Learn How to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online: 22 Fun Ways!

You can get paid to take surveys online. You can make money from doing small tasks like completing offers or searching the web.

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Now, you can even get paid to watch TV!

The following ideas can help you make extra money in your spare time by watching your favorite shows or movies, or by viewing commercials and advertisements by paying advertisers.

It’s one of the many fun ways to boost your income by doing something fun online.

Here are 22 ways to get paid for watching TV, videos, and ads!

Make Money by Watching Videos on Swagbucks

One of the most popular reward sites on the web is Swagbucks.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is because of its many ways to make money that are not only easy, but fun!

You can probably guess that one way to earn here is by watching videos.

But how do you do it?

It’s in the Watch section of the website. Swagbucks partners with nCrave for some videos, while others are from Swagbucks partners.

Right below each video, you’ll see how much you can earn for watching. Most are 1 or 2 SBs, while others are 10 SBs or more (it usually depends on the length).

You’ll find a variety of ads, viral videos, news content, and entertaining videos to watch. There’s something for everyone!

Swagbucks has a large catalog of gift cards you can redeem with your SBs and PayPal cash is one of the options.

Watch InboxDollars Videos

InboxDollars is another top reward site that pays you to watch advertisements and videos from partners, known as InboxDollars Cash TV.

Register for the site, and you can immediately start earning.

Just click on the TV link at the top to be taken to the video player.

You can watch what automatically plays, or you can choose from one of the several other videos available in a variety of categories.

You won’t get paid for each video, but instead will fill your scratch-and-win bar.

You’ll see the bar above the video player. Every time you hit a milestone on the bar, you’ll have a chance to win more cash in the scratch-offs!

Earn Money by Watching Videos on Perk.TV

Download the Perk.TV app and start getting paid to watch videos on your device.

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Perk.TV offers app trailers and paid video content you can watch for money.

Perk also includes some cash offers that you can complete for extra money in your account.

There are several gift cards to choose from, including The Home Depot, Amazon, and Starbucks.

Watch TV with Viggle for Cash

Viggle is a sibling of Perk.TV.

This app lets you get paid to watch your favorite shows.

Seriously – it’s that easy. Run the app as you watch your favorite shows or movies.

Check into the app when it’s time. Viggle occasionally plays ads from partners, which is how it makes its money.

You’ll watch the ads and check in after them to confirm you’ve watched the ad and are still watching your show.

Rewards include a variety of gift cards, cash, and prizes.

Get a Job with Netflix

Are you a huge Netflix fan?

What if I told you that you might be able to get paid to watch Netflix?

If you’re lucky enough to become a Netflix Content Analyst, then you can!

Netflix occasionally has openings for these jobs on its careers page, so be sure to bookmark it and check back.

The job requires you to “tag” shows and movies in the right categories and with the right ratings to ensure that nothing bad shows up in family-friendly areas.

Netflix gives you a free account for being one of its analysts, and the job is also flexible, allowing you to work when you have spare time.

And, you do it from home!

Join Nielsen Family

As a member of Nielsen Family, you’ll join one of the largest market research companies in the world.

Nielsen has, for decades, conducted research involving media and what the average family and individual likes to watch.

When you join Nielsen Family, you and your family can watch TV like you normally do, and that information goes to Nielsen for research purposes.

You get rewarded for your time participating and get to shape research! It’s a win-win!

Register for Survey Sites

Survey sites themselves don’t necessarily pay you to watch TV.

However, they do pay, and you may get to answer questions about your favorite TV shows!

I’ve taken several surveys from top sites that ask me questions about my favorite shows and movies, like what I liked or disliked about the last episode and what genres I prefer.

If you’re a huge TV or movie buff, you can usually indicate this in your profile surveys, making you one of the first people those sites will pick for relevant surveys.

Sign up for Survey Junkie (review) and PanelPayDay, two of my favorite well-paying sites.

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Spend Time on QuickRewards

Get PayPal money for watching ads on QuickRewards!

This Get Paid To site has tons of ways to earn cash in your spare time, and watching videos is one of them.

QuickRewards has Flix TV, which gives you points for watching any video clip you choose, and Interactive Videos, which pays you to watch advertisements from partners.

Get Paid to YouTube

Paid2YouTube is a site that pays you to watch videos on YouTube! If you’re doing it anyway, you might as well get paid for it.

Why does the site pay?

YouTube members need views for their videos if they run YouTube ads so they can make more money.

They pay Paid2YouTube to find people to watch their videos and increase views.

The site then returns the favor to you by paying you for each video you watch.

You get to discover new, interesting stuff on the video site and get paid to do it!

Earn Points on GrabPoints

GrabPoints is a reward site that has some unique ways of earning cash, and watching videos is one of them.

You can also download apps for extra points!

You get $5 just to sign up, so you can already get a jump start toward rewards.

