How to Get Hulu Plus for Free (or Regular Hulu): 16 Legit Tips

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Hulu is right up there in popularity with Netflix, one of the pioneers of streaming TV and movie services.

Hulu is also one of the most affordable services of its kind, starting at just $5.99 a month.

Of course, if you want to have benefits like no ads or live TV, you’ll need to pay extra.

But this guide is going to explain how you can get Hulu or Hulu Plus for free, without any shady hacks necessary.

These tips are all 100% legal ways to get Hulu free each month.

What’s the Difference Between Hulu and Hulu Plus?

Hulu has a few different subscription options for people depending on how you like to watch TV.

The base plan, Hulu, gives you access to the platform’s range of TV and movies, and it’s just $5.99 a month.

You can also opt for the no-ads version of basic Hulu for $11.99 a month.

Hulu Plus is Hulu’s version of live TV.

You’ll get live and on-demand programming for $64.99 a month, giving you access to a service that’s more like traditional cable TV than just on-demand streaming.

If you want the no-ads version of Hulu Plus, you’ll pay $70.99 a month.

How to Get Hulu Plus for Free (or Regular Hulu)

Let’s talk about how you can get free Hulu!

Get a Hulu Free Trial without Credit Card Information

Whether you want Hulu or Hulu Plus, you can sign up as a new customer to get a free trial that lets you try it out.

Hulu gives you a full month for free, no matter what plan you choose. After that month, you’ll begin paying according to whatever plan you picked.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get a free trial from Hulu without entering your credit card information.

Hulu needs this information to begin charging your account after your trial so you don’t get interrupted service.

However, you can go into your account and cancel at any time, so Hulu won’t charge your payment method upon ending your trial.

I’ve done this myself to see how easy it is, and it’s simple. You can do it all online and no charge went on my credit card.

Ask Someone to Share an Account

One of the more obvious ways to get Hulu access for free is by asking someone you know with Hulu to share their login details with you.

This is best to do with someone you trust, like a close friend or family member who feels okay about giving you their account details.

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It’s important to note that Hulu only allows you to watch on two devices simultaneously.

So if your sharer is watching on one screen, you can watch on another.

But if your sharer also watches Hulu on other devices in their home at the same time, then you may not end up with access (or you might take away access from someone in their home!).

So it’s a good idea to get together and come up with a plan that will work for both of you if you choose this method.

Sign Up for Disney+

Disney+ is Disney’s streaming service that gives customers access to a full library of Disney TV shows and movies.

It also famously started the Disney Bundle, which lets you get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ together for one really low price of $12.99 a month, which takes about $6 off the price of what the services would cost on their own.

So, when you think about it, you’d basically be getting Hulu for free, since it costs $5.99 a month for the base plan.

You can also change to the no-ads Hulu version if you’d like, and Hulu will simply adjust your pricing a bit to add on the service.

Blog About TV

Do you blog about TV-related stuff?

If so, you might be able to partner with Hulu to get at least a few months free.

You can contact Hulu to see if the company is currently looking for ambassadors or people willing to give the company a mention in their blog posts.

Depending on the terms of your deal, you might write a review post about Hulu or add a few mentions about it in other posts, like streaming service roundups or a blog post about where to watch specific shows and movies.

Look for Groupon Deals

Groupon is a deal-finding site that helps you find discounted prices for products and experiences in your area.

Hulu is included on the site.

The deals for Hulu change as new promotions arrive, but you can almost always find some way to save on a Hulu subscription there.

Right now, there’s a deal for a 45-day free trial rather than the normal 30-day one, giving you another half a month to test Hulu out for free.

Sign up for Groupon emails to get notified when similar deals happen.

Sign Up for a Verizon Unlimited Plan

Lots of cell phone services are now trying to edge each other out by offering other services free when you sign up for their plans.

Verizon is one that gives you free Hulu when you get one of its Unlimited plans.

In fact, you’ll get the full Disney Bundle when you sign up! That means Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ are all free, which is a $12.99 savings every month.

Of course, Unlimited plans can be pricey, so you’ll need to make sure that their benefits outweigh the costs for you each month.

Get a Student Discount from Hulu

Hulu gives eligible students a major discount for its basic Hulu plan with ads!

If you’re a graduate student, you may be able to get the discount, which gives you Hulu for just $1.99 per month.

Everything about your account will be the same as a regular Hulu account with ads, so you won’t miss out on any features or content.

It doesn’t give you Hulu for free, but it’s pretty close.

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You can even sign up if you already have Hulu by selecting the student discount in your account page and following the instructions.

