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When it comes to taking surveys for money, there are so many options. It can be quite overwhelming, because the scams are abundant, and the actual money is sometimes hard to see.

Survey Club is trying to take some of the guess work out of it by connecting you with the best-paid survey companies for you, based on your profile, and eliminating the scams.

What is Survey Club?

It’s a couple of things really.  When I first began my research on this one, it seemed that they were another “go-between” type site.

You sign up, answer some questions, and then they give you a list of survey sites to sign up for based on the answers to those questions.

There is some benefit to this, as they claim they have screened each survey site they recommend.

That means they weed out the scams for you, and then you have a nice list of legit survey sites in one place.

Of course, you could do the same thing yourself with your own research, and since you have to answer profile questions to get the list, and then sign up for each site you wish on the list, you are adding a step.

What’s the point?  I dug a little further and found out Survey Club offers more than the other “middleman” sites we have seen.

What Makes Survey Club Different?

Survey Club is different in a few ways.  Not only do they offer you a list of sites that they feel will work best for you based on your profile, but they have their own surveys as well.

The thing about their own survey list that sets them apart is that you can filter them based on a number of things.

Also, other opportunities are included such as panel discussions and product testing.

You can even filter them to look for in-person projects being offered in your area.

Also, survey club may call you with opportunities available through them in your area.

I tried the “taste test” filter and got three hits, but ended up not qualifying for anything of them.

What Does it Mean?

Even though on the surface it looks like they are just a middleman, you can actually skip the middle man stuff all together and just use them.

Sign Up

Signing up proved a little tricky for me.  First, it said my email had already been used, so I tried to reset my password.

I never remember signing up for this site.  I never got the password reset email, after multiple tries, checking spam, and waiting several days.

I ended up signing up with another email address, which is actually a big no-no with most sites.  I may have to answer for this eventually, especially if my earnings get very high.

Some sites are understanding if you have a legitimate reason and can prove you are only active on one account.  We’ll see I guess.

Getting Started

Once I was all signed up and finished answering some basic profile questions, I was given a list of survey sites.

It was suggested I sign up for at least three of them to have to best money-making opportunity.

I recognized most of them, and frankly, I skipped this part.  I was already signed up for many of them.


Then I clicked on the “take a survey” tab and had to answer some more questions.  Then I was offered a 6-minute survey.  It didn’t say how much it would pay, but I gave it a shot anyway.

It was actually one of the more fun surveys I have taken.  It was an opinion survey on some Nike and Under Armor designs. I didn’t screen out!

It took about the time it said it would, and my account on Survey Club was credited $.50.

I was then told to remember that I could take 3 general opinion surveys at that link in a day.

There was a link on that page to see all offers.

This link took me to a list of survey links.  One said “general opinion,” one said “customer opinion.”  There were also links to habit surveys, regional surveys, and market research surveys.

In addition, there were links to several different survey sites.

I clicked on one of these that I recognized, and to took me to a link to sign up for that survey site.

The “topic” style survey links showed they took from 5 to 20 minutes and paid from $.50 to $5.00.  I tried a survey at the “consumer” link and was offered one that was 15 minutes long.

Again, I was not told how much it would pay.

It actually took less than 15 minutes, but it only paid $.50.  I ended up making $1.00 in less than a half hour.

Of course, any other job where you stand to make potentially $3 an hour is not going to be so happily received.


There is a simplicity in the Survey Club rewards program.  There are only three ways to cash out.

You can either choose a PayPal payout, a check, or an Amazon gift card. The minimum balance to redeem rewards is $20.

Remember, if you are redirected to another site to take a survey, your credit will be through that site and claimed through that site.

Your Survey Club account will only pay for the surveys you receive directly from Survey Club.


There is also a referral program that will pay you $1 for each person that signs up at your referral link, up to $5.

Other Opportunities

One of the coolest things about Survey Club is that they pay attention to where you live and connect you with projects that are specific to your area.

This means they may occasionally call with an opportunity to attend a live opinion panel, test products, or participate in another type of marketing project other than surveys.

They match you with these types of opportunities.  To be honest, I cannot vouch for this, as I have not been personally contacted.

However, there are no complaints that I could find to the contrary.  I think they do this, and if you are not contacted you just have not been a match yet.

Is Survey Club Legit or a Scam?

This is not a scam.  It is a little different than other survey sites, but there are definitely legit.

They do not request payment, and they have an A rating on the Better Business Bureau website.

Not only that, but they have been in business for 10 years and only have two negative reviews.

This is huge in the world of paid surveys.

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Survey Club could go either way.  If you are new to the business it could be a great place to start for several reasons.

First, you don’t have to weed through the scams.  They are pretty good about only recommending legit sites.

Second, they actually recommend sites based on your profile, which means you waste less time.

If you have been around awhile and are already signed up for most of the sites they recommend, you could still benefit.

It seems that there are a ton of 50 cent surveys, but it will take a while to build up to the minimum cash out balance with those.

It is frustrating that you do not know exactly how much the surveys before you take it.

I would say it is safe to assume it pays $.50 and be excited if it pays more.

There is still the fact that they can connect you with local opportunities.  If that interests you, this could be a great fit.

You can earn a little, maybe get some new opportunities, and avoid scams.

Be sure to check out our other recommended sites like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars too!

Are you ready to get started? [/wps_conclusion-with-button]

Have you been using Survey Club for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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