8 Best Sites Where Doctors Can Get Paid to Answer Surveys

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Since you’re visiting this site, I’m sure you’re aware that you can take online studies for money.

There are probably hundreds of survey panels on the web already, and new ones seem to pop up all the time.

If you’re in the medical field, though, you might have a tough time qualifying to take surveys on regular survey panels.

One of the most common questions surveys ask is if you work in one of the noted fields, one of which is usually the healthcare industry.

If you’re honest and mark yes, you’ll get disqualified.

The reason for this is because market research companies need people that fit specific demographics to answer their questions.

The problem is that those in the medical field, like those in the marketing or advertising industries, might have a potential conflict of interest in taking these surveys.

You don’t want to lie and say you don’t work in any of these industries because you could get banned completely once you’re caught.

So, what can you do if you’re a medical professional and still want to qualify for paid surveys?

This post is going to help you out!

How to Get Paid by Healthcare Survey Companies

Although you might get lucky and qualify for some surveys that don’t have a stipulation about respondents not being able to work in the medical field, your survey invites might be few and far between.

If you want something more consistent, you should know where to look for the right opportunities.

Fortunately, there are specific websites that let you take nursing surveys for cash and offer a variety of surveys specific to those in the medical field.

The market research companies these sites partner with are 100% focused on the healthcare industry, so you won’t get any wacky surveys about other industries that don’t apply to you.

This is the best, most foolproof way to make sure you’re getting paid for surveys and that plenty of opportunities come your way.

How Does It All Work?

These survey sites will work similarly to others but will focus on those in the medical field instead of a wide variety of people.

To sign up, you’ll need to prove your history in healthcare so that the panel can make sure it has only panelists who are relevant to the surveys it provides.

Most of the companies you’ll be answering questions for are in fields like pharmaceuticals, information technology, diagnostic companies, medical equipment companies, and the like.

Instead of calling doctors at the office when they’re busy or sending unwanted surveys to the office, these companies partner with medical-related survey sites to poll medical professionals who have an interest in helping out.

By targeting those who’ve signed up for the site, the companies know they’re asking for information only from people interested instead of bothering the ones who aren’t.

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Survey panels also make it easy for companies to find the right people to answer their surveys.

When you sign up, you’ll need to provide both basic and in-depth information about yourself so that the panel can match you with survey opportunities based on the needs of each survey.

This information will stay in your profile so the site’s algorithm can work its magic to send you survey invites, making the whole selection process as easy as possible for the market research industry.

There’s another benefit to becoming a member of a medical professional-only survey panel, and it’s probably the biggest one of all.

Since the target of these surveys is so focused only on people in the healthcare industry, you’ll likely spend less time qualifying for surveys and more time making money from them!

If you take regular surveys, you probably know all about disqualifying and how frustrating that wasted time is.

Since you’ll now be in a panel that’s looking just for people like you, you won’t have as high a chance of getting disqualified!

What are the Requirements?

Each panel will need to know some important information when you join before it can accept you to be a panelist.

First off, you’ll usually need to be a current worker in a healthcare field, such as nursing, occupational therapy, family medical care, pharmaceuticals, midwifery, or psychology.

Even veterinarians may be able to join!

Each panel may only accept people from specific fields, so you’ll need to check the requirements before you join.

Most panels operate in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

You might find some that are open to other countries, too, but we can’t list all the requirements here, so we’re going to focus on the requirements for the most common countries:

USA Medical Professionals

USA doctors, physicians, nurses, and other professionals will be asked for their National Provider Identifier (NPI) number or another relevant number that identifies them as a medical professional.

In some cases, you may be asked to scan your ID to verify your identity and eligibility.

I suggest doing your research on any panel that asks you to do this, just to make sure it’s a legitimate site before you give the information.

UK Medical Professionals

Most UK physicians will need their General Medical Council (GMC) number to sign up for these survey panels.

If you’re another type of professional, use whatever licensing number you have available and, again, take care when submitting your medical ID to any panel.

Canada Medical Professionals

Canadian doctors will need to provide their provincial college number or medical license number for verification by the panel.

Other medical professionals can usually get accepted by providing their relevant licensing numbers given by their governing colleges.

What About Patient Confidentiality and My Privacy?

I can completely understand why medical professionals might be worried about participating in these panels.

Will the questions break doctor-patient confidentiality?

Will the surveys protect my privacy or will my name and professional reputation be on the line?

Are any of my answers going to be made public or shared with anyone other than the market research company?

These are valid questions.

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The last thing you want to do is put your reputation on the line by taking online surveys.

The good news is that legitimate survey panels will not do anything to harm your professional reputation by sharing information with others.

When you take a survey, the answers won’t be attached to your name; they’ll just be anonymous answers.

If you are ever asked to answer something that will have your name attached, you’ll have the chance to opt-out.

And, legitimate panels also won’t make you breach patient confidentiality by answering personal questions about your patients and providing information about them.

It’s a good idea to browse a site’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you join.

These are usually at the very bottom of the site, available to you before you sign up.

