34 Best Ways to Score FREE or Discounted Amazon Products

If you love shopping Amazon as much as we do, you’ll love to learn that you can get 100% free Amazon products from companies.

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Awesome, right?

Some sites on the web are dedicated to giving out free or discounted Amazon products from companies they partner with.

You can find deals for 10% all the way up to 100% off a product, sometimes with free shipping included!

Check out this huge list of sites and get shopping!

What are These Sites All About?

Amazon review sites legitimately help consumers get free or discounted products from Amazon in exchange for more transactions and reviews.

You know how a lot of bloggers post reviews for products and services on their sites?

They do that through the exchange of money and/or free products.

A company wants word to spread about its offerings, so it’ll partner with bloggers to help spread the word.

The company gives a free product or service and, sometimes, cash, and the blogger shares their honest opinions, good or bad, with their readers.

The company gets exposure, and the blogger gets free stuff.

Amazon review sites work similarly, only you’ll get products that are currently on Amazon’s website.

The companies with those products hope that you’ll leave your honest review on Amazon in exchange for the free or discounted product.

If you regularly shop on Amazon, this process can be an excellent way to build up your reviews, try new products, and save money.

How Amazon’s Policies are Affecting Review Sites

There’s one problem, though, and it’s a big one.

Amazon has shifted its policies over the years to try to stop people who were abusing the review system (mostly companies).

Abusers would give their products away for free or cheap and require people to leave reviews.

The problem is that, by requiring reviews (and sometimes requiring only positive ones!), the review system can become less authentic.

Amazon has since put through regulations that govern the way these reviews can happen if they come from getting a free or discounted product.

You can read about the policy here.

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Since this policy changed, review sites have had a lot of challenges to update their former business models in ways that worked with the new rules.

Some closed down completely, while others have reworked their models to keep allowing brands and reviewers to participate.

Some are moving more toward influencer marketing, while others have transformed into “coupon” sites.

Companies, of course, would still love for you to review the stuff you get, but it’s not a requirement.

You, therefore, won’t see as many of these sites floating around as in the past, but they’re still there.

You just have to be super careful that you read their terms of service, and make sure that everything you’re doing is also okay in Amazon’s eyes.

The Best Amazon Review Sites

Before you go signing up for all of these websites, remember to check over your Amazon profile.

Many of these sites will have sellers who want to work with people who already have a good history of leaving reviews for products they buy.

That means that they’ll have a better chance of getting a review from you since it’s not required.

Take a few minutes to review other products you’ve bought if you don’t have many reviews.

This will up your chances of getting approved for deals from these review sites.

Now, onto the sites!


Sign up for free and get products discounted between 50% and 100%.

This site offers a wide variety of items in different price ranges.


This site’s one of the older ones on the block, offering both free and discounted items.

It does say that the items are in exchange for review, but remember, this isn’t a requirement.

Best One Review

Best One Review offers several new items every day.

You can request the items you’re interested in and wait for the seller to get back to you for approval.

Blue Ribbons

This site offers deep discounts on a range of Amazon products, with new ones getting added throughout the week.

Deal Go!Go!Go!

Not only can you browse the Amazon deals on this site, but you can also download its browser extension that gives you updated deals even when you’re off the site.

Most of the products here are between 50% and 60% off, but you can sometimes find higher discounts and free items.

Deals For Reviews

From what I can tell, this site does push reviewing in exchange for products, so you’re very likely to get your profile checked for reviews by sellers here.

Elite Deal Club

You won’t usually find free stuff at Elite Deal Club, but you can get great products for up to 99% off, which is close enough!


EtekCity is an Amazon seller that sells all kinds of home technology, from kitchen scales to power cords and outlets.

When you sign up for the EtekCitizen program, you can get exclusive deals from the company that you can’t find on Amazon itself.

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Giveaway Nation

This site works a bit differently.

You just need to sign up with your email address, and Giveaway Nation will send deals and promotions directly to your inbox!

Giveaway Service

This company matches businesses with reviewers to get more eyes on their products and services.

You can find great deals on everything from dance shoes to gaming headsets!

Home Product Testing

This is a site with excellent organization, so it’s very easy to find the products you’re interested in.

You can find plenty of deals for 50% off or more.


The premise of this site is, of course, for companies to get more reviews, but you’re not obligated.

Sign up for free and browse the listings.


There are tons of free and discounted Amazon products up for grabs on iReviewHome.

You can sign up as a buyer here.


This is one that I’ve personally used for a while now and is one of the most compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service regarding reviews.

Head to the Deals page to see what’s available.


This site offers a lot of techie products, but occasionally has other ones.

It’s not as busy as other review sites, but it’s still a good one to keep on file and check occasionally.

Loot Hoot

Loot Hoot is another long-running site I’ve used to find great deals on Amazon products, plus some free ones along the way.

