Top 10 Ways to Get Free Stuff from Walmart (Plus 5 Tips to Save Money!)

Is Walmart one of your favorite places to shop?

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It’s not surprising that it’s one of the largest retailers, not only because of all the items it offers, but also because of its incredible prices.

Walmart tends to offer some of the most competitive prices on everything from groceries to clothing to electronics and more.

So, is it still possible to get freebies from a place that already has such low prices?


Walmart isn’t too good for discounts.

It wants to keep its customers happy and coming back for more, just like any other popular retailer.

If you want to know how to get free items at Walmart and free samples from its stores or website, then check out the rest of this post to learn how.

How to Get Free Stuff at Walmart

Get Samples from the Walmart Website

A few years ago, Walmart had a webpage on its site dedicated to free samples.

You can no longer find that page (probably because way too many people wanted to grab the samples!), but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck for getting free stuff from the website.

As you browse, you might see advertisements for free samples appear on the website.

Sometimes, other retailers that sell on Walmart might also offer free goodies with a purchase or free samples of their products for Walmart shoppers.

When you place an order on, you sometimes receive coupons for free products or free samples delivered with your purchase!

I’ve received free personal hygiene products, like shampoo and conditioner, free snacks, a diaper sample, and other free stuff, plus tons of coupons for products I use often.

There’s no guarantee you’ll receive these when you make a purchase, but there’s always a chance, especially if Walmart currently has a sample that relates to what you purchased.

Follow Walmart on Social Media

This tip applies to a lot of places you might shop in addition to Walmart.

When you follow your favorite brands on social media, you have easier access to some of their latest deals, promotions, coupons, and free stuff.

Usually, the first places retailers will list their promotions are on their websites, social media pages, and in email newsletters.

Follow Walmart on the following social media pages:

Then, keep an eye on the posts.

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You might be lucky enough to snag a free sample or coupons for a free item just for being a loyal follower!

Sign Up for Walmart Sample Boxes

Many people don’t know what Walmart has its own sample boxes filled with products that brands want you to try!

The first one is the Baby Box.

This sample box is great for moms and dads with a new baby on board.

It includes baby-related samples, like diapers, pacifiers, toys, blankets, and anything else you might need for baby.

The box itself is free, but you’ll pay $5 for shipping and handling.

You can even indicate whether the box will be for a baby girl or boy.

The other is the Beauty Box, which is also free, but has a $5 shipping fee.

This one includes samples from top beauty brands, like face masks, lotions, makeup, and more.

Both boxes arrive five times per year, so you’ll only pay $20 every year for a bunch of goodies.

Get Samples In-Store

Walmart stores that have a grocery section usually offer free samples, although they may not have them running at all times.

Head to the store between the busiest periods (like lunch and dinner time on weekdays and most of the day on weekends) to see if samples are available.

The samples are usually for food products that Walmart carries, and you’ll just get a bite of whatever the food is, but it’s a good way to try something first before spending your money.

Attend In-Store Events

Many Walmart stores also host in-store events throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

These events often have products for customers to sample and they might even give away free stuff for those who attend!

You can call your local store to see what’s happening soon to plan on attending.

Sign Up for Walmart Emails

If you’re not yet signed up for Walmart’s email newsletter, you should do that now.

Head to and scroll to the bottom where it says “Enter email for weekly newsletter.”

You’ll get the latest Walmart news delivered to your inbox, along with exclusive discounts and coupons you can use on the website or in the store.

It’s a great way to grab the deals without having to remember to keep checking back on the site to see what’s new.

Download Walmart Savings Catcher

I don’t know what I’d do without the Walmart Savings Catcher app!

Since I visit Walmart weekly, I spend a lot there on groceries and everyday products for my family.

I don’t have time to visit multiple stores every time I shop, so Walmart is usually my go-to because I know it tends to have the best prices most of the time.

And when it doesn’t, I can rely on the app to help me out.

The Walmart Savings Catcher app connects to a database of prices from other stores to make sure you get the best price when you shop at Walmart.

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Use the app to scan a photo of your receipt after you make a purchase.

After a couple of days, the app will let you know if it found a cheaper price for anything you bought elsewhere.

If so, you’ll get the difference added to your account in the form of an electronic Walmart gift card.

