Get Free Movies from Redbox: 26 Free Redbox Codes That Always Work

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Head to Redbox to find some new hit movies or old classics to rent.

Redbox makes it easy to find something new to watch when you don’t feel like scrolling through your streaming channels.

And with its super affordable prices, just about anyone can rent movies without paying a bunch of money.

Still, everyone likes getting things for free.

And Redbox makes it easy to get free movie rentals with its seemingly neverending deals and promo codes that help you get a one-night rental for free.

Save money at the kiosk the next time you go with these promo codes that work almost every time plus tips for finding new Redbox codes for life.

Free Redbox Codes That Always Work

The following promo code are ones that reportedly always seem to work for a free Redbox rental, so you can try them out whenever you want a new movie to rent.

However, most of these free rental codes can only be used once per account.

So once you use one, mark it off because you probably won’t be able to use it again.

  • 97KYGYM2: This code is supposed to give you 50% off your next rental.
  • APPNOW: Text APPNOW to 727272 to get a free rental when you reserve it through your Redbox app.
  • BREAKROOM: Use code BREAKROOM to snag a free rental.
  • DRIVEIN: This code works at many Sonic Redbox kiosks.
  • DVDATMAC: This code is the one to use at McDonald’s Redbox kiosks.
  • DVDATWAG: If you have a Walgreens with a Redbox, try this code at the kiosk to get a free rental.
  • DVDATWEG: This code only works at kiosks located in a Wegman’s store.
  • DVDKROG: Use the promo code DVDKROG to get a free movie rental at Kroger’s kiosks.
  • DVDNIGHT: Get a free one-night DVD rental with this code.
  • DVDONME: This code is usually given to new customers to get a free Redbox rental.
  • EMAIL: When you text EMAIL to 727272, Redbox will send you a code to your email inbox.
  • FREEBIE: This code reportedly works to give you a free rental when you text it to 727272.
  • GAMEKIDS: Get a free game rental from Redbox if you text the code GAMEKIDS to 727272.
  • GAMES: Text this to 727272 to get a free game rental.
  • H99976F2: Get a free one-day rental when you use this code in the app or on the website.
  • MOVIE: This code gives you a free one-day rental when you text it to 727272.
  • MOVIENIGHT: Text MOVIENIGHT to 727272 for a free rental.
  • MOVIE TIME: This code also gives you a free movie rental when texted to Redbox, and reportedly is good for weekly use.
  • N6Y2EW64: Use this code for a BOGO rental deal.
  • PUSH: Gives a one-night rental when you text this code to 727272.
  • REDBOX: This code is for new customers. Text it to 727272.
  • REDBOXHEB: If you have a HEB kiosk near you, try this code for a free rental.
  • RENTONME: This code works at kiosks for a free rental.
  • TREPW46J: Get $1 off a Blu-Ray rental.
  • VALPAK: Text this code to 727272 for a free Redbox rental. This code reportedly can work for two DVD rentals.
  • WALGREENS: Here’s another Walgreens code to try at Walgreens kiosks.

How to Use Redbox Codes

There are a few ways to use Redbox codes depending on the ones you get.

Some codes you find will be ones to text to Redbox with the number 727272.

When you text this number, simply text your code in the message part.

Then, Redbox will text you back with a specific, unique code you can use in the app or at the kiosk to redeem your offer.

Other codes are ones that you can use directly at the kiosk.

When you go to the kiosk, look for an area to enter a promo code. Use the screen to type it in and redeem your free rental or BOGO offer after you add your movies to your cart.

Then there are other codes that are made for the app or website.

When you find these, just add them to the promo code on the app or website, click apply, and you’ll see your savings.

Each code should tell you how to use it, so make sure you look at the details.

Can I Get Redbox Free Game Codes?

Yes, although they aren’t as easy to find as movie codes.

There are two codes on our list that might work for you: GAMES and GAMEKIDS.

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Text either one to 727272 to get a free game rental at the kiosk.

For others, you’ll need to keep checking the Redbox app and your email newsletters to learn when new codes drop.

Other Ways to Get Redbox Free Movie Codes for Life

We’ve given you 26 Redbox codes that can work for almost anyone, so that’s at least 26 games or movies you can get for free from Redbox!

But after that, you may need some more codes to continue to get free movies.

The best ways to do that are listed here:

Sign Up for Redbox Emails

One of the easiest ways to get a steady stream of free movies from Redbox is to sign up for its email newsletter.

Redbox sends me emails a few times a week with new offers, and there are almost always free rental codes or very discounted codes to use.

Sign Up for Redbox Perks

Redbox Perks is the Redbox rewards program.

You can get one free rental just for signing up!