Sign Up for SuccessBux

SuccessBux focuses mostly on offers and advertisements from partners as the main ways to earn.

Watch ads on the site for money and boost your earnings by signing up for free, trial, and paid offers.

SuccessBux also has weekly and monthly contests that can help you earn even more, like a monthly contest for referring friends!

Unlock Your Phone Using Slidejoy

Slidejoy gives you a unique way to watch videos and make money using your phone instead of your TV or computer.

Download the app, and it will replace your phone’s lockscreen with its interface.

When you unlock your phone, you can view advertisements placed by Slidejoy.

Choose to watch the ones that interest you or simply click through to get to your phone.

Either way, you’ll earn cash for keeping it installed, but you’ll earn more when you choose to watch advertisements.

Get Paid to Watch Ads on Your Phone

Another fun money-making app is AdFun, which pays you to view advertisements from partners on your phone.

AdFun is a very different experience from other ad-focused apps.

This one lets you join teams of other players to view ads and then bid on items from those advertisers in auctions.

You can communicate with your team through the messaging system, comment on products, and favorite the ads you like most.

It’s like a full community right on your phone, and you’ll get the chance to check out some new products while trying your hand at winning awesome prizes.

Watch Ads on You-Cubez

You-Cubez is another GPT site that lets you get paid for the usual – surveys, clicking on website links, and referring friends – but also has a video watching portal that pays.

The site has a paid videos section with clips in a variety of categories, or you can view ads from advertisers for money.

There are also tons of paid offers here for you to earn more.

Watch Videos on Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards is an excellent reward site with plenty of money-making tasks to take part in.

Get $5 just for signing up and then take surveys, sign up for offers, refer your friends, or watch videos for cash.

Rewards include various gift cards, like Walmart or Amazon, and PayPal cash.

Get Points on AppNana

AppNana is an app available for iOS and Android devices that pays you to download and install other apps and watch app trailers.

You’ll earn Nanas for the tasks you complete, which you can redeem for Xbox, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes gift cards.

Earn Gift Cards for Watching Videos on InstaGC

InstaGC gives you cash for surveys, web searches, shopping online, and watching videos from advertisers.

With an extensive catalog of gift cards as rewards, anyone can find something they’re interested in!

Become a Captioner for Rev

A different way to make money by watching TV is by becoming a captioner.

Rev.com offers transcription, translation, and captioning jobs to those with the skills to do it.

As a captioner, you’ll provide closed captioning for already-recorded videos at the rate of $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute. So, you’ll get to watch videos while getting paid to caption their audio!

If you’re a fast typist, this could be an excellent career choice for you.

Rev.com work is flexible. You’ll just need to indicate in your application when you’re available for work most weeks and how many hours each week you can commit to.

You’ll get paid weekly with PayPal.

Mystery Shop for VeriTES

VeriTES is a company that comes from PBS, one of the most famous television networks.

You won’t be watching videos online.

But, As an independent contractor for this company, you’ll be a mystery shopper who visits local movie theaters to provide feedback on movies or the theaters themselves.

Either way, you’ll get to watch a free movie, have a fun theater experience and get paid for it.

Most shops are on Fridays or the weekends and VeriTES will let you know how much you can expect to receive before you start.

Blog About TV

It’s possible to make a living off your love for TV with a blog and some writing skills.

People do it all the time! They may write about TV or movies in general, focus on one genre, or even narrow their content down to one show.

If you grow a solid audience, you can make money with advertising, sponsorships, and more.

Just be sure to grow your social media channels along with your blog, which will give you a bigger audience and a better way to promote your material.

Start a House-Sitting Business

House-sitting is one unique way that people can make money without doing much of anything.

You can take care of other homes while their owners are away on business, gone for the weekend, or off on vacation. Some people even need house-sitters long-term for their seasonal homes.

If you’re lucky enough to get to stay in the owner’s home while they’re away, then you could get paid to watch TV while you’re there!

Become a Professional TV Watcher

There is such a thing as a professional TV watcher, so if you have big dreams of getting paid full-time for watching TV, don’t let your friends tell you you’re crazy.

Some shows require people to comb through previous episodes of other shows to find clips for compilations.

Talk shows are notorious for doing this, especially late-night comedy shows.

You’ll put your watching skills to use by finding relevant clips and sending them along to the show for which you’re working.

Of course, you’ll be working with popular shows to do this, so having some experience in media and television could definitely help you land these jobs.

Search EntertainmentCareers.net for them or keep an eye out on your favorite general job search sites like Indeed or SnagAJob.

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[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Conclusion: How to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online” style=”card-success”]

You can now get paid to sit in front of the TV or computer and watch shows or videos! I can’t think of many jobs that sound more fun.

No, most of these won’t pay you a full-time income, but they’re fun and perfect for extra cash.

Don’t forget to browse through the rest of this site to find more interesting ways to make money online, including joining some of the best online survey panels that pay.


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