Loot Hoot also has contests where reviewers can win Amazon gift codes and other great prizes just for participating!

You get one contest entry for free for every deal you sign up for on Loot Hoot.

Premier Deals Club

Get brand new products for up to 60% off with Premier Deals Club.

Sign up using your email address and the company will send deals right to your email inbox.


Test some of the newest Amazon products and get them for free!

You’ll be asked upon registering what categories you’re most interested in, but you can choose as many as you’d like.

You can also request deals outside of those categories, so don’t feel like you’re stuck with them.

Rank Booster

This is a new-ish site with a lot of deals every day.

Most are around 50 to 60% off, but you can find plenty 70% off and higher.


This is an influencer marketplace for bloggers, social media influencers, and Amazon reviewers.

Most reviews will be more for bloggers and influencers, but you can find some that are for Amazon products in exchange for reviews.

There are two separate ways to sign up, so make sure you choose the Reviewer sign up page.


Join the Reviews4Success review panel as a blogger, influence, or Amazon reviewer and get free stuff in exchange for your honest opinions.

You can sign up here.

Ripple Influence

This used to be a review network under a different name and has since switched to an influencer marketing agency.

Instead of the typical influencer agencies, though, this one focuses on Amazon products.


Snagshout is one of my favorites for its nice, clean website layout and frequently updated deals.

You can sign up as a reviewer here.


SocialNature is different in that it features natural products you can find on Amazon, so it’s great for those who are into natural and organic items.

You choose what you want, the company will send you samples in the mail, and you can share your thoughts with your friends.

Some companies will hope for an Amazon review, but it’s not required.


Get discounted and free clothing, toys, beauty products, and more from Testzon.

There’s no obligation to leave a review on anything you receive.


I’ve used Tomoson for years as an influencer for both Amazon products and items to review on my blog.

You can search solely for Amazon review products or apply to other campaigns with items that have other review methods (blog, social media, etc.).

Trust Review Network

Get up to 100% off a variety of items from Trust Review Network.

The only issue I see with this one is that you need to register using your mobile number.

If you’re uncomfortable doing that, I suggest signing up for others instead.


Get products up to 99% off at UberZonClub!

Most products are at least 85% off.

VIP Power Club

This is an all-email club that emails you when new deals come around.

Click what you want from your email and wait for instructions for purchasing the item.


This is a rebranded Amazon review site with loads of deals on everything from outdoor gear and clothing to kitchen and bath products.

Other Ways to Get Free or Discounted Amazon Products

Review sites not for you?

That’s okay.

There are a lot of other ways to get free or discounted Amazon products!

Keep Building Up Your Review Profile

In case you haven’t heard, Amazon has this awesome program called Amazon Vine.

It’s one that rewards its best reviewers with free products in exchange for their honest reviews.

Those reviewers are ones that typically include super helpful, in-depth information that helps others make a decision.

They include photos, videos, tutorials, and technical information that informs other buyers.

If you want to become a part of the program, you need to stand out to Amazon.

That means writing reviews for the products you buy and adding enough information that people want to click the ‘Helpful’ button for your review.

The program is invite-only, so you’ll have to wait to get picked from Amazon.

Start a Blog

Bloggers review stuff all the time!

If you have a blog within a specific niche, like technology or home improvement, then there’s a chance companies in those niches can find you and ask you to review their products on Amazon and your blog.

You can ask for money in addition to a free product.

Some companies are okay with that, while others aren’t, but there’s no harm in asking (and you absolutely should be compensated for your time!).

Or, Start a Vlog

Vlogging can also give you free stuff!

Vlogging is short for video blogging. You do the same stuff you would on a blog, only on video instead of writing in a post.

A lot of vloggers unbox or test out products in a video for their audience, and for some products, this can be better than just writing about them.

You can find both blogging and vlogging opportunities with influencer marketing agencies.

Ask Sellers on Amazon

If you have an excellent Amazon profile filled with reviews, you might have luck contacting sellers on Amazon directly.

Find products you love and check out their seller profiles.

Contact them through the platform to see if they might be interested in offering a discount or free product in exchange for your honest opinions.

It takes some guts to do this, but if you’re confident in your abilities, you can probably score some opportunities.

Send a Pitch to Companies

Alternatively, you can find companies that sell on Amazon and pitch to them outside of the platform.

Use the same search methods on Amazon to find potential sellers, and then see if they have a website for their company with contact information.

Or, contact companies that you know already sell products on Amazon.

You can offer Amazon, blog, or vlog reviews in exchange for free products.

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It’s so easy to find deals on Amazon already, but when you combine Amazon’s convenience and money-saving ways with review sites, there are so many money-saving opportunities!

Have you tried any of the sites above, or do you have others you’ve used to get free and discounted products? Let us know in a comment below!

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