How to Get Free Perfume Samples: 21 Ways to Get Free Fragrance

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Perfume can be expensive!

If you’re looking to try a new fragrance, you probably don’t want to end up buying a full bottle of something only to find out you don’t really love it.

And that’s why perfume companies tend to have samples for you to try and decide if you like it.

But sometimes, you’re only able to try a sample in a store by using a couple of pumps of a perfume bottle to test out a scent.

Or, you’re limited to a magazine sample that’s on a piece of paper and doesn’t really give you a good idea of how that fragrance smells when you spray it on your skin.

That’s where actual samples with small bottles or full-size products can help.

But can you get those samples for free?


We’ve listed 21 real ways to get samples of perfume for free, and they’ll actually work.

How to Get Free Perfume Samples

The following tips can help you get free samples of perfume and maybe even some full-size products to try out at home.

If you also want to know where to get free cologne samples, some of the tips below may also work for you!

Check Out Your Favorite Women’s Magazines

If you subscribe to magazines or pick them up from newsstands, you probably know that many women’s magazines have perfume samples in them.

Of course, they’re usually just the fragrance rubbed on a piece of paper, which doesn’t always give you a good idea of how the scent smells when it’s on you.

Still, keep an eye on those advertisements and samples!

Sometimes, brands will also include a coupon for you to either get a free sample bottle of the scent or buy it with a discount.

Look in the backs of magazines, too, which usually have advertisement sections.

Review Beauty Stuff on Your Blog

Do you have a blog that’s beauty-focused?

Keep building your audience and start reviewing beauty items on your blog.

You can start out with products you already use.

Once you have a few reviews under your belt, you can use those reviews to pitch your ideas to perfume companies and ask for a sample in exchange for a review or mention on your blog.

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Most brands want to see active and engaged blogs, so it’s best to save the pitching until after you gain an audience.

Become a Beauty Influencer

You can also become a beauty influencer on social media or YouTube.

Again, this takes a lot of work and patience.

But if you already have your channels focused on beauty stuff, it might not be too long before you can land partnerships that get you free stuff.

Work on letting the world know about products you already love by creating photos or videos about them, and then use your work to pitch to brands that have fragrances you want to try.

Or, Try Beauty Product Testing

Some people are lucky enough to be beauty product testers, and you could be one of them.

Lots of networks and brands work with beauty influencers who know a lot about makeup, skincare, fragrances, etc.

And they want their feedback to help them improve their products.

Join influencer networks that focus on beauty stuff, like:

Once you’re signed up, the networks will let you know when you match with a potential opportunity to test and review products.

Get Free Samples from PinchMe

PinchMe is one of the best places to get free samples of stuff sent to your home.

And some of those samples could be free perfume, although you aren’t always guaranteed to get what you ask for.

When you sign up, you’ll get matched with free products that fit your interests.

Then, you’ll check them out and send in your feedback about them.

There are times when beauty samples and fragrances are sent, so there’s always a chance you could end up with some.

Review Beauty Products on Amazon

If you’re an avid Amazon user, you probably see reviews from people in the Vine program.

This program is for select Amazon users who are known for their helpful reviews.

Usually, they’re people who tend to review products in specific categories, so they become experts in those categories.

There’s no way for you to apply for the program.

Instead, Amazon seeks reviewers to invite by seeing who has reviews that people find helpful.

So, the more you review (and put a lot of thought in your reviews) for beauty products and fragrances, the more you boost your chances of getting into the program and getting free samples to review.

Follow Freebie Websites

Freebie websites are gems of the internet.

They literally curate all the freebies they can find and do the hard work for us, so we can simply know where to go to get free stuff.

When you find freebie sites you like, keep them bookmarked so you can refer to them later and check them often.

Many of them update daily, and it’s common to find perfume and other beauty samples on these sites.

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Here are a few of the best:

Write to Your Favorite Perfume Companies

Did you know that some people get freebies from their favorite companies just by writing to them and telling them how much they love their products?

You might have heard of doing this before, but it’s not a fairy tale; it actually can work.

Find an email address or physical address for perfume companies.

Then, write to them telling them about a fragrance you really love or want to try.

They may end up sending you some coupons to buy the product for yourself just for being a loyal customer.

Follow Brands on Social Media

Social media is the place to be if you want to learn about free stuff in just about any industry.

Follow perfume brands that you love on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels.

Most brands use their platforms to let their fans know when contests and giveaways happen, so you won’t have to miss out on special events.

