27 Ways to Get Free Makeup and Beautify Products to Review

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As a fan of makeup, you probably know how much money you can easily spend on refilling your stash and adding new products to it.

Makeup doesn’t come cheap.

And that’s especially disappointing when there’s a new product you want to try.

You may not want to spend full price on the product before finding out if you really love it enough to buy it.

However, you might be one of the lucky people who can get paid to test makeup and other beauty products.

It’s known as beauty or makeup consumer testing, and it helps people like you who love makeup and beauty products be one of the first people to try them out — for free!

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading through this guide.

We’re going to explain how this type of opportunity works and how you can get free makeup in exchange for your honest opinions.

How to Become a Beauty Product Tester and Get Free Makeup for Reviews

What we’re going to talk about in this article is how to become a beauty product tester.

As a tester, you won’t just get free products thrown your way with nothing in return.

You’ll need to actually test the products and report on your thoughts.

Companies want to know what people who use their products think of them, so they look for people who use these types of products frequently and have some expertise in the beauty area.

Some companies have their own panels that you can join to become a part of their testing panel.

Joining these panels is one of the best ways for you to get free makeup and beauty products from your favorite brands.

However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a consistent flow of products sent your way.

Some program opportunities are few and far between, and they often reward people who are really active in the programs or those who have a lot of social media followers.

Still, joining all the panels we talk about below can give you a better shot of getting more review opportunities.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this type of review program, just to give you a better idea of how they work:

Do I always have to leave a review?

Most of these programs do ask that you give a review of the product after you receive it and have had time to use it, usually within a couple of weeks.

After all, that’s the main point of the programs!

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Companies want to know what you think of their products to help them improve them in the future.

Some programs will ask you to send feedback to them privately, while others might want you to review the product on their website or another website on which they sell from, like Amazon.

How do I write reviews of products?

These requirements will vary with each company, but generally, the more detailed you are, the better.

Provide honest feedback and let the company know what you loved, what you didn’t like, and what you think can be improved upon.

And if there’s a competitor’s product you like more, let the company know that too.

The more information you give and the more time you put into your review, the better your chances of getting opportunities in the future.

How often will I receive products?

This varies with each program.

Some review programs might only send out a couple of products per year, while others might send several a year.

You can usually find out more about the frequency of opportunities by reading through the terms and conditions of the program.

Do my reviews always need to be positive?


And if a company asks that they are, it’s a good idea to stay away from that program.

Your reviews should always be honest, and companies that ask for you to always be positive even if you didn’t like the product aren’t playing fair.

However, if you didn’t like a product you tested, be sure to explain why.

Constructive criticism is always better than flat-out criticism when it comes to product reviews.

Do I get to keep the products?

In most cases, yes.

Beauty consumer panels want you to be able to keep your products to review and usually give you plenty of time for accurate testing.

You can’t typically resell beauty products, so there’s no reason to have to send them back to the company after testing.

They’re free, and they’re yours to keep!

How to Get Free Makeup Products to Review with Beauty Consumer Panels

Wondering where all these beauty panels are that give free products to test? Here’s a list:

O Mag Insiders

Are you a fan of Oprah’s magazine?

If so, join the O Mag Insiders, a panel just for fans of the magazine.

You’ll become an ambassador that gets to try products before they end up in stores, and the team frequently reviews new beauty products for the magazine.

In Style Trendsetters

This online community is for fans of In Style magazine.

The community allows members to share their opinions of product ideas and current products through surveys and product reviews.

There’s also a sweepstakes for you to earn chances toward free prizes given away each quarter.

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Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

Allure magazine also has its own panel for its fans and beauty enthusiasts!

The panel gives members the opportunity to try products occasionally and share their opinions after they test them out.

There are also invites to VIP events and other cool stuff.


This community just for women has a lot to offer, and product testing is one of them.

If you’re active on social media or a blog, you may be able to test products from companies that partner with SheSpeaks.

There are also frequent giveaways to enter for free.

L’Oreal Consumer Testing

Love L’Oreal products?

Join its consumer testing panel to know when new testing opportunities become available.

Men and women 18 or older are eligible to join.

Truth in Aging

Get the chance to review skin, hair, and personal care products through this panel, which allows you to try products for as much as 45 days before reviewing.

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a program that comes from Elle, Marie Clair, and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

You can join for free and wait for testing opportunities to come your way.

The Pink Panel

Fill out the form to join The Pink Panel, a community where members get chances to review women-focused products for free.


