How to Get Free Adidas! 39 Ways to Get Free Shoes from Brands

Have you ever wondered how people get free stuff from companies?

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There are a few ways it can happen, but a common one is through product testing.

And several of today’s most popular shoe brands look for testers like you to try their shoes, share your opinions, and help them develop their products.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to get free shoes from your favorite companies, this is the guide for you.

Learn where and how you can test shoes for free from companies like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and more.

How to Get Free Shoes as a Shoe Tester

The opportunities we’re going to talk about below are shoe testing programs.

What is a shoe tester?

It’s basically like it sounds.

You get a free pair of shoes from a company that wants you to test them.

Use the shoes as you normally would for every day or athletic activities.

Then, you fill out a survey or form with your feedback about the shoe after you’ve worn it for the specified length of time.

Your feedback helps the company improve their shoes, make new products that fit the needs of its customers, etc.

And you get to use the shoes for as long as the company specifies.

In most cases, you’ll need to send back the shoes because shoe companies do in-depth evaluations of them upon their return.

They’ll look for wear from use and use that information to continue to develop and improve their products, along with the feedback you give.

You won’t need to pay anything to become a member of these programs, but companies do usually have requirements for their testers that may vary a bit.

Usually, you’ll need to be some sort of athlete or participate in regular workouts, as these companies are ones that design athletic shoes.

Read on to learn more about specific programs to join and their requirements.

Shoe Tester Jobs with Your Favorite Companies

The following companies have product testing programs in place for people like you to get free shoes to test.

Adidas Product Testing

Adidas has one of the most popular product testing programs for its fans.

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To qualify, you’ll need to live in the US, be at least 18 years old, and not be involved in other product testing programs for competitors (you’ll see this as a pretty common requirement for these programs).

You’ll also need to fit into one of the testing sizes, which are limited to a few specific sizes, and engage in minimum weekly activity requirements for whatever sport you’re involved in.

Most programs allow you to test for two to four weeks as you keep a daily log of your activities before mailing the shoes back for free.

Join as an Adidas product tester.

ASICS FrontRunner

As a member of ASICS FrontRunner, you may be eligible to test products as they become available through the program.

The programs are currently available to those in the UK and New Zealand.

Join ASICS FrontRunner.

Nike Product Testing

Another popular program is Nike Product Testing, through which you can get free Nike samples in exchange for your honest opinions.

The program looks for child, teen, and adult testers.

Once you test the product, you’ll submit your feedback on the website. Then, return the shoes to be eligible for future testing opportunities.

Join here.

Under Armour Product Testing

Under Armour provides opportunities for fans to test out just about all its gear, including its shoes and clothing.

Just sign up and complete your profile to get notified when new testing opportunities arrive that may match your sizes and athletic profile.

Join the Under Armour Field Testing program.

Columbia Product Testing

Columbia specifies that it looks for a wide range of people to help test out its active gear and products, including shoes.

Once you apply and fill out your information, Columbia will let you know when you’re approved and if there are any current testing opportunities that match your profile.

You’ll need to return the products after you’ve tested them.

Members must be at least 18.

Join as a Columbia tester.

On Product Testing

On Running is a company with athletic shoes, clothing, and technology.

Although its product testing program isn’t always available for applications, it does have one.

Your best bet for joining is to sign up for the company newsletter and follow its social media channels to get notified when sign-ups are open.

Puma Product Testing

Puma has occasional product testing opportunities.

It tends to only open up registrations when a new program comes into play, like this one in 2019 where testers could apply to test its self-lacing training shoe.

Again, it pays to subscribe to Puma’s newsletter and follow the brand on social media to learn when new beta testing programs begin.

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Become a Member of the Vans Family

Vans doesn’t necessarily have a specific shoe testing program, but it does reward its loyal fans and customers with the Vans Family program.

Join to receive exclusive deals on products, be the first to know about new stuff, and even get rewards for everything you buy, which you can redeem for other stuff from the company.

Join the Vans Family.

Test Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks has real people just like you testing its products to continue to improve them based on your feedback.

When product testing opportunities arrive, Brooks will let you know on the link below.

Learn more about Brooks testing.

Saucony Product Testing

Fill out this form to apply to become a member of the Saucony product testing team.

The program is open to people in any location, but Saucony does ask that those living in the Greater Boston area come to its lab in Waltham, MA, for on-site testing opportunities.

Red Wing Product Testing

Red Wing offers testing opportunities for people that reside within 60 miles of the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area.

There are limited sizes available for testing for both men and women’s shoes.

Apply to test Red Wing Shoes.

