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Springboard America is a well-known  survey company that works much like the others.  They offer opportunities to voice your opinions via surveys.  For each survey complete you earn points that can be cashed in for prizes.

They are known to be a company that doesn’t bombard you with surveys that you are not eligible to complete.  They work to maintain integrity both for the panelists and survey partners.

They offer a broad range of surveys, but due to their many partnerships with consumer entities, most of them are consumer related.

They also vary in how the questions are asked.  You may get questions that ask you to rate something on a scale of one to 10, or you may be asked to tell how often you have used a product or performed an activity over a set period of time.

There are even some questions that ask you to answer in a “short-answer” style.

Creating an Account

This is pretty much the same as it is with any other company.  You sign up and provide a lot of information so they can begin to build your panelist profile.

There have been no complaints about security, and they do not ask for any credit card information.

Mostly they need you to provide accurate demographic information in an effort to provide you with relevant survey’s you will be eligible to complete.

It is important to provide accurate information. If you do surveys for a while it t isn’t difficult to figure out which demographics get the most and higher paying surveys. Do not be tempted to be dishonest.

If get caught lying, which is easier than you may think, you could be banned and lose any points you may have accumulated.

How Many Surveys will I Get?

One to four surveys per month will be sent to your email, depending on what is available based on your individual demographics.

This is less than some companies, but the good part for you is that you are less likely to waste time on surveys from which you will be disqualified.

The surveys vary in length, topic, and how many points they are worth.  It all depends on what is available at the time.

Other Survey Types

In addition to standard consumer surveys, there are other types of surveys that Springboard offers.

Special Surveys

Some special surveys are sent directly to your account rather than by email.  Be sure to check your account regularly to see if you have any of these available to you.  There is also a link in each email to your account, or you can sign into your account through the website.

Mosaic and Profile Surveys

These types of surveys will be emailed to you once or twice per month.

Profile surveys ask specific questions about yourself to help build your profile so that you are more likely to be sent surveys you are qualified to complete.

Mosaic surveys ask questions related to specific surveys in the system to determine if you would be a good fit.

Both types are important to fill out because the more accurately you complete them, the higher your chances are of receiving more, and better paying, survey opportunities.

Third Party Surveys

In addition, some third parties use Springboard’s proprietary software.  If you are invited to take a survey by one of these third parties based on your profile screening, you will be sent to their site, and then back to the Springboard site after you complete the survey.

This means your information is available to certain third-party sites, to the extent that they can view your information to determine if you would be a good fit for surveys they have available.

The only way to earn Springboards points for third-party surveys is to access them through the Springboard website.


Anytime you are taking a survey, there is always a chance that you will screen out. This can happen regardless of how many profile and mosaic surveys you complete.  It just happens sometimes.

It could mean that they have already filled the quota for your demographic, or it could just mean it wasn’t a good fit despite careful screening.

The system isn’t perfect, so you never know if you really qualify until you get started.  Springboard makes every effort to match you with surveys for which you are eligible.

The good thing is, with Springboard, if you disqualify for a survey they may offer up to 3 chances to participate in other surveys that are available to see if you qualify.

When you are given notice of disqualification, there may be a link to another survey available in the system.  Follow the link and see if you are eligible.  If not, you may get another link at disqualification, and this can happen up to three times.

How Much Can You Make?

You can make from $.25 to $3 per survey, which is pretty low compared to some other survey sites.

This means you will not be making a lot of money quickly, and they require a pretty high payout threshold as well at $50.  The money is tracked through points, with 1,000 points equaling $1.

Their standard for cashout is physical check, but they recently added a PayPal cash option as well.

You can also choose a gift card option, but there are reports that you may not get the value gift card you ask for.  If you cash out to a $25 gift card, you may actually get a $20 gift card.

There is no clear explanation for this other than it has something to do with the retailers, so definitely keep it in mind.

Your points never expire, but if you are inactive for 5 months, they reserve the right to terminate your account and cancel your points.

To stay active, you need to complete at least one survey every 3 months.

Each survey pays points worth 25 cents to $3, so it takes a bit to build up to the $50 minimum for cash out.  The more you try though, the better chance you have of building up quickly.

How Does Springboard Compare to Other Sites?

Generally, Springboard America is pretty much in line with the other major survey sites.  There are some complaints about customer service, but that isn’t uncommon for these types of sites.

While there are some reported payout issues, it is difficult to tell if they are actual issues or due to user error.

The payout threshold is pretty high.  There are others that allow you to cash out smaller, meaning you would be able to cash out faster on those sites potentially.

The biggest difference is that there isn’t a sign-up bonus, which many survey sites do offer.

Is Springboard America a Scam?

The deciding factors for a “scam” are these:

  • They take your money and offer nothing in return.
  • They take your work and never pay as promised.
  • They make is so difficult to earn the promised pay that almost no one gets paid, ever.

Springboard doesn’t fit any of these factors.  They do not ask for money, and though it is unlikely anyone is going to get rich or earn money quickly, there are plenty of people cashing out in a respectable time frame relative to other survey companies.

The non-payment complaints floating around the web are few and far between, and it is difficult to tell if they are justified.

Others who use the site state that they are able to cash out up to 3 times a year, which is $150 per year.  It isn’t a living, but it is some nice extra cash.

As always, demographics play a big role. It just depends what surveys are in rotation at the time.


The bottom line is, this site is user-friendly and seems to be a great one to have in have in rotation if you enjoy taking surveys for extra cash.

It pays as long as you meet the requirements for cash out, and there are plenty of opportunities to take surveys.

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