14 Legit Online Jobs for College Students: Part-Time and Full-Time Gigs!

Do you want to know how to make money online as a college student when you’re juggling classes and need something flexible?

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This post is for you.

As a college student, working online can be the best way to get extra money to help pay for your tuition, food, room, and bills.

The best online jobs for college students, though, are the ones that can also be flexible.

They don’t box you into a set, hard-to-work-with schedule that makes it nearly impossible to attend classes.

Instead, they have some wiggle room – or let you create your own schedule – to work with your college classes.

If you’re unsure of where to go to find jobs like this, then check out this list of jobs below!

List of the Best Online Companies Offering Work from Home Jobs for College Students

There are such things as easy online part time jobs for college kids.

As a college student, part-time work from home jobs can give you the balance you need between education and finances, letting you earn some money while completing your degree.

Here are some of the best ideas for college students to work online:

Survey and Reward Sites

First, let’s start with the most flexible gigs out there: Survey and reward sites.

These are sites that either let you take surveys and share your opinions, or they’ll have surveys and additional ways to earn cash.

The latter is also known as a reward site or Get Paid To (GPT) site.

Either way, you can earn money whenever you have spare time – and it’s fun to do.

Taking surveys online can be something you do for an hour or so before or after classes or for a few hours on the weekends.

You can also sign onto reward sites, like InboxDollars and Swagbucks, to make money reading emails, playing games, inviting your friends, and completing offers and bonuses.

These are a few of our favorite survey sites:

And some of the best reward sites:

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Freelance Writing

I know you already have a lot of writing to do in college.

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Unfortunately, colleges don’t pay you to write essays, articles, or reports for class.

But freelance writing will!

If you enjoy writing, or maybe are majoring in English, creative writing, or a similar program, you might love getting paid to do it.

That’s what happens when you’re a freelance writer.

As a freelancer, you can find writing gigs on websites that pay writers to produce content, writing job boards, or even by directly seeking out clients to write for.

Some writers create blog posts while others produce journalistic articles or marketing materials.

There are a lot of directions freelance writing can go, so it’s up to you to decide how to do it.

No matter what, it’s flexible.

You can be your own boss and write when it fits into your schedule.

Below are several places where you can find writing jobs:

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Maybe you have no time for a job but still want to make money.

As long as you have some stuff to sell, you should be able to do just that.

Selling online has never been easier.

Some sites, like eBay, let you sell just about anything extra you need to get rid of.

Other sites are more specific to a type of item, like books or clothing, and may help you find just the right buyers willing to pay for your stuff.

Package up what you need to sell and send it along in your spare time.

Most sites pay with PayPal, making it easy for you to get your money fast.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs online are perfect for busy college students who have good typing skills.

Microtasking sites are the best places to find them.

These sites offer various quick data entry tasks that you can complete in little time and work whenever you’re able.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is definitely one of the best since it has several tasks available at any given time, from image categorizing to quick research tasks.

Try out some of these sites if you’re good with a computer or love to type:

Customer Service

Working from your dorm room as a customer service agent for some of your favorite companies can be a reality!

Did you know that Apple even has a customer service program just for college students like yourself?

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It’s called the AppleCare College Advisor program enlists the help of college students who need a flexible, part-time career and love to help others.

You’ll provide customer service for people who need technical assistance with Apple devices.

You’ll be an actual Apple employee, and you’ll get reimbursed for your internet service!

There’s also an Apple@Home Advisor program that’s not limited to college students and also gives workers a free Apple computer from which to work.

Here are a few more places to find flexible customer service jobs you can complete from home or your dorm:

Ad and Search Evaluators

Do you know what it takes to create a compelling ad or relevant search result?

If so, these evaluator jobs might be for you.

As an ad or search evaluator, you’ll help Google and other search engines show more relevant search results and ads based on the things people search for.

The jobs are part-time, usually no more than 20 or 25 hours a week, and you can complete tasks whenever you’re available within the given timeframe.

Pay ranges anywhere from $12 to $15 per hour, which is probably more than you’d make if you snagged a job at the local coffee shop.

Website Testing

You can also test websites to earn extra money as a college student.

For this gig, you’ll typically need a computer and headset with a microphone.

You’ll get a set of instructions that explain the site to visit and what to do on that site.

Your job is to complete the given tasks and speak your thoughts into your microphone as you do them.