Make sure there’s information about how your information is used, especially when it comes to third-party sharing.

How Much Can I Make from Physician Surveys?

Another benefit of healthcare-focused survey panels is that they tend to pay more per survey than regular panels do!

It’s not uncommon for each survey to be worth at least $25, and the typical range is somewhere between $50 to $100.

Longer surveys and focus groups are known to pay $1,000 or more!

Survey companies know they’re taking time from busy professionals, so they want to make sure they’re rewarded properly.

Plus, they get paid a lot by market research companies to conduct the surveys, so they pass a lot of that money onto the medical professionals that take them.

If you have several years of experience or are highly specialized in the industry, you will likely qualify for some of the highest-paying studies available.

Are There Any Ways I Can Earn More?


Just like regular survey panels, there are a few super important things you need to do for medical research panels to make sure you’re reaching your full earning potential:

  1. Always, always fill out your profile in its entirety! The questions in your profile will help match you with future surveys. The more you fill out, the better your chances of getting frequent invitations.
  2. If you have any sub-specialties, make sure you note them instead of leaving it blank. The highest-paying surveys are for those who are highly specialized with lots of experience.
  3. Check your account occasionally for new invitations because they won’t always end up in your inbox.
  4. Try to respond to surveys as quickly as possible before they get filled up.
  5. Try to participate as much as possible. Being more active will qualify you for more studies and boost your rewards.
  6. Be honest with every question and take your time. The more accurate you are while taking surveys, the better your chances are of getting more invites.

Where to Find Surveys for Doctors

Making money from surveys meant for doctors and other medical professionals isn’t hard if you know where to look for them!

Although there are several panels that target those in the healthcare industry, these are some of the highest-rated panels with solid payment histories and good rewards.

Inspired Opinions (US only, 18+)

Inspired Opinions is a panel made by Schlesinger that allows you to participate in studies online, by phone, or even in-person whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you!

You’ll earn points for each survey, and 100 points equals $1.

Once you have 1,000 points, you can redeem them for a variety of gift cards, including Amazon.

Read my review of Inspired Opinions here

e-Rewards Medical (US only, 18+)

This is typically an invite-only panel, but it does open its doors occasionally through the year for medical professionals to sign up on their own and wait for approval.

You can always bookmark it and check back occasionally.

The panel offers rewards like checks, virtual Visa gift cards, or a physical prepaid Visa card.

Panelists say that there are frequent survey invites here, so you should be able to match with plenty of opportunities for cash.

MedPanel (Worldwide, 18+)

MedPanel seeks highly-skilled and specialized medical professionals from all over the world.

The application process is pretty detailed, so it might take a couple of weeks before you get accepted.

Some countries also may not have spots open at all times, but your information can still be placed on a waiting list until spots open up.

You’ll get paid via check for surveys, which usually pay anywhere from $15 to over $100 each, but checks may take about 8 weeks to arrive.

MedSurvey (Worldwide, 18+)

MedSurvey is a Ricca Group panel that works with companies in the healthcare industry to make quality surveys for medical professionals.

Join the panel here and you’ll get paid with a check for each completed survey.

Physicians Advisory Council (Worldwide, 18+)

The Physicians Advisory Council has been around for a few decades but now consists of mostly online surveys for those in the healthcare industry.

Survey invites typically come few and far between here; most professionals can expect to receive up to 10 each year.

But, they also pay well, with some surveys paying out $250 or more depending on length and depth.

You’ll get paid via check for the surveys you complete and can also get sweepstakes entries for your time.

Physicians Round Table (US only, 18+)

Physicians Round Table is a community for those in the medical field to ask and answer questions from other professionals and also answer surveys for other companies.

In addition to regular surveys, the panel also has occasional focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and other research studies that pay well.

The amount you make depends on the specific task, but the site says that it typically pays between $2 and $4 per minute of your time.

You can expect payment within six weeks of the end of each study, interview, or focus group.

SurveyRX (US only, 18+)

SurveyRX sends out some invites to medical professionals, but you can usually register on your own throughout the year.

The site will check your information and, if it needs your specific demographic for some surveys, it will let you become a panelist.

The panel pays points for each survey, and you can earn $200 worth of points or more from each survey.

Each point equals $1.

You’ll typically receive your requested payment or reward within two weeks of redemption.

Syneos Health Partner Rewards Program (US only, 18+)

You can sign up at any time.

The panel will then send you a follow-up questionnaire with more in-depth questions to make sure you’re a good fit.

The panel does send some survey invites, but not all are sent through email, so it’s important to check the site occasionally.

You’ll get rewarded in points by the beginning of the following month, which you can redeem on the rewards page for a variety of gift cards and other rewards.

Conclusion: Where to Find Paid Medical Surveys

Medical professionals have a lot of high-level skills and experience and can, therefore, make some decent money with online surveys picked specifically for them.

I hope that you have success with at least one or two of the above panels and that you now have some knowledge about how they work and how to maximize your time and make the most money.

Good luck!

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