Paid Survey Review: Shiny and New or the Same Old Game?
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Making money online is a huge topic these days, and interest only keeps growing. One of the first things that a lot of people think of when they starting thinking about making money online is taking surveys.  It is well known that it is possible to make money taking surveys online, but how much can you really make?

There are far too many scams, and there are only a handful of sites that pay well enough to be worth your time.  When new ones come on the scene, it is essential to investigate fully so that you can make an informed decision and use your time wisely.  We are here to help with that.

What is is a “get-paid-to” site that offers incentives for taking surveys, among other things.  They are run by parent company BuyBizCharts, LTD.  The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has been around for 9 years.

BuyBizCharts is a global market research firm. It is located at:

907 Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Hong Kong

How to Join

Joining is simple and much like other paid survey sites.  Go to the website and click to join.  Then enter your information when asked.  You will be sent an email and asked to verify your email address.  Anyone over the age of 16 that lives in English speaking country (e.g. US, UK, Canada, Australia) can join.

It should be noted that BuyBizCharts operates all over the world, and if you click on a language at the top of the page, the site will switch to that language.  However, the FAQs state that only those living in English speaking country are eligible to be panelists.

When you join, go ahead and click surveys and find the profile surveys. The more of those you answer, the better chance you have of being offered surveys you qualify to complete.  This means more money and less wasted time for you.

How Can I Make Money?

There are a few different ways to make money on this site. Some are better than others, as it typically the case


The primary way to make money with is to take surveys.  After you are all signed up go to your dashboard.  You will see a choice of the best survey opportunities, the most popular survey opportunities, and “plenty more” surveys.

I clicked around and found a lot of them sent you to other survey sites to sign up.  That is fine because they give you points for signing up.  It isn’t a bad thing to be a member of more than one survey site.  It just means you have a chance to earn more.

There were panel surveys and standard surveys as well.  Most did not tell you how long they would take, but they gave you a general idea of the demographic they were looking for such as “young adults” or “women.”

The link on the dashboard says most of them take 10 to 20 minutes.  They all paid between 400 and 1500 points.


You can also choose to complete tasks to earn points.  These were almost all options to sign up for other survey sites.  You could earn from 1200 to 5,000 points per task.  Again, it isn’t a bad way to earn points, but some sites take a while to sign up for.  Make it a point to determine if the time is worth the points. Also, be sure to read the fine print.

It may be that your points are not credited until you complete a survey or met some other requirement.

I imagine there will sometimes be trial offers and such posted in this section as well.

Micro Jobs

There is also a Micro Jobs link.  This is powered by Figure Eight, and when you try to complete your first “job”, you will be asked to either sign in with Figure Eight or open an account.  It’s free and easy.  You will have to verify your email address again, and you will also have to verify your cell phone number.

There were 18 different types of tasks posted and several of each type.  For example, I tried one that required you to look at a product and fill out some information about it.

I had to fill in the brand name, how big it was, what it was used for, and how many there were in the picture.  It took very little time, maybe 30 seconds if that long per product.  There were 7 products in one task.

There were 56 of this specific type of task posted.

Tasks posted at the time I looked paid from 13 points to 51 points per task.

Apps Lab

I personally found this the most intriguing.  This is where you can download and try apps for points.  This was the highest point offering I found, but you had to meet certain criteria on the app to earn them.

At the time I was doing my research, these were paying between 640 and 9,600 points each.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once you reach 10,000 points, which equals $10, you will automatically receive a PayPal deposit.  It takes at least 30 days for the deposit to appear, and they may have to wait longer for all of your points to be verified by partners.

How Much Can I Get?

That depends.  The amount paid by surveys varies greatly, and you never know how many you will be able to complete without screening out.  They state in their FAQs that you can generally make up to $4 per survey.

Most of the surveys I saw paid between 400 and 1500 points.  Since 1,000 points equals $10, it takes 10 points to equal 1 cent.  Most of the surveys paid between a few cents and $1.50.

The pay is directly proportional to the length of time the survey takes, so longer surveys pay more.  They say surveys can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 1 hour.  That means you could be paid $4 for a one-hour survey.

If you want to work the Micro Jobs you can make a little extra if you pay attention to the time it takes you to complete them.  For example, the one that paid 13 points took me around 3 minutes to complete.  That is just over one cent made in 3 minutes.  If you assume all 56 of those 13 cent tasks would take you around 3 minutes to complete, you can estimate that you would make 728 points, or $.728 in just over 2.5 hours.  That is not great.

You likely can make decent pocket change with Micro Jobs, you just have to watch for the jobs that have a good balance between pay and the time they take to complete.

You can make decent money with the apps.  Downloading just the first one listed right now and completing the requirements will get you within a few cents of cash out.  The question is only how often they offer new apps for download.

Since they haven’t had the site up that long, it is hard to tell yet.  For now, you can definitely earn the most points by downloading apps.

It all depends on your demographics and how quickly you can work when it comes to surveys.  Demographics determine how many surveys you are eligible to complete, and it will change based on what is available.

With Micro Jobs, it depends on how quickly you can work and if the jobs posted pay enough to make it worth the time.

Of course, everyone can do well on the app downloads as long as there are new ones available to try.


They only use your email to communicate to you when you have new surveys available and to make deposits into your PayPal account.  The other personal information they collect is used for the sole purpose of selecting the best surveys for you.

I can honestly say I did not see an influx of spam mail after I signed up, which is a good thing!

Is Legit or a Scam?

They seem to be legit.  They do not have a BBB file, but there are no complaints about non-payment floating around either.  It is virtually guaranteed if they were scamming people the word would get out.

They never ask for money for credit card information, so they are not trying to scam you out of money for sure.

It may take a while to get paid, however, so be certain you read and understand all of the terms and policies before you get started.


When it comes to online panels that pay, this is a definite must for your list.  If nothing else, sign up and download all the apps you can.  This will get you your first payout pretty quickly.

You won’t earn a living. No one is going to get rich taking surveys on any site.  The low payout minimum combined with the automatic pay system and the App Lab make this site one you need to be a part of.

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