93 Best Online Jobs That Pay Fast! Get Paid Daily or Weekly

Jobs that pay weekly are difficult to find.

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Daily-paying jobs are practically unheard of.

Well, traditional jobs, that is.

When you work online, you’ll typically have more luck getting paid either daily or weekly, depending on the type of job you do.

Getting paid online is quick and easy, which is why several online companies can pay quicker than traditional workplaces.

Rather than waiting another two weeks to get that next paycheck, why don’t you try some of the online jobs on this list?

There are 93 of them, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Most even pay with PayPal so that you can get secure payments delivered as soon as they’re released!

Online Jobs That Pay Cash Same Day

While there’s no magic secret that will help you make money using PayPal for $1000 per day, you absolutely can make money from an online job daily.

That’s if you know the right places to go, of course!

This section features online jobs that’ll pay you every day, so there’s no more waiting around for your cash.

Shop Online with Qmee and Honey

If you shop online frequently, then it’s a good idea to have a couple of money-saving tools in your arsenal that pay you to shop.

Qmee is one of those tools, and you can cash out with as little as one cent in your account.

With Qmee, you shop online as usual.

The extension will alert you when it finds other prices for the item, or similar items, you’re searching for.

You can choose to buy a suggested product or stick with the original.

Either way, you’ll get money!

You’ll cash out with PayPal, so your rewards will come instantly.

With Honey, you can also get paid daily if you do a lot of online shopping or take advantage of the site’s awesome deals that give you bonus points.

This extension alerts you when there are deals available for the retailer with which you’re shopping and pays you just to use it.

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Cash out when you meet the minimum requirements, and you’ll get an electronic gift card of your choice delivered within a day, usually.

Get Creative with Domain Names

Are you a creative thinker?

You could get paid daily by PickyDomains, a site where users can suggest new domain names based on the requirements and needs of a business or site owner.

Contributors whose names get picked earn up to 60% of what the requester paid, but everyone who suggested a name is eligible for $0.25 even if theirs didn’t get picked.

There’s also an affiliate program for contributors to make more money by referring businesses and site owners to the platform.

PickyDomains pays via PayPal whenever you earn anything.

Surveys and Reward Sites

Surveys and reward sites aren’t necessarily jobs, but they do bring in some extra income without requiring a strict schedule and boring work.

They’re fun and flexible and could be the perfect way for you to supplement your income every month without needing to wait to get paid.

My top suggestion for getting paid daily is Swagbucks.

This reward site is super easy to earn money with by taking surveys, referring others, watching videos, completing offers, shopping online, and more.

You earn SBs for each task, and then turn them in for a gift card.

You can get a $3 PayPal gift card for 300 SBs, which you can realistically earn in just a couple of hours.

Here are more survey and reward sites that pay daily:

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Transcribe with Scribie

Scribie is one of the only transcription companies that pays daily.

The downside is that it pays a little less than other transcription companies, but it’s also more geared toward entry-level workers who want to make quick money in their spare time.

The upside is that most files are short, so it offers a bit more flexibility than other companies with mostly large audio files.

Workers also get a monthly bonus for completing three hours of transcribed audio files.

You’ll need a working, updated computer, headset, and a verified PayPal account to get started and you can withdraw your earnings up to once per day.


Writing online is a popular gig, and it’s possible for you to get paid each day if you write for the below companies.

However, getting paid daily for writing isn’t the norm.

Instead, it typically is only an option when you use content mills, places that hire freelance writers to create content for their clients at low rates, or other writing marketplaces, like those listed below.

If you want to branch out into freelance writing for private clients, you won’t typically get paid daily unless you have that stipulation in your contract.

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Even then, it might be tough to find clients willing to pay daily.

Those new to freelancing, though, or who want to do it in their spare time might enjoy writing for these companies that pay daily:

Mobile Apps

A lot of mobile apps can make you money, but few are willing to pay daily!

Below are several that will though.

My favorite of this group is Ibotta.

Although it requires $20 minimum to cash out with PayPal, it’s possible to earn this in just one shopping trip, depending on the rebates you use.

Ibotta pays you to shop by using rebates and then verifying them with your receipt.

You can also earn bonuses when your team of friends and family uses the app and completes goals, which makes it even easier for your balance to rise.

