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When you are taking surveys, do you ever get tired of taking the same product type surveys over and over.

Do you ever wish you could find more interesting topics?  Do you love television and movies?

Epoll is a survey site that is a lot different than what most people expect.  It is owned by Bridge Entertainment, which was founded by Philpott Gerry in 1977.

This means it has been around for more than 40 years, so it definitely isn’t the new kid on the block.

In addition, it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2000.  In that time, they have only received 2 negative reviews and 6 complaints.

These reviews and complaints were all related to the Epoll survey site.

However, after reading them, it is obvious that most of them are due to panelists not reading the policies.

There was one complaint about not receiving a Walmart gift via email after being told it was sent.  The company resent the gift card, and the complaint was closed.

The company offered a response to each of the six complaints and the two reviews, each in an effort to either make things right or clear up an understanding.


Anyone who is 13 and up and lives in the United States can sign up.  The process is fast and easy, with the standard sign up questions of name, address, email, number of children, etc.

Once signed up, an email is sent with a link to click for email confirmation.  This email also noted that there would be a registration survey worth 100 points, and that is would take 15 to 20 minutes.

They acknowledge it is a longer survey and note that their average time is much shorter.  Going forward surveys will usually not take so long.

It probably really only took me about 10 minutes, and it consisted solely of questions related to how often I watch almost any channel you can think of and what type of television service I have.

If you ever want to cancel your membership, it is important to realize that you cannot reply to their emails.  You must go through your profile to cancel.


Here is where epoll differs the most from other survey sites.  While there are exceptions, virtually all of the epoll surveys are related to the entertainment industry, specifically television and movies.

As you can imagine, this means that in addition to standard surveys, there are some really fun video surveys as well.

The unique, fun aspect of the surveys offered is probably the most defining positive for this site when comparing it to other survey sites.

You will be notified of new surveys via email only.  There is no link to surveys in your account, so you really will have to rely on these emails.  Be sure to open them if you want to take the surveys because they fill up quickly.

Video surveys can be kind of long, but if the topic is interesting and the survey pays enough, they can be worth it.  Some of this pay a lot more than standard surveys because of the time required.

Sometimes you will be asked to watch a show at a certain time and fill out a follow-up survey.  These are fun too, especially if you enjoy watching television.


Like most survey sites these days, Epoll pays in points.  The least amount of points you can cash out is 2,750.  This will allow you to donate $3 to charity.  There are no other rewards options for this amount.

The next amount of points that can be traded for rewards is 3,750.  This gets you either a $5 PayPal payout or the same amount in a gift card to BestBuy, Starbucks, Walmart, or Amazon.

The value of the points actually goes up as points increase.  For example, at 7,250 points you can get a $10 gift card, at 10,500 points you can get a $15 gift card, and at 13,500 points you can get a $20 gift card.

The gift card options increase as your points increase as well.  In addition to what is available at the $5 level, iTunes, GameStop, and some popular restaurants are added.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Reward?

One drawback is that it takes 6 to 8 weeks for rewards processing.  This results in a crazy long time to receive even e-gift cards.  This is longer than any survey site that I know.  On other sites, physical cards can take a while, but e-gifts and PayPal funds happen pretty quickly.

There is no explanation as to why it takes so long, but Epoll acknowledges the time it takes in their policies and FAQs, so it isn’t a red flag, but rather more a nuisance.

How Much Can I Earn?

Each of the survey opportunities that I have been sent have been worth 500 points and an entry into the monthly drawing for $1,000.  Fifty Epoll panelists will win.

My confirmation email stated that most surveys would be worth 350 to 1,000 points. How much you make depends on how many surveys you qualify to complete, and how often you accept them.


Epoll never shares your personal information with anyone.  They do not sell or rent it, and there are not a lot of complaints about spam after signing up for Epoll.

My Personal Experience

I signed up for Epoll recently.  I do not have enough points to cash out yet, so I cannot speak to how smoothly that process works.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the profile surveys.  They were fun and interesting.  I love entertainment though, so if you do not, you might not feel the same.

The surveys I have taken and run easily and were extremely user-friendly.  I receive about 3 emails per week with survey available.  I do not find this overwhelming and enjoy taking them when I can.

As I said, I enjoy watching television and movies, so for me, these surveys are much more interesting than the standard product surveys found on other sites.

I have not been offered a video survey yet, so I am still looking forward to that experience. That is, of course, assuming I have time to sit and watch the video.

Is Epoll a Scam or is it Legit?

Is It Legit or Scam?When reviewing e-poll, I found no red flags of a scam.  Typically, scammers using a survey site as a front will ask for payment or credit card information.

Epoll never asks for anything like that.

In addition, scammers typically do not address complaints.  On the BBB website, each complaint has been addressed and handled by the company.

The BBB rating is another huge sign that they are not a scam.  It would be extremely hard for a scam site to get BBB accreditation.

Lastly, the parent company is much older than what is common for scam sites.

Epoll is definitely legit.

How Does it Compare to Other Survey Sites?

Epoll is unique from other survey sites in that most of the surveys focus on one industry, entertainment.

Other sites send out surveys that are generally much broader in their range of topics.

Another difference is that there are not as many surveys offered.

This is good in that you are not overrun with survey emails.  It does count down on chances to earn rewards, however.

Then there is the 6 to 8-week processing time that is not common among sites offering electronic rewards.  Usually rewards sent electronically are processed much more quickly.

These differences are not either positive or negative, except if you really like or dislike taking surveys about the entertainment industry.

They are just important to note so you do not expect the same experience as on other sites.

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When it comes to taking surveys for money, there are a couple of options.

You can take them for fun and view the rewards as icing on the cake, or you can try to earn a significant amount of money.

If you choose the latter, the keys are organization and not limiting yourself to one site. Be sure to set up that separate email account for surveys.

Whichever path you are on, Epoll is a great option.  It is fun, easy, and has full range of rewards to choose from.

It can be good to have as a group of survey sites you use, or fun to use and just make a little extra on the side.

Remember you are not going to get rich taking surveys, but if you choose to make what you can, Epoll is for sure an option worth exploring.


Are you ready to get started? 

Have you been using Epoll for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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