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Jobs2Shop is many things.  Its main purpose, it seems, is to hook users up with mystery shopping gigs.

It also offers opportunities to earn by taking evaluations, also known as surveys, and by completing offers.

Is Mystery Shopping Real?

There are some bad apples out there when it comes to mystery shopping, which has given the industry a bad rap.

The truth is, companies absolutely hire individuals to shop secretly at their businesses and report on their experience.

Through mystery shopping, it is possible to watch movies, dine at restaurants, shop for free, and even make a little extra cash in the process.

The thing is, you should never, ever have to pay to be a mystery shopper.  They should pay you.

Legit mystery shopping companies usually require information similar to a job application, and they may even check references.

This is actual work that needs to get done, and they need people who will do the job and do it well

What is Jobs2Shop?

Jobs2Shop hooks its members up with legitimate mystery shopping companies.

They also have surveys and offers available to complete for incentives.

How Does it Work?

Jobs2Shop Review: Can You Really Get Paid to Shop?Upon sign up, you can choose to see a list of offers, evaluations, and mystery shopping jobs.  Simply click on any you are interested in.

Mystery Shops

I was impressed with how long the list was, but disappointed to be sent to third parties upon clicking the ones I was interested in.

This was not a list of shops offered by Jobs2Shop, but rather a list from other mystery shopping companies.  Each one requires application to that company before you can apply for the shop.

Applying to mystery shopping companies is extremely time-consuming.  The information asked for includes that similar to a job application, including social security number and job history.

The good thing is, by using a company such as Jobs2Shop, that is well established, you do not have to be so concerned about ening up on a scam mystery shopper site.

Accessing the list of jobs from various companies all in one spot also cuts down on searching for mystery shopping companies.

Have you ever searched mystery shopping online?  There are a ton of results to wade through, and it takes forever to figure out your best options.

The Process for Shops

I clicked on a few, and each one took me to a different site to apply for.  Once you apply, you then have access to shops on that site.

It seems that Jobs2Shop works as more of a middle man in this capacity.

Surveys and Offers

These are listed under the same link, but separately.  The surveys section is at the top, with the offers section below it.

Surveys are put out by market research companies for data collection.  You do not have to enter any information about yourself.  You answer questions and collect the incentive.

Offers are more like advertisements.  You are being marketed to, and if you complete the offer by signing up for the product or service or by completing another task, you will be paid.

The thing about incentives is that they often ask for credit card information and sometimes cost money.

If you sign up for a free trial to get the incentive and forget to cancel, you will be charged when the free trial is over.

How Much Can I Make?

Mystery Shopping

Once you get signed up with the various companies and begin accepting shops, this can be pretty lucrative.

Typically, people do not make a living doing mystery shops, but they often pay $12 to $25 for just a small amount of your time, plus reimbursement for any purchases that must be made.

If you are watching a moving or checking out a restaurant or bar, you could end up getting a free meal or drink or entertainment out of the deal.

If you must purchase a product, you may get to keep it.  Sometimes the products must be set to the main office, but that depends on the individual job.

Jobs are limited and competitive, so if you get one be sure to do a great job.  This is how you get more jobs.

Surveys and Offers

Honestly, the pay on these is a joke compared to other sites.  Each one paid less than 50 cents, even those that took longer.  The vast majority paid less than $.25.

When I first checked, I had 9 surveys available, all worth between 19 and 43 cents and all estimated to take between 10 and 24 minutes.

How Do I Get Paid?

The minimum cash-out balance is $25.  $12.50 of this must be from completing evaluations (surveys) and offers.  The rest may be from email bonuses, which are sent out occasionally.

You cannot cash out with only survey credit. You must complete offers as well to cash out.

Payment is made via PayPal in increments of $25.  Therefore, if you have $26.50 in your account and you cash out, you will receive $25, with the remaining $1.50 staying in your account until you reach $25 again.

If you have $56.50 in your account, you will receive $50 when you cash out, with the remaining $6.50 remaining in your account until you reach the threshold again.

It seems that for mystery shopping, you are actually paid by the mystery shopping company itself and not Jobs2Shop.

Sign Up Bonus

You do receive a $5 sign up bonus when you verify your email, but that counts as email credits, not toward your required $12.50 of survey and offer credits.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business BureauJobs2Shop is not BBB accredited, and it has an F rating with the BBB.  The rating is due to the number of complaints that the company has not addressed.

Of the 12 total complaints, they have addressed and successfully closed 4.  That leaves 8 not addressed by them through the BBB website.

There is one positive review in which the reviewer states that they made over 300 dollars in 18 months with them.  These were from mystery shops.

The complaints were all related to screening out, cash-outs, and other issues stemming from not understand the terms properly.

Is Jobs2Shop Legit or a Scam?

I don’t think they are a scam.  They do not ask for credit card information nor do they require payment.  Do not get confused.

Their offers from partner companies may very well ask for this, but that is for completing the offer, not to sign up with Jobs2Shop.


This is a tricky one.  I do believe this site can be useful for finding mystery shopping jobs.

Once you are signed up with all of the companies, it could be handy to see all the available shops from various companies in one place rather than having to go from company site to company site to see what is available.

To this end, I definitely recommend Jobs2Shop.

As far as surveys and offers, I can’t do it.  These surveys pay ridiculously low, and the site requires you to complete offers before you can cash out.

Offers almost always cost money, though some do not.  The ones that pay the best definitely cost money, and on this site, even the higher paying ones pay less than $.50.

If you want to make money taking surveys, you are much better off with SurveyJunkie (review) or Swagbucks (review).

However, the mystery shopping reviews look good.

If you want to give that a shot, sign up for Jobs2Shop today, apply to the companies with jobs listed, and see how it goes.

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