33 Sites to Help You Make Money Doing Short Tasks Online

Short task sites, also known as microtask websites, prove that it’s possible for almost anyone to make money online.

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When you want to make some extra cash online, short task sites are the way to do it.

They give you a flexible way to earn while making it fun.

The beauty of microtasking is that you can log on whenever you have extra time, do some tasks, and get paid for it.

You may not be able to make a full-time income from it (although, with some skills, it’s possible!), but it’s a perfect side gig for some spending money or help paying bills.

I’ve pulled together a list of the best short task websites on the web. When you’re in need of some easy money, check back here for new sites to work with!

First, let’s learn more about how they work.

How Do Pay Per Task Sites Work?

Microtasking is probably different than other methods of making money online you might have tried, but in some ways, it’s the same.

Like reward and survey sites, microtasking is very flexible. You can sign onto websites in your spare time and work for as long or as little as you want.

You’re not locked into any specific schedule with days or hours you need to work. There’s not even a minimum number of hours to commit to.

Also, short tasks let you utilize just about any skill you have. You can almost always find a quick task that matches your skills.

When we talk about quick tasks, we’re talking quick. Some of them may take a few minutes, while others will only take a few seconds!

You get paid for each one you complete, or a set of tasks you complete (the site will let you know how much you’ll make before you start).

The tasks available on a site could also change from day to day, which keeps things interesting! It’s not like a normal job where you’ll usually need to do many of the same tasks over and over again.

How Payment Works

Your payment schedule and how much each task pays depends on the site you work with.

However, these sites are similar in that they pay you for each task, or set of tasks, you complete. You’re not paid by the hour or by the day or by the week.

Therefore, you know you’re getting paid for all the work you do and won’t have to complete a bunch of tasks only to get paid a small hourly wage.

When you first see the payments for short tasks, you might be confused. They can be as little as a few cents each.

Remember, though, that these low-paying tasks won’t take you long to complete.

If you have a task that pays $0.10 and only takes you 10 seconds to complete, that’s $0.60 a minute, or $36 an hour!

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You might also find some higher paying tasks on the site, but they’ll typically take longer to complete. Usually, transcription, translation, captioning, and writing tasks are the lengthiest and have the highest payments.

You’ll just need to determine using your best judgment what tasks you think will let you make the most of the time you have to work.

If you can complete enough of those 10-second jobs to get $36 in one hour but a $36 translation tasks will probably take you two hours to complete, those $0.10 tasks are the better choice for you.

Some people argue that short task websites aren’t worth it because the pay is so low.

Honestly, that’s for you to decide. Some people do great with them, but others aren’t so lucky.

It’s really up to the skills you have and how fast you can work. Multi-taskers are also usually best at microtasking because they’re able to research, read, and type efficiently to get the jobs done.

The best way to find out if completing quick tasks is right for you is by trying it for a couple of weeks and paying close attention to your earnings and how long you worked for that money.

Ready to try out some sites? Check out our list below!

33 Best Microtasking Sites

Swagbucks (review)

Some Get Paid To (GPT) sites are microtasking sites!

They offer a variety of ways to make money, like playing games, shopping online, watching videos, clicking through to websites, reading emails, and searching the web.

One of the best is Swagbucks, and I urge you to try it if you haven’t.

You’ll find plenty of tasks to keep you interested and having fun, so it won’t even feel like “work.”

Turn in your points (SBs) for one of the many gift cards listed in the catalog, or you can opt for PayPal cash for a quick payment.

InboxDollars (review)

InboxDollars is a close runner-up to Swagbucks.

It has several ways for you to earn, but it will take you a bit longer to get your payment.

You’ll need to wait until you have $30. However, if you log in frequently, complete your daily bonus tasks, and sign up for available free offers, you should reach that amount quickly.

MyPoints (review)

This site is similar to InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and other GPT sites, except its main focus is on cash back shopping.

But, you can also receive points for surveys, watching videos, downloading and using coupons, and other easy jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

When I think of microtasking, one of the first sites that comes to mind is Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as mTurk.

This site has so many tasks available in a wide range of categories, so I’m sure anyone can find some that match their skills here.

There are a lot of tasks that require you to get information from websites or off images or receipts, but there are also writing gigs, transcription jobs, and more.

Your earnings will go to your Amazon Payments account or to an Amazon gift card (your choice) once the poster approves your work.


ClickNWork is similar to mTurk. You can sign up as a worker to complete research, photography, editing, and other gigs.

You’ll first need to complete a test to test your skill level before starting a specific type of work, but if you pass, you’ll be eligible for work in that category.


This is another site that has various tasks available for workers.

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You log in when you have time, choose the work you want, and get paid.

Do everything from data entry to mystery shopping here!


CoinWorker pays in Bitcoin for quick tasks, like completing some research online or pulling information from images.

Sign up for free and then pick the jobs you want to work on.

When you get 200 points in your account, they’ll switch to Bitcoin.


CrowdTap is a crowdsourcing platform where businesses can gather information from members in the form of surveys, polls, and other fun tasks.

As a member, you can participate in the community, completing fun money-making tasks to earn free samples and gift cards.


This is like a GPT site for earning cryptocurrency instead of cash and gift cards.

You’ll do most of the same stuff, like take surveys, watch videos, and complete offers.

