InstaGC Review: Can You Really Earn Like They Say?

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Minimum Age 14+
Business Name Day Online Solutions, LLC
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When reviewing a new survey site, I always look up the parent company first.

Typically I can do this on the BBB website by entering the name, and the actual site or the parent company with pop up.  This wasn’t the case with InstaGC.

That’s because the parent company, Day Online Solutions, LLC does not list InstaGC as an alternate business name.

The InstaGC site and terms do state that the parent company is Day Online Solutions, however.

This company is BBB accredited and has been in operation for 10 years.  They have an A+ rating.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Show Me the Money

There are several different ways to earn on

Earnings are in points, and one-point equals one cent.


There are three playlists available for watching videos.  The first video in the first playlist I clicked on was an animation of a lunar module landing that was right around 60 seconds.

You can play all three playlists at once on different devices, but you can only view each one once across devices.

The window has to be active and visible, and the sound must be on.

You earn 1 point per 20 videos viewed.  That is a half-cent per video. Points are added in bulk between 12:05 and 12:10 AM for the previous day’s videos viewed.

Occasionally there may be an opportunity for bonuses, but at least 50 videos must have been viewed during the week to be eligible.  Any bonuses will be added at noon on Wednesday for the previous Sunday through Saturday.


I kept clicking on the surveys and offers tab and then clicking InstaGC, because there are other options as well.  Everything was locked.

Come to find out you have to click the email verification link in the email they send you before everything is available.

Once I did this, I had a ton of options under this link.  Surveys and offers were all mixed in together, but they were pretty easy to differentiate between.

The surveys were mostly worth between 50 and 150 points.  You can tell what they are worth before you click on them, but they do not tell how long they will take until you go through he screener.

I tried one that was worth 160 points, or $1.60.  I spent a minute or so answering screener questions and then was told I could take the survey and it would be 20 minutes long.  That isn’t worth $1.60 to me, so I didn’t do it, but as surveys go, it isn’t bad.


There are tons and tons of offers available, and they are the same as they are everywhere else.  You can earn points for signing up for trials or subscriptions or completing other tasks.  Sometimes they cost money.

It is not uncommon to have to give credit card information, and if you forget to cancel, you will continue to be charged.

The highest paying offer I saw was 200 points, or $2, to sign up for a trial of  Not a bad deal as long as you remember to cancel so you will not be charged monthly after the trial.  The monthly fee is way more than $2.


They offer several different types of referral links and banners.  You earn 10 points per referral that signs up and verifies their email address, and then 10% of their earnings.

The exceptions to this are those that do not reside in the U.S., UK, Canada, or Australia, and those referrals in the same household.


There are a variety of casino-style and GSN cash games available.

You can earn 20 points for each dollar spent on GSN cash games.

Other Ways to Earn

You can also earn through web searches and sweepstakes, but you must have offer activity to have access to these options.

This means if you choose to not complete offers, you will not have access to these earning methods.

There is also a place to enter InstaGC codes to boost points.  These can be found, when available, on various InstaGC pages and social accounts, or on Chat.


Redeeming points appears to be pretty simple.

You can cash in points for a wide variety of gift cards, a prepaid Visa, or cash in the form a direct deposit, eCheck, or PayPal deposit.

You can also make donations to charity.

Gift Cards

There is a broad range of gift cards with various minimum amounts.

Most often the one-point equals one cent stands, but occasionally gift cards will be discounted where you can get a $10 card for less than 1,000 points or something similar.

For example, currently, a $10 gift card to 1-800-flowers is the only sale for 900 points.

Direct Deposit

The minimum on direct deposits is $5.  There is a 15-point fee for direct deposits, but the first one is free.

The deposit is typically received between one and four full business days after processing, and they are not processed on holidays.


This is a novel idea that I have not seen before.  For a 25-point fee, free the first time, you can have a check emailed to you that you then print and deposit.  These take 1 to 3 days for processing.

Visa Gift Card

These are redeemable starting at $5, and they are free.


You cannot access PayPal deposits until you have redeemed 50+ in other cash rewards or gift cards.  Once you meet this, you can redeem PayPal cash in increments of $25.

The first one takes 1 to 7 days to process, and after this, they take 1 to 2 days, unless you are redeeming more than one $25 increment at once.

In this case, it could still take up to 7 days.  InstaGC pays any PayPal fees, so this option is free as well.


You can donate points to various charities, but you must have offer activity to take advantage of this option.


You can use points to buy sweepstakes entries, but again, you must have offer activity to take advantage of this.


There is a link on the site from which to print coupons to use in stores.  It is the basic link, and you do not earn points or spend points to print coupons.


There is one negative review and one complaint on the BBB website.  The review is related to someone trying to sign up someone else in their own household.

It is allowed, but their account was locked when they did so.

According to the response from the business, there is simply an extra verification step when there are two accounts in one household, and this user had yet to complete that step.

The other complaint was related to an Xbox live code that had already been used by another person.

It appeared that InstaGC was waiting for the customer to provide more information to research the situation further.

They assured the user they would get a full refund once the issue was verified.

While I am sure this happens occasionally, it seems to be very rare as I could find no other similar complaints.

Is InstaGC Legit or a Scam?

This is not a scam website.  You do not get accredited by the BBB and maintain an A+ rating for as long as they have while running a scam.

Those who earn enough points can cash them in for rewards as promised.  If there is a problem with an award, it appears they work to make it right.

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My conclusion on InstaGC is that you should join.  It isn’t as good as some, but it is definitely better than most.

The greatest drawback, in my opinion, is the low earnings potential per activity, and the heavy reliance on offers.

Offers are the least desirable way to make money on these “get-paid-to” sites because they are the most likely also to cost you money.

There are way more offers on InstaGC than anything else, they aren’t high paying, and you are required to complete offers to access some of the other features.

Aside from this, adding this one to your paid survey basket could be worth it.  There appears to be enough survey available to complete one a day or so.

I do have one bit of advice.  If you are interested in printing coupons, do that over at one of our other recommended sites, Swagbucks, where you can earn for printing.

You may also want to add InboxDollars to your basket if you haven’t already.  It is definitely one of our favorites.

Are you ready to get started? [/wps_conclusion-with-button]

Have you been using InstaGC for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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