You can add it to your already existing gift card balance to keep your savings available when you need it and want to spend it on another Walmart purchase.

Follow Freebie Sites

Sites like The Krazy CouponLady and can help you find freebies almost anywhere, including Walmart!

They update several times a day to help you combine coupons with other discounts that can get you products for free or point you in the direction to find 100% already-free products.

Grocery Shop for Free at the Mart is an excellent site to bookmark.

It’s 100% dedicated to Walmart and finding the best deals for you to shop with there.

Enter Giveaways

Look for giveaways online that are giving out Walmart gift cards!

Trust me, there is usually one of these happening somewhere on a blog.

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t love a free Walmart gift card they can use in-store or online, which is why these gift cards are a popular blog giveaway prize.

Check out places like Sweepstakes Fanatics and Giveaway Monkey to find the latest online giveaways, or you can do a quick Google search for “Walmart gift card giveaway.”

Use a Walmart Credit Card

If you know how to use a credit card wisely, then the Walmart credit card could help save you money.

Since it’s a store card, the interest rate tends to be high, especially if you have fair to good credit.

However, if you make a purchase and pay it off by the next billing period, you can avoid paying crazy interest rates.

The reason I suggest getting a Walmart credit card is because it offers benefits to help save you money:

  • Get 2% cash back (sometimes up to 5%!) on Walmart gas station purchases
  • Earn 3% cash back on all or Walmart store purchases
  • Earn 1% cash back on purchases from anywhere else

You can use your cash back as a credit on your account to help you pay off your bill!

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Other Ways to Save Money at Walmart

These tips won’t necessarily get you free stuff at Walmart, but they can help you save even more money than you already do in-store or online.

Grab Free Shipping

When you make a purchase on, you’ll find that many items are eligible for free shipping.

Many of the everyday items you and your family use are probably eligible, as are several large items.

The best thing is that, unlike Amazon Prime, there’s no membership required to take advantage of Walmart’s free shipping offers.

And, it’s even free 2-day shipping, so you can get your products fast!

If your stuff doesn’t qualify for free shipping, remember to check your Walmart emails to see if there are any free shipping codes you can use.

Use Site-to-Store

Walmart’s Site-to-Store service is helpful for people who prefer to shop online but don’t want to pay shipping costs for ineligible items.

Instead, have the item shipped to your nearest Walmart store.

It’ll go to the Site-to-Store area.

You’ll tell the cashier what you’re there for and can pick it up and bring it home from there.

You can even pay online, making the process as quick and simple as possible in the store.

This service also helps you take advantage of online-only deals!

Bundle Items on

If you’ve looked at clothing and furniture on, you might have noticed that some items are eligible for bundles.

The site sometimes does this for other products, too, like toys and electronics.

Bundles are basically two or more similar items that you can purchase together for less than what you’d pay for them separately.

A couple of years ago, one of my friends bought her daughter a new bedroom set from using a bundle.

The bundle let her pick three furniture pieces from the same brand to create the set she wanted.

It saved her over $100 than if she had bought the pieces separately.

Look for Discounted Items

When you’re shopping in-store, be sure to look for sections in the meat department, produce department, and bakery department for close-to-expiring foods.

My local store places items that will be expiring in the next day or so in special spots with discounted tags on them.

I always check these areas to see if there’s anything I can use for dinner that night or the next day before it expires.

Combine Your Shopping Trips with Ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back shopping app that I never go shopping without.

It can be used with Walmart shopping trips in addition to several other popular stores.

Use the app to browse for rebates on products you want to buy at Walmart.

Once you complete your purchase, take a picture of your receipt and send it to Ibotta.

You’ll then see your rebates in your Ibotta account by the next day!

Ibotta gives you $10 for free to sign up and start using it, and you only need $20 to withdraw your rebates to PayPal.

Sometimes, you can combine Ibotta deals with Walmart store deals to get products for free or deeply discounted.

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There are plenty of ways to get free stuff from Walmart and save even more money in-store or online!

Don’t forget to check the Walmart flyers you get in the mail for the newest promotions.

And, if you also get coupons in the mail or in your newsletter, check if anything matches with current promotions to save cash.

What ways do you save money at Walmart? Do you know of any other ways to get free samples or items from the store? Let us know in a comment.


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