There are also some data entry jobs here.


EasyShift is an app for iOS and Android devices that pays you to do quick tasks around your neighborhood.

It’s great if you’re out and about and want to earn some money!

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a site that matches virtual assistants with clients who need work done.

However, the gigs here are short versions of typical assisting tasks.

For example, you might complete quick data entry jobs and get paid somewhere between $3 and $7 per task, rather than an hourly rate.

Field Agent

Field Agent is another app that gives you cash for completing mystery shopping and other information-gathering gigs near you.

Use the app to find available jobs and get paid once they’re finished.


Fiverr is a gig site that puts you in control of all your earnings.

That’s because you create the gigs instead of working on tasks other people post.

List what you’ll do for others, post your prices, and start working when someone orders a gig from you.

People do a lot of interesting stuff here, like creating PowerPoint presentations, writing blogs, and creating graphics for social media and advertisements.


GigBucks is similar to Fiverr in that you create gigs and name your price, from $5 to $50.

It’s not quite as popular, but it could be a good supplement to some of your other gigs. It’s also a fun way to get creative, use your skills, and complete jobs on your own time.


Gigwalk is an app like FieldAgent that pays you to do stuff around your neighborhood, like taking photos in stores or completing surveys about places you’ve been.

Businesses and individuals can also post gigs for you to complete.


Download apps, take surveys, watch videos, and more on GrabPoints, a reward site that helps members get paid to do things for its advertisers.

You can choose between gift cards and PayPal cash.


Guru is a freelance marketplace where members can browse for gigs related to their skills.

Clients post the gigs, so you’ll need to abide by their requirements, but you get to choose the ones you want to work on.

You’ll have a specific number of bids you can use to bid on projects every month, but they’re free unless you want to buy more.


This is a unique job for people who want to try something different.

You’ll review calls that have already been made and provide your feedback at the end.

The answers you give usually help companies decide if their customer service is where it needs to be or if it needs some improvement.

And, you get paid weekly with PayPal!


This online job board is for small tasks that you can complete quickly for money.

They mostly involve signing up for websites and pay, on average, between $0.10 and $0.20 each.

One of the things I like about this board is that it sorts itself by the highest payout first, making it easy to find the jobs that will give you the most for your time.


From writing text for chatbots to entering information into a spreadsheet, Microworkers do it all.

This site has plenty of work to choose from.

You’ll earn a “Reputation” here, which can affect your chances of getting more jobs.

You need at least $9 plus the fee for your chosen payment method (PayPal, Skrill, and Dwolla are options) to cash out.


MiniJobz is another site for quick tasks.

You choose what ones you want to do and get paid for them. You can also refer your friends for extra cash.


Like other GPT sites, NeoBux has paid offers, advertisements, and other simple tasks that help members make money online.


OneSpace is a job board where you can find various online jobs to complete. Some are small, but some may be big (like writing blog posts or creating videos).

Fortunately, you get to pick from available jobs, so you’re not stuck with anything.

Complete qualifications through the site to make yourself available for more types of gigs.


Complete quick, fun tasks on Points2Shop and receive points to shop on Amazon!

All the prizes here come from Amazon, so you can browse the catalog and find something you want.

Prize Rebel

From taking surveys to completing offers, there’s something for everyone on Prize Rebel.

Redeem your points for PayPal cash or Amazon, Walmart, and other popular gift cards.


RapidWorkers is similar to mTurk, offering tons of quick jobs to members.

Some of the current available gigs are things like subscribing to a YouTube channel or filling out an insurance form.


SendEarnings is a site that comes from the creators of InboxDollars, so it works much the same way.

Search the web, play games, do bonus tasks, refer friends, and more for cash.

Slice the Pie

This is a super fun way to make money online, especially if you love music.

You’ll listen to new music and give a short, but detailed, review! Your opinions help record labels decide whether that song or artist might be a hit.

The more detailed you are, the more chances you’ll have to complete future reviews and make more money.

The site also has some other review opportunities, like movies and fashion.

Spare 5

Spare 5 is a newer site that offers short tasks for money.

Browse the list of gigs, pick what you want to do, and get paid with PayPal.


TaskRabbit is an app that helps you find quick gigs to do near you.

People and businesses can post jobs, and you can browse the list to find ones you want to complete.

The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd comes from Lionbridge, a company that’s devoted to offering work from home opportunities to people all over the world.

This site is the company’s version of mTurk. It has a variety of different tasks to complete at any given time.


Formerly oDesk, Upwork is arguably the most popular freelance marketplace.

The site has several work categories. Not all jobs will be quick, but you can search through the gigs to find what you’re looking for.

Upwork gives you 60 free Connects (bids) per month to bid on jobs, and most jobs use 2 of them.

You get paid within a few days after your client approves your work.


As a “Looker” for WeGoLook, you’ll have opportunities to complete gigs in your town to help individuals and businesses.

You might need to check out an apartment for rent and take photos or scope out a piece of land someone from another state is interested in purchasing.

You’ll get paid once your task has been approved.

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Get started making money with quick tasks!

This work won’t be for everyone, but if you like having a varied workday, using a bunch of skills each day, and having a completely flexible schedule, it could be perfect for you.

Be sure to tell us what sites you’ve used and what your experience was like!


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