Tellwut Review: The Stuff of Dreams or Survey Nightmare?

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You know it is possible to make money taking surveys from home.  There are plenty of sites that will let you do it, and there is no shortage of people willing to give their opinion for cash.

The hard part is, there is no shortage of those willing to take advantage of the masses that are searching for a way to make easy money from their computer.

What every survey taker that makes real money knows is that there is no such thing as easy money.

It takes hours of work and mega organization skills even to come close to making anything other than spare change taking surveys.

Before we jump into the review, here are some tips for maximizing income from taking surveys from home.

  • Create a separate email account specifically for signing up with survey sites. Not only does this keep spam out of your regular email account, but it also helps you keep your survey sites organized.
  • Create an email folder for each site you sign up for and transfer emails into their appropriate folder after they are read. If they are not useful, go ahead and delete them, but save all the survey invitations.  They can be useful if you have to contact customer service.
  • Create an excel workbook with a separate worksheet for each site. Document each survey taken, the time it takes, and how many points each one was worth.  The best way to do this is to enter the information before you start the process, and then if you are disqualified you can delete the entry or simply mark is as a disqualification.  It is often difficult to get information such as the survey number back after you take the survey.
  • When your account is credited with points, mark the entry for that survey on your spreadsheet as paid.
  • Monitor points earned on each site, as well as how it translates into cash. This will help you manage your time between sites most efficiently as you will be able to see which sites pay versus the time spent on them.
  • Use the information to make sure you spend your survey taking time in the most efficient manner possible, and also to contact customer service in the event you are not credited the points you earned from a survey.

Of course, this is a lot of time in itself if you are only looking to make some extra spending money.  If you want a shot at making some real money, however, this is the kind of time and effort required.

Now, where do you sign up?  Which sites are the best?  The only way to find out other than trial and error is to learn from those who have gone before.  Do your research and read online reviews.


Tellwut is a different sort of survey site, and it is young relative to most of the others out there. It is only 7 years old.   Based out of Canada, any U.S. or Canadian resident over the age of 18 can sign up.

It is different for several reasons, but the big one is that the “surveys” are more like polls really.  There are short ones and long ones, and there are created by users of the site.

Users can create and post polls to gather information as well as taking polls posted by other users.

There are more traditional surveys available, but they are all linked to other sites.

Sign Up

The sign-up process is fast and easy, and the best part is that you earn points for each step you complete.

All the regular information such as your name and email address will earn you a 100 points, total.

Then, you can earn up to 150 points for filling out the profile information.

That is up to 250 points just for signing up!


The minimum cash out for rewards is 4,000 points, which will get you a $10 amazon card.  It can take 10 to 15 days for processing, but in some cases, you can get an electronic gift card as fast as the next day.  There is no cash option.

You earn 5 to 10 points for short surveys, which are really more like polls.  These are fast and easy and will make you feel like you are really on a roll.

You can also earn 10 to 20 points for creating an approved public survey, and you can take traditional surveys through external sites for anywhere from 25 to 2,000 points.

Creating Approved Surveys

This is just one of the differences between Tellwut and other survey sites.  Its purpose isn’t as much as a survey site as it is a polling site.

If you need to gather data for a research project, have a small business idea, or are just curious about what people think about something, you can create a poll or survey on the site and post it for others to answer.

The end game is that this is a site that is meant to help small businesses gather marketing data and do research, but anyone can use the platform and have fun.

Don’t start thinking you are going to rake in the points for this though, because you are limited to posting two public surveys per week, and they have to be approved.

It can take a while to get approved, but in my case, it took less than 24 hours to get a notification that my poll was not approved when I tried it.

There is some poster that can post more per week in certain cases.  These are called “approved survey bloggers.”

Reasons Why a Survey May Not Be Approved

  • The question has already been asked by someone else.
  • There are already similar surveys posted.
  • The content is inappropriate, or it is not clear.
  • You are over the limit for the number of allowed approved surveys per week.

It is wise to review several polls and surveys to get an idea of clear and appropriate content, and also to do a search to make certain the question or one that is too similar has not already been asked.

How Do You Become an Approved Survey Blogger?

The site is strangely silent on this, other than to say that the more you participate, the more opportunities will become available.


You earn 25 points for each referral. This is not as good as some other sites that offer recurring credit for referrals.

External Surveys

These are surveys from other survey sites that you likely already know about if you have been in the business a while, such as MySurveys.

Each attempt to complete a third-party survey will earn you an entry into a monthly drawing for 4,000 points, which is worth $10.

Is Tellwut Legit or a Scam?

It is a legitimate business. It has an A+ rating with the BBB.  We compared them to the fraud red flags which include:

  • Are they a young company?
  • Do they ask for payment or credit card information?
  • Is there a ton of complaints about not getting paid?
  • Do they have a bad rating on the BBB or an unethical number of bad reviews?
  • Is it too difficult to earn enough points to cash out?

While they are a young company, they do not meet any of the other criteria that would raise a red flag causing suspicion that they may be a scam.

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There are some good things about this site.  For one, creating polls and surveys can be fun, and the ability to comment on the polls and surveys other users can be equally as fun.

However, we do not recommend TellWut as a survey site for making money from home. The reasons are as follows:

  • Tellwut is not truly intended to be a survey site. It is a business solution and marketing tool for small businesses, as well as a social media platform.
  • All of the external surveys can be taken through the third party sites directly. There is no need to go through Tellwut to take the high paying surveys.
  • If you only participate in the user polls and surveys, it will take a long time to earn enough points to cash out. You could take the 3rd party surveys, but if you are already signed up for the host site, you could just take them through there.  It kind of adds an unnecessary layer of complication when you are trying to make real money taking surveys.
  • The referrals program only rewards 25 points one time, on sign up. There are too many sites that offer better referral programs for this to be considered a plus.
  • There is no cash option.

Tellwut is a great social media site, and the ability to earn points that you can cash in for rewards is a fun bonus, but in our opinion, it is a waste of time when it comes to really making money.

There are other survey sites with much more potential when it comes earning rewards.

So do you want to sign up for the fun of it? [/wps_conclusion-with-button]

Are you already a Tellwut member? 

We would love to hear about your experience.

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