Get a Spotify Student Account

Students can also qualify for free Hulu when they get a Spotify student account.

After enjoying one month for free to test it out, you’ll pay only $4.99 a month to get both Hulu and SHOWTIME in addition to Spotify Premium, making the price of Hulu completely free for you.

You need to be at least 18 years old and enrolled in an accredited college or university. You can view more eligibility requirements on the Spotify page.

Shop with Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that pays you money to shop.

The cash you earn from shopping can go straight to your PayPal account, which you can then use to pay for your Hulu subscription.

Just use Ibotta to click on rebates you want, go shopping for those items, and find your cashback once Ibotta verifies your purchases from your receipt.

I’ve earned $30 or more in some months with Ibotta easily, so it’s possible to pay off your full year of Hulu with just a couple of shopping trips.

Make Hulu Payments with Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer rewards, but some of them even offer rewards for using them to pay for your streaming services, like Hulu!

These cards give you a percentage of cashback for any purchases you make on your streaming services.

So, if you hook up the card to your account as your primary payment method, you’ll earn cashback every month or annually when you pay.

The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express currently offers 6% cashback, while Chase Freedom Flex currently gives 5% cashback.

These rewards are subject to change month to month, so be sure to check with your credit cards and any you want to sign up for to see what their current deals are.

Sign Up for Hulu Emails

One of the best ways to know about deals from your favorite companies is to sign up for their email newsletters.

Email subscribers almost always get to know about company news and promotions first, and Hulu is no exception.

If Hulu comes out with any new deals that could save you money on your subscription or help you sign up for a month or two free, you’ll find out about it in the newsletter.

Follow Hulu on Social Media

Social media is also a great way to learn about new promotions from Hulu.

Head to Hulu’s website to find links for its social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Make sure you change your settings to receive notifications when Hulu posts new content, so you’ll always know when they release any promotions for new or current subscribers.

Check Out Swagbucks Offers

If you’re a member of Swagbucks, you can look for offers to save money on Hulu.

These change depending on current Hulu promotions.

Just search for “Hulu” in the search bar, and if there are any current offers, you’ll get taken to them.

Right now, you can get 800 points back into your account when you sign up for the Disney Bundle.

For most rewards, 800 points equals $8!

You can also turn in your rewards for PayPal cash to put your money right back into your Hulu account.

Get Free Money When You Join Hulu Through Rakuten

Sign up for a Rakuten account if you don’t already have one.

The site has cashback shopping, exclusive discounts, and offers that give you money.

One of the offers is to sign up for Hulu for its regular pricing.

When you do, you’ll get $1 cashback into your Rakuten account.

This offer may also work when combined with other ways to get Hulu for free, but make sure you’re signing up for Hulu through Rakuten to get credited.

Ask Others for Hulu Gift Cards

Unlike a lot of other streaming services, Hulu has gift cards!

If you have a birthday, holiday, or another special occasion coming up, you can ask others for Hulu gift cards.

A base plan is only about $60 a year, so just a few gifts of Hulu gift cards could pay for your account for an entire year.

You can log into your Hulu account to add your gift cards into your payment information, and Hulu will automatically deduct your subscription from your balance.

Use Reward and Survey Sites That Pay with PayPal

Because Hulu offers PayPal as a payment method, you can pretty much do anything you’d do to get PayPal money to also pay for your Hulu account.

Two of the best ways to do that are by taking surveys on survey sites and doing tasks on reward sites.

Use sites that specifically has PayPal cash as a reward option.

We have guides already made for you: Survey sites that pay with PayPal and reward sites that pay with PayPal.

Avoid This Common Hulu Scam

Whenever you try to look for things like this for free that usually cost money, it’s common to come across some scams.

One of the more common ones for getting free Hulu is the Hulu login hack.

Some websites or individuals claim that they can generate logins and passwords for Hulu that let you login for free.

However, this hack rarely works.

And if you do get lucky enough to find one that works, you could end up getting yourself into legal trouble or trouble with Hulu.

People caught committing fraud on the platform even run the risk of getting banned completely, which you definitely don’t want.

It’s best to avoid these “hacks” altogether and just stick with the tips above that actually work (and are legal!).

Get Free Hulu Starting Today

You now have several ideas to get some free (or at least discounted) Hulu into your life. Congrats!

If you do sign up for any reward sites to earn money toward your Hulu account, remember to stay active with them.

They work the best when you sign in daily, see what new tasks are available, and keep bringing in some steady money.

Did you know that you can also get paid to watch TV and movies? Read the guide to learn how!

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