Influenster is one of the most popular places for beauty influencers to go to find out about new products and test them out.

When you join, just stay active in the community.

The network favors active members and will let you know when there’s a new program you might be eligible for.

Team Red

The people over at Redbook magazine made this community to give its fans the chance to review products and share their opinions.


As a member of this panel, you can share your thoughts on everything from celebrities to fashion to beauty products.

Essence Insiders

Essence also has its own program for magazine readers to interact with each other and connect with popular brands.

Other Ways to Get Free Makeup Products to Review

Joining beauty consumer panels isn’t the only way to get makeup products to review for free.

Here are a few more options:

Start a Makeup or Beauty Blog

As a blogger in the beauty world, you can find plenty of opportunities to get free stuff, especially if you have a large audience of visitors and followers.

Companies often look for beauty bloggers with engaged audiences to write reviews of their products on their blogs or social media channels, and you might just be a blogger they’re interested in.

If you already have a beauty blog, keep growing it to get to a point where you can get review opportunities your way!

Be a Beauty Influencer on Social Media

Similar to beauty blogging, you can also grow your social media platforms to get an engaged audience that appeals to beauty brands.

Then, work with brands to advertise and review products on your social media channels.

You can use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other channels to review products, depending on what the company is interested in.

Tik Tok is also a popular platform right now for reviewing products.

Ask Brands for Products in Exchange for Site Reviews

If you do have what you’d consider a large, engaged blog or social media following, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to brands yourself to see if you can get products in exchange for reviews.

Look on brand sites to find a section for media/pr inquiries.

This is usually where you’ll find contact information for the person you’ll need to get in touch with to ask about this sort of partnership.

Review Beauty Products on Amazon

Amazon has somewhat of an underground reviewing program for people who continuously pump out helpful reviews in a specific category.

When you review on Amazon, other people can mark your review as Helpful.

When that happens a lot, Amazon might just take notice and invite you into its Vine program of established reviewers.

People in the Vine program can get free products in exchange for their thoughtful feedback after testing the product.

Join Amazon Review Sites

There are also some sites that partner with brands and Amazon reviewers to help them connect for reviews.

Because of Amazon rules against companies requiring you to leave a review in exchange for a product, you usually aren’t required to review what you get.

But, if you’re getting a product for free, it’s good etiquette to let the company know what you think of their product.

Here’s a list of Amazon review sites.

Join Tomoson

Tomoson is a review network for a variety of products, but it’s common to find beauty-related products to review here.

Depending on the product and company offering it for review, you’ll need to complete different tasks.

Some might have you review or unbox the product on YouTube, while others might just want an Amazon review.

And some companies even pay you for your reviews in addition to giving you the free product!

There are also some other opportunities to get discounted products in exchange for review, but it’s easy to spot these on the platform if you’d like to avoid anything that requires you to pay.

Become a Member of CrowdTap

CrowdTap is a crowdsourcing site that you can join for free to connect with brands on the platform.

The brands will have their own programs where you can answer surveys, connect with others, and get opportunities to test products for free.

The more you interact with the site and brand programs, the more you can get noticed and have review opportunities come your way.

Sign Up for Shopper Army

Shopper Army is a unique rewards site that lets you test products for free and get rewarded for reviewing them.

You can also earn cash back on your purchases when you shop through the site.

Use Ibotta to Shop

Use the Ibotta app to shop for your beauty stuff, and you’ll get cash back in rebates that you can use to purchase other beauty products!

And you don’t even have to review the stuff you buy.

Ibotta connects to your reward accounts at places like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and other places you shop for beauty stuff.

When you use them together, you’ll earn rewards on both your store account and Ibotta to help you stack your rewards faster.

Once you get $20 in your Ibotta account, you can send it over to PayPal to use on more beauty products.

Join Blogging and Review Networks

There are lots of networks focused on helping influencers and bloggers connect with brands that give products in exchange for reviews.

And many of them work solely with beauty influencers, so they can partner with some of the most popular brands in the industry!

Here are a few of these programs to try, but be sure to look at their requirements for joining to make sure you fit them:

Start Getting Free Beauty Products!

Testing products can be a really fun way to get free stuff to fill up your makeup bags.

But remember that you’ll only continue to get free products if you take your time making well-thought-out reviews of products.

The more time and thought you put into them, the better, whether it’s a review on the company’s website or an in-depth review on your blog.

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