Your feedback will help website owners learn about any bugs or issues you face on the site and what you think can be fixed to improve the user’s experience.

Most of these gigs pay about $10 for 15 to 20 minutes of your time, which works out to $30 to $40 an hour.

Mystery Shopping

Share your opinions again with mystery shopping!

You can complete mystery shopping tasks in-person or over the phone, depending on the company or client’s needs.

As a mystery shopper, you’ll either visit a store or business, or call them by phone, and complete tasks or ask questions as you act like a regular customer.

Then, you share your thoughts based on your experience with a follow-up survey or report.

Your feedback helps businesses learn what they can improve upon for customer service purposes.

These online mystery shopping companies are some of the most popular:

Translation and Transcription

Transcription and translation tasks are perfect for fast typists who are also good with word processing programs.

Grab a quiet area to work, throw on a headset, and listen to audio clips.

As a transcriptionist, you’ll type what the speakers on the clips say, word for word.

As a translator, you’ll need to transcribe the audio into another language.

You might also work with written texts that need to be translated.

Translation tends to pay a little more than transcription, but they both can be lucrative side gigs if you have the skills necessary to do them efficiently.

Here are a few transcription and translation sites to start you off:


Tutor other students online and put all your knowledge to good use!

Whether you want to tutor English language learners, elementary schoolers, or other college students, the sites below can get you started.

They’re all open to entry-level tutors, so no college degree is required to start.

The best part is that most of them offer various subject areas in which to teach, so you’re not stuck teaching stuff you dislike.

Plus, they’re flexible gigs.

You won’t be stuck to a schedule and, instead, can sign into the site, get students, and begin tutoring when you have extra time.

Social Media Management

Do you know everything there is to know about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Maybe you’re the best Snapchatter out of your friend circle?

If so, you could potentially find your favorite gig yet as a social media manager.

Help bloggers and businesses work their way up the social media ranks by placing ads for them, drawing in an audience, and helping them get more leads, views, or sales.

The best way to do this is to go the freelancing route, which can build your client base and put you in control of how much you make and when you work.

The following freelance sites should help you get some gigs:

Graphic Design

You could also use the above freelancing sites to find graphic design work, designing websites, logos, books, magazines, and anything else creative for businesses.

Or, go the solo route and open an Etsy shop featuring some of your favorite designs or offering up customizable logos, printables, book covers, and more.

Virtual Assisting

Virtual assisting might be the most perfect job for a busy college student who also has good computer and internet skills.

You’ll basically be the backbone of your clients’ everyday jobs, helping to keep them organized with appointments, email replies, phone calls, and more.

Some virtual assistants also handle customer service tasks, blog post writing, social media management, graphic design, and other tasks that business owners tend to outsource.

Whatever skills you have, be sure to roll them into your services to offer clients a ton of value, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding work.

Start a Blog

Finally, blogging can be an excellent way to make money with your passions.

As a busy, overwhelmed student, it can be tough to keep your head in the game and remember to make time for yourself.

A blog can be a good outlet to both let off some steam and also share with others about college life.

It can take a while to start making money from a blog, but if you grow your audience over time, the income should grow with it.

Join influencer networks, talk to brands directly for sponsorships, use an ad source like Google AdSense, and dabble in affiliate marketing to ramp up your blog’s cash flow.

What Might You Need to Work Online?

Although work from home jobs differ from one another, there are a few necessities that are common for most of them.

In addition to whatever specific things you’ll need for a job, you may also need:

  • An internet-enabled computer or laptop that’s relatively recent and has all updated installed, plus a firewall and antivirus protection.
  • A word processing program, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Cloud storage or an external hard drive to keep everything backed up on your computer.
  • An email account (Gmail is an excellent free one!).
  • A bank account or PayPal account, depending on how your job or clients pay.
  • A phone or Skype account to speak with recruiters or supervisors.

Some work at home jobs will even provide you with a computer or other necessary equipment, like transcription software or a headset.

You might also be able to use some of your grant or loan money to cover the expenses but remember that loans will need to be paid back.

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You no longer need to stress out at a fast food gig or in a retail store to make money as a broke college kid.

Instead, use the internet to find gigs you will actually love and can work around your schedule.

Do you have more ideas for online jobs that are perfect for college students?

We’d love to hear them – leave us a comment below.


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