After that, you’ll get points when you rent movies and games from the kiosk.

You can then exchange your points for free rentals when you rack up enough of them.

You’ll get more points for Blu-Rays than DVDs, so keep that in mind when you’re renting.

Download the Redbox App

The Redbox app also gives you ways to save.

Sometimes you can find exclusive discounts on the app just for app users. Other times you can save money when you reserve a movie using the app and pick it up at the kiosk later.

Your app account is the same as your regular Redbox account, so you can keep track of all your points and any other discounts you’ve accrued.

Reserve Movies on the Redbox Website or App

Redbox often gives discounts and even free rentals when you reserve your movies on the app or website.

And, some promo codes are only available when you do reserve your movies this way, so it’s a good habit to get into.

Just pick the movies you want, find your kiosk, checkout, and pick them up when you’re ready.

Get Redbox Text Messages

Redbox gives out some of its best offers to its text message subscribers.

It’s known as the Mobile Text Club, and all you need to do to sign up is text 727272.

Redbox will then let you know what to do next.

Join Facebook Groups

Browse Facebook groups to find ones that focus on Redbox codes.

This one is one of the most popular groups where members exchange codes they don’t need or want, but there are several others also available to join.

Use Promo Code Sites

Promo code websites curate codes for all kinds of online and physical stores to save you money on your purchases.

There are many that have coupons for Redbox too.

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Here are a few of them to keep bookmarked:

Look for Codes at the Kiosk

Sometimes, local kiosks have special codes to use at that kiosk only.

You can find them as you browse or in a special area with current codes, so keep your eyes peeled as you use the kiosk.

Contact Customer Service

Have you had an issue with a DVD not playing correctly or a kiosk not working?

All you need to do is contact Redbox customer service.

I’ve had to contact it before when my local kiosk that I reserved a movie from had an error message and wouldn’t let me pick up my movie.

After just a few minutes on a live chat with a customer service rep, I was able to not only get my order refunded, but also get a code to use next time for a free rental.

Follow Redbox on Social Media

Redbox often drops codes and special offers on its social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook.

Follow them on the platforms you use frequently and set your notifications for their accounts to On so you can be one of the first to know when new codes are available.

Visit Code-Sharing Sites

Coupon Dad and Inside Redbox are just two of many sites that share current Redbox codes.

Bookmark them and check back once in awhile to see when new codes come into play that you can use for a free rental or two.

Head to Reddit (It Knows Everything)

Seriously, Reddit comes in handy for SO. MANY. THINGS.

And this is one of them.

Just make yourself a member of Reddit and join the r/Redbox subreddit.

Members consistently post codes that they get in their emails, through text, or other ways, that they don’t need right now.

Other members can use the code and let the poster know when they’ve claimed it.

Members also post about news and anything else they find that can save you money at Redbox!

Ask Friends and Family for Codes

Ask your friends and family if they are members of Redbox.

If so, you can share codes with each other when you don’t need them.

And if you know anyone who’s not a member, you might ask them to sign up so they can share codes with you.

Use Redbox’s On Demand Service

Redbox has a bunch of free TV shows and movies to watch on its on-demand service that you can watch on your devices.

You don’t need any codes to watch the free content, so just browse what you want to watch.

Become a TV or Movie Influencer

If you’re an influencer in the TV or movie scene, either on your blog or social media, you might be able to partner with Redbox for free codes in exchange for mentions on your platforms.

Redbox might also give you some free codes to share with your followers when you talk about them!

Although there isn’t a link to the program on their site, other bloggers have talked about a Redbox Ambassador program that allows them to get some free Redbox goodies in exchange for talking about Redbox, so it might be something you contact the company about.

Tell Redbox It’s Your Birthday

When you sign up for a Redbox account, you’ll have the option to enter your birthdate.

While you don’t have to, it’s a good idea to do it if you want to get free codes on your birthday.

Every year you’re signed up, Redbox will send you a birthday code to use on a free movie rental within a couple of weeks of your big day.

Get Free Redbox Codes

Before you venture off to use Redbox codes for free rentals, I want to point out something to be aware of.

There’s a scam that’s floated around for a while asking people to complete a survey in exchange for a free Redbox rental.

You might find these sitting in your email or as advertisements on websites you visit.

They look legit. You click on them and start filling out the survey.

But the survey goes on endlessly. You keep answering questions but it keeps sending you to other pages.

These are scams, and you’ll likely never get a Redbox code from them.

Instead, you could end up with spyware, malware, or a virus on your computer.

If you see anything that looks like this, just avoid it. You’re not going to get a free Redbox code from them, and there are much easier ways to get one anyway, like all the tips listed above.

Now, go enjoy your movies!

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