It’s also an awesome way to connect with your favorite companies on a personal level.

Subscribe to Brand Newsletters

Like social media, brands use their email newsletters to notify subscribers when there are promotions, exclusive discounts, contests, and other cool things happening.

As a subscriber, you’ll get access to information that non-subscribers don’t.

Make sure you read through the full email so you don’t miss out on any information about free samples and other goodies.

Subscribers are usually eligible for loyalty rewards, too, which is another major bonus of signing up!

Check Out Brand Websites

Check around the websites of your favorite perfume brands, and you might find some links to contests or other ways you can get free stuff.

Down in the footer (the bottom of the site) is where you’ll usually find links that can help you save money, but you might also find them in sidebars or the main navigation menu.

The homepage also might have information about giveaways and other events that could give you free perfume, like buy one get one free sales.

Use Reward Sites

Are you a member of reward sites like Prize Rebel and Swagbucks?

If so, keep using them daily to earn rewards to redeem for free perfume!

Many reward sites have gift cards and PayPal cash options that you can use to buy fragrances you want, so you don’t have to spend money out-of-pocket.

Plus, you can also browse through the offers on these sites to see if there are any offers for free fragrances.

Use Your Store Rewards

Department stores and pharmacies that sell beauty products often have reward programs that give you points or money for your purchases.

After racking up rewards, you can use them for future purchases, so you might even be able to buy perfume without spending a dime.

Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, Sephora, and Lancome are just a few brands that have programs like this.

Sign Up for Product Review Sites

If you don’t mind sharing your opinions of fragrances that you get for free, you can sign up for product review sites to get free perfume to review.

These sites partner with brands willing to give away products in exchange for learning what people think of them.

Here are a few to sign up for:

Get Samples from Ulta

Ulta sometimes has free samples you can add to your cart when you shop online.

There aren’t always freebies available, but you can keep the page we linked above bookmarked to check for them.

Check Out Estee Lauder’s Free Samples

Estee Lauder is another store that offers free samples on its site.

In addition to getting cosmetic bags, makeup, and skincare products for free, you can sometimes find a free perfume to add to your bag to checkout.

There are tons of samples to choose from on the site, but some of them might be sold out.

Click on the ones you’re interested in to see if they’re available.

There’s no mention of a limit to free samples on the page, but it’s safe to assume you can only put a select few in your cart.

Get Free Samples with Sephora Orders

When you buy from Sephora’s website, you can grab up to two free samples with your order.

The samples vary with availability, but there’s almost always a free perfume sample as one of the options.

Just add the samples you want to your cart like you would other products, and you’ll see them there during checkout. They’ll ship right along with your order.

Keep Freeflys Bookmarked

Freeflys is a freebie site that we think deserves its own mention because it frequently has perfume samples available.

In fact, it has a page on its site dedicated to perfume samples with links to new deals that update frequently.

You can just keep this page bookmarked if you want to go straight to the deals.

Some current perfume freebies include a Michael Kors sample and a set of four fragrance samples from Macy’s!

Head to Department Stores

Some department stores try to spike sales by offering free samples to get you intrigued about products.

And, they might even offer a free perfume as a gift when you buy something.

In fact, Nordstrom does this pretty frequently, as does Macy’s and other department stores.

Head over to the beauty counters to ask a representative if there are any current deals for free perfume trials or full-size products.

They might not always advertise all the deals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Buy Subscription Boxes

Buy subscription boxes that contain beauty goodies!

Okay, it’s not necessarily a 100% free way to go about getting samples.

But it definitely can be a more affordable way than paying full price for a fragrance.

Plus, these boxes put random items in them, so they’re helpful for finding new fragrances that you may not have tried otherwise.

There are even some subscription boxes focused on perfume lovers, like Scentbird and Perfume Surprise.

Join Influenster

Influenster is a review network mostly for beauty gurus, but it does have some other stuff too.

You can join for free to have access to new review opportunities that arrive.

Most campaigns ask that you post pictures of products on social media or review them on your website in exchange for the free products they send.

You can sign up for any campaigns that you’re eligible for, but Influenster ultimately decides who gets picked, so it’s easiest if you already have a strong social media presence.

Get Free Perfume Tester Bottles by Mail

Whether you want to get perfume samples by mail or you don’t mind heading to a store to get them, you can find something that works for you with the ways we’ve listed above.

And remember that you might also be able to use some of these techniques to score free cologne samples, too.

Happy fragrance hunting!

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