Reebok Product Testing

Reebok’s product testing program is open to US individuals who are at least 18 years old and aren’t involved in other competitor’s programs.

Once you apply, Reebok will let you know if you match with any testing opportunities.

Join the Reebok testing team.

New Balance Product Testing

New Balance lets you join its testing community by filling out a form and some details about yourself.

When a new test is available, you’ll know about it, and you can decide whether you want to participate.

Sign up for New Balance product testing.

Other Ways to Get Free Shoes

Aside from product testing, there are some other ways you can get free shoes! Try these ideas:

Follow Brands on Social Media

I like to suggest for people to follow their favorite brands on social media whenever they want the chance to get free stuff.

And shoe companies are included here.

Following them doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get a chance at free shoes.

But your chances could increase because many companies use social media to offer exclusive deals to their followers and let them know about giveaways and contests.

So head to brand websites and find their links to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms they’re active on to be one of the first to know when free shoes are a possibility.

Browse Brand Websites

I’ve already listed a bunch of product testing programs from different shoe companies, but that doesn’t mean these are the only ones that exist.

These are just some of the well-known ones from really popular brands.

But if you’re a fan of some smaller brands, look on their websites for product testing programs, too.

Usually, they’ll be listed in the footer (way down at the bottom) of the website, but you also might find them in the main navigation links.

And if you don’t see anything, it never hurts to ask by contacting the company directly.

Write for Shoe-Related Websites

Some websites write product reviews for shoes, clothing, and athletic gear.

If you’re a writer, you might see about becoming a freelance or staff writer for the website.

Reputable sites actually test the products they write about, so as a writer, you’ll need to fully test the product before you write an article.

An example of this type of site is Runners World, which has a full article that describes its actual testing process.

Not all of these sites have information for those interested in writing, but you can usually find out more about their guidelines and how they work with writers by contacting them.

Start a Shoe Blog of Your Own

You can also start a shoe blog on your own if you’re not interested in writing for others.

Or, add a shoe section to your fashion or lifestyle blog.

Bloggers, once they gain enough traffic and engagement, can opt to partner with their favorite brands for product testing and reviews.

So once you get your site built up enough, you may be able to reach out to your favorite shoe companies to ask for free shoes in exchange for blog reviews or roundups.

Join Product Testing Networks

There are also a number of product testing networks that might help you match with shoe brands that need testers and may not have programs of their own.

Influenster is one of them.

Although this network is mostly for beauty and lifestyle influencers, it also gives away other free products, depending on the current clients it’s working with.

Here are a few others to try:

Pitch Yourself to Shoe Brands

There’s no rule saying that you can’t ask brands directly if you can have a pair of shoes for free!

Of course, not all will respond with a definite yes. But there’s no harm in trying.

Just be sure to offer something in exchange for the free pair, like a mention on social media or a review on your blog.

Otherwise, it’s unlikely that you’ll get anything for free.

Look for Shoe Giveaways

Plenty of sites have giveaways, so it’s very possible that you’ll find some free shoe giveaways if you keep looking.

I like to bookmark a few of my favorite giveaway sites that post new giveaways when people submit them.

That way, they’re all in one place, so it’s easy to sort through everything and find just the giveaways I’m looking for.

Here are a few that I check back on often:

Get Free Shoes from Organizations

Some organizations are focused on getting free shoes to people who need them, like homeless people or low-income families.

You’ll need to meet the eligibility guidelines for these programs, and you should only use them if you truly can’t afford to buy new shoes for yourself or your family.

Here are some programs designed for shoe donations:

Look on FreeCycle

Another way to find free shoes if you can’t afford them or want to save money is to check your local FreeCycle chapter.

This site is filled with local groups of people who use it to give away and find free stuff — anything from furniture to clothing.

If you have a local FreeCycle group, you can search the listings for shoes or create your own post letting people near you know you need shoes.

Get Free Shoes as a Product Tester (+ Other Ways!)

While many product testing opportunities won’t let you keep the free shoes you test, you can still try them out for several weeks or months, essentially giving you a new pair of shoes to use during that time.

You pay nothing and you get to find out what kind of shoes you really love, so it’s a win-win.

But some of the better ways to get free shoes don’t come from product testing opportunities at all.

Instead, they come from opportunities you make yourself, like through pitching companies directly or blogging about shoes on your website.

When you get review opportunities and influencer ambassadorships with your favorite shoe brands, you’ll get shoes you can keep for free, making them more long-term solutions for shoe lovers.

But either way, you end up with free shoes from some of the best companies around.

Best of luck!

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