Once you have $20, withdraw your earnings, and you should see them in PayPal in about 24 hours.

Other mobile apps that pay daily include:

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Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

Paying weekly is a bit more common than daily, because some services may not have the bandwidth necessary to pay workers every day.

Still, getting paid each week is much better than every two weeks!

Here’s where to find weekly gigs online:

Review Phone Calls with Humanatic

You know how, on some phone calls, a recorded message comes up telling you that your phone call may be recorded for quality assurance?

Well, Humanatic is one of the reasons why.

Phone calls are usually recorded so that others in the company can listen to them and make sure their phone agents are doing a good job.

With Humanatic, you’ll be a phone call reviewer for various companies, doing this work for them and making money for it.

It’s open to independent contractors, and the work is flexible.

Those who consistently do well with the job can make more money over time.

Humanatic pays weekly with PayPal.

Review Music with Slice the Pie

With Slice the Pie, you can give your thoughts about new music from both new and established artists.

Your opinions go right to the production studios that work with the artists, so you have a chance to influence what music ends up as singles and what songs might get trashed.

The better your reviews, the more money you have a chance to make, so be sure to take time really thinking about the song and how it makes you feel.

You need a minimum of $10 to cash out with PayPal, and it may take about 5 business days to get paid.

Find Dogs to Walk with Wag!

Wag! dog walkers can make about $25 an hour, depending on where they live, and can get paid every week for their work.

The company has both a website and an app that walkers can use to find dogs in their area that need to be walked during the day.

Dog owners rate each walker, so the more you impress owners, the more opportunities you’ll have as a walker.

You can even get featured on the site for your area, which is almost like free marketing for your fun side business!

Complete Jobs Through Zaarly

Zaarly is a website and app that helps you find gigs in your neighborhood.

So, you won’t technically be working online (although some online work may exist on the platform), but you can use the internet to help you find gigs you can do in your spare time.

You’re allowed to request your pay for each gig once it’s completed, but it could take a few days for the platform to confirm that everything was done to the requester’s standards and to release your payment.

Microtasking Sites

Microtasking is one of the best ways to earn money online.

It’s quick, flexible, and allows you to make money by using the skills you love to use most.

Data entry, image tagging, researching, writing, editing, translation, transcription, and graphic design are all types of microtasks that pay.

Most microtasking sites may take up to a week to send payments because they’ll need to confirm your work from the requester first.

If you’re just beginning, you may want to start with Amazon Mechanical Turk, which always has tons of jobs available.

Workers can get paid relatively quickly here, too, with their Amazon Payments account or an Amazon gift card.

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Phone and Chat Agent Jobs

Phone and chat jobs are among the most common work from home jobs.

They’re great for people who have customer service experience and enjoy talking to others and assisting them.

Some of the below companies hire independent contractors to work for them, while others have full-time and part-time employee positions.

They all pay weekly or every few days!


Most transcription companies pay weekly so that they can review your work before sending it on to their clients.

There are several online transcription companies perfect for those who have transcription experience, or even those just beginning their careers.


Online tutors tend to get paid weekly for all the students they tutor through the week.

This work is usually flexible, allowing tutors to sign in and start teaching students and classes when they have availability, so it’s a good side job for teachers and other educators to earn some extra cash.


The writing sites below all pay weekly or every few days, and they’re perfect for those just entering the freelance writing field.

Most of these sites are content mills that connect writers with clients who need articles and blog posts.

Guru and Upwork are freelance marketplaces that help writers find work in the Writing & Editing sections.

For these sites, you’ll set up a profile that outlines your services and features your portfolio, and then you can bid on gigs posted by clients.

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Website Testing

Test websites and provide your feedback about bugs and any issues you encounter as you browse the site.

Your information helps website owners learn what they might need to improve for a better overall user experience.

Most of these types of sites pay $10 to $15 for a 15 to 20-minute test and pay your earnings within a week.

Surveys and Reward Sites

I think most people would prefer to get paid daily from survey and reward sites, but the following sites that pay weekly are still great options for a little spare cash!

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Getting paid daily or weekly from a job isn’t as tough as you think.

You just need to look outside the box of the traditional job and be open to working online or using the internet to find your next gig.

Have you tried any of the sites on our list for work?

We want to hear your thoughts, plus any other companies that you know pay weekly or daily.

Leave us a comment below!

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