Nike Product Testing Guide: How Does It Work?

As a Nike fan, you might be wondering if there’s a way to get free Nike gear to test out.

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It seems like a long shot, but you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t.

Nike has its own product testing program for people who are avid fans of the company and use its gear regularly for working out, sporting activities, etc.

Whether you want to be a football boot tester or have the opportunity to review running shoes from Nike, the company will let you do it through its product testing program.

Of course, there are some requirements for testers, so we’re going to cover all of those in this guide to help you learn the details and consider whether you want to join.

How to Get Free Nike Samples as a Product Tester

Product testing is something that’s been around for decades.

But companies tend to use testing programs even more now thanks to the boom of influencers — people who have big followings on their websites or social media channels.

Companies like Nike have found out just how well product testing works to give them helpful feedback for their current and new products to keep improving them and helping them stand out against competitors.

Nike’s product testing program is one of the most popular in the athletic wear industry because, well, it’s Nike!

What athlete doesn’t love Nike stuff?

So if you’re an active person who plays sports or exercises regularly, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to get some free Nike gear sent your way.

What Is Nike’s Product Testing Program?

Nike’s product testing program is what the company uses to get real life people to review its products and give them an in-depth look at what athletes think of its gear.

Through the program, members can receive new Nike shoes, wear them, provide their feedback, and help Nike tweak their products accordingly.

As a participant in the program, you’re actually a really important part of the company!

Nike relies on people like you to give their honest opinions about their products based on how well they wear and how comfortable you felt in them through the testing process.

Joining Requirements

Nike doesn’t accept everyone who loves its products into the program.

So unfortunately, just being a fan won’t be enough to make you a member.

Generally, Nike looks for very active people, like those with consistent workout schedules, marathon runners, and sporting athletes.

Even if you fall into one of those categories, you’ll need to meet some other requirements before you can get accepted.

Nike has a few programs: One for adults, one for minors, and one for kids aged 12 and under.

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Most importantly, you’ll need to make sure you’re applying for the program in the right age group.

Nike also requires you to wear specific sizes of shoes or apparel, and this may vary depending on what they’re looking for at the time.

When you complete the application, you’ll need to detail your sizes so that Nike can make sure you match with the products they’re testing.

There seems to be some discrepancy about what countries are able to join, so I had to dig a little bit on this part.

But from what I can tell, Nike currently accepts people just from the United States.

And there is one group that cannot apply, and that’s people who are already part of the NCAA.

How the Program Works

The program may be a bit different for some individuals depending on the current testing opportunity for which they’re eligible.

But most of the time, it’ll work like this:

  1. Get matched to a testing opportunity from Nike.
  2. Nike contacts you to let you know and get your consent to participate.
  3. If accepted, Nike sends you the product(s) to test.
  4. You test the product according to the length of time Nike asks you to and provide feedback according to its instructions.
  5. When the time is up for the testing opportunity, you send back your gear in a package provided by Nike.

Some programs may allow you to keep the products when you’re done testing them out.

But for shoes, it’s almost always a send-back process because Nike looks at the wear of the shoe to get insight into its durability throughout the testing period.

On-Site vs Remote Testing

Nike offers both remote testing and on-site testing.

Remote testing is for people who aren’t near a Nike facility.

On-site opportunities are for people within driving distance of a testing facility.

You might not know whether you qualify for an on-site opportunity until you apply and get accepted, after which Nike will probably ask you to come on-site.

If you’re a remote tester, you’ll simply get the gear shipped to you to test at home and send back at the end of the program.

Kids vs Adult Testing

As mentioned before, Nike has three separate programs available for testing.

The first one is for adults 18 and over.

The next one is for minors between the ages of 13 and 17.

And the third one is for kids 12 and under.

If you want to sign up a child to participate in the program, you’ll need to do it for them as a parent or guardian.

Just like adult testing opportunities, the programs for minors might require participants to wear specific sizes and be involved in sports or other athletic activities regularly.

You must set yourself up with a parent profile first before you sign up your child.

Nike Product Testing FAQs

We’ve covered a lot of information about the Nike testing program so far, but there are several questions we often get about it.

Here are the answers to those questions in one spot, so you can easily find the information you need.

Does Nike do product testing with clothing too?

Yep! Nike product testing is usually associated with its shoes.

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But I’ve known of people to get apparel and other Nike gear sent their way too, so it’s possible.

It really just depends on what Nike has available for testers and what products they’re currently focusing on the most.

Does Nike offer apparel testing for kids too?


If your child is signed up for the program, you can expect for them to get opportunities to test shoes and clothing, just like the program for adults.

Do you get paid to be a product tester for Nike?

No, and this is something we really want to stress about this program because I’ve seen some incorrect information floating around about it.

Nike does not pay its testers for testing products, in most cases.

There might be the occasional campaign that’s different, especially for people who are on-site testers.

On-site testing requires people to come into a facility and spend some time there testing products, so Nike may compensate them in some way.

But for regular remote testing, your compensation is the free products you receive.

When it comes to shoes, these generally need to go back to Nike.

Still, during the testing period, those shoes are yours to wear every day, so it’s basically like getting a free product.

And you may be able to keep apparel at the end of the testing period.

But as far as money compensation, that’s not what the Nike testing program is about.

How long does it take to become a Nike product tester?

It depends on how many applications Nike needs to process.

I assume that Nike gets flooded with these applications, which is why it occasionally shuts down new applications to the public.

And when apps open back up again, Nike likely gets bombarded with them.

I’ve seen most people say that it takes several weeks to learn whether they’re approved.

Do you keep products from Nike?

Sometimes, but it depends on the testing program.

Nike gives you all the details about a testing opportunity before you accept it, so you can always read through them and determine whether you want to go through with it.

The instructions will let you know whether you need to send something back or if it’s yours to keep.

What are the requirements to become a Nike product tester?

Nike product testers can’t be involved in the NCAA and must be United States residents.

You must also agree to follow the instructions in your program and meet the guidelines.

If you don’t, you won’t be eligible for other testing opportunities.

Members must be actively involved in a sport or activity.

Does Nike always accept new applications?

No, Nike sometimes closes its applications when it already has enough members on board.

And you can imagine that the program is a popular one! In fact, it’s one of the product testing programs we hear about and get asked about most.

So, if you’re getting a message that tells you applications are closed when you try to apply, you can try again another time.

Generally, we’d suggest waiting a couple of weeks. Keep the page bookmarked and set a reminder for yourself to recheck the application status.

Other Testing Programs You Might Enjoy

There are other product testing opportunities for similar companies that you might want to try if you’re not having luck with Nike’s.

Here are a few:

Try Nike Products for Free

As a product tester for Nike, you really do get the opportunity to try new products and report back to Nike with your thoughts.

It’s a great way to be kind of like a part of the company and help improve its products for its customers.

Remember to check back occasionally if program application is closed, as it could open up again soon.

Good luck!

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