also earn points for other things like watching videos and playing games.


Paying over eleven million in gift cards, PrizeRebel offers Google Play gift cards just for taking surveys. Or, if you choose to take your prize out in cash to Paypal.


Although Quick Thoughts offers Amazon gift cards as rewards for their surveys, you can exchange those gift cards for Google Play credits.

Besides taking surveys with this app, you can browse local maps and see various activities nearby.  When you decide to do an activity, you can get paid.

For example, if you visit a local store, and give feedback on a product, you can redeem rewards. After you earn $10, you can cash out.

3. Rewards for Google Play Credits

You can also download apps and visit websites that let you earn rewards for things you are already doing. This is a great way to switch your rewards to Google Play credits.

Plus, you don’t just have to do surveys to get rewards. Here’s our list of rewards apps and sites to earn Google Play Credits!


What I love about Swagbucks is that it has been around for so long, and literally gives you rewards for anything. This means rewards add up quickly.

Instead of using Google, you can use Swagbucks as your search engine to earn points. You can also take surveys, play games, shop online, watch videos and refer friends for points.

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This rewards site makes getting Swagbucks easy and fun. And, if you meet a Swagbucks goal, you also earn more Swagbucks.

Plus you get Swagbucks each day when you check your Swagbucks inbox. Once you reach 1,000 Swagbucks, you can cash out $10 in Google Play Credits.

Feature Points

Download apps that Feature Points suggests and you can earn points which can be exchanged for Google Store gift cards.

You don’t even have to keep the apps for longer than a few seconds and you still get rewarded. So, if you like trying out new apps, this is a great program for you.

Cubic Reward

Cubic Reward is another program that suggests various games and apps to download on your android phone.

For each app you download and play, you will earn credits that you can turn into gift cards.


Likewise, FreeMyApps is another program that rewards you just for trying free apps. For each app that you try, you get rewards.

Once you have saved up enough points, you can redeem those points for Google Play Credits.


One of the most popular rewards programs for trying out free apps is AppNana. This is because the credits you get can be redeemed in many different ways.

You can get Google Play store gift cards, Xbox, Amazon, and even Paypal cash with this one. So, hop on over to AppNana, today.


If you like to make Google Play money by playing new games, download Applike. Each day you will get a new list of apps to try out. You earn credits for each one you download.

The more you play, the more points you can earn. Every few minutes of play time, you earn another bonus.

Once you earn an adequate amount of points, you can exchange them for a gift card of your choice which included a Google Play Store gift card.

Boom Gift

Another app you should download if you like to get paid to try other apps is Boom Gift. You can cash out your rewards for any gift card you want, or you can put it towards Google Play Credits.

The app also has a unique referral program in which you can earn 30% of your friends’ earnings if they sign up below you.

Whaff Rewards

If you have a Facebook account, the Whaff Rewards app will give you Google Play credit just by connecting your account and entering the code that pops up on your screen.

To get more Google Play Credits, you can download their other apps and play them. You earn 10 to 70 cents for each app you download.

Gift Wallet

Do you like getting great offers? Who doesn’t?! With Gift Wallet, not only can you find great offers, but you get rewards for redeeming those offers.

Some will cost money, which will earn you more points, and others are free. You can also earn points by sharing the app with your friends.

Once you have enough points, you can cash out by choosing a gift card or Paypal cash. Remember, gift cards get sent to your email.

Become a Google Local Guide

Do you search for local places or attractions on Google? Most people do. If you have, you have probably seen information come up on the sidebar about the facility.

For example, you will see information such as addresses, phone numbers, reviews, and a question and answer section on the sidebar.

The question and answer section has questions that are asked by people just like you that would like to know about the company from “Local Guides.”

Local Guides are people that live in the area and know a lot about various different businesses and companies which gives them the authority to answer questions.

As a local guide for Google, Google will reward you for the time you spend answering questions about businesses.

As you become more active, you earn more points and level up. Once you reach level 4, you are an “official” guide. You get perks and prizes like Google Play gift cards.

Microsoft Rewards

If you like to get things done in roundabout ways, you can use Microsoft Rewards to get free Google Play Credits.

With Microsoft Rewards, you can earn points by searching the web, playing fun games, and completing daily bonus tasks. The more you play the faster you earn.

The most popular rewards that you can redeem by cashing in your points is Amazon gift cards. With your Amazon gift card, you can purchase Google Play gift cards.

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Do you like this list of ways you can earn free Google Play money?

What other ways have you found to get FREE Google Play Credits?

Share in the comments below!

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