ClixSense Review: Can You Really Make Money Clicking Ads?

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ClixSense was founded in 2007 as a paid-to-click website, but since that time it has expanded and changed to provide a way for people to make money online in many other ways as well.

It claims to have paid out more than $30,000,000 to its members since 2007 based on the counter seen on the home page.

There isn’t much information available about its history, but it does have a BBB rating of an A-.  It also only has 5 complaints with the BBB.

Both of these statistics are stellar in the world of paid-to-click and paid survey sites.

The other tidbit available about the company itself is that they list only 4 employees on their rated BBB file. They are apparently quite small, which may explain some delays in response.

The complaints are mostly from people wanting their account disabled and not feeling it was done quickly enough, and those that did not read the policies before joining.


ClixSense makes it clear that they do not sell referral information, as they feel this is bad practice.

They also make their privacy policy easy to access from their homepage, and there are no privacy complaints noted against them with the Better Business Bureau.

Who Can Join?

They allow panelists from across the globe.

You will need to check the website to determine if your country is included.

Only one account is allowed per household.


The minimum balance required to cash out is $10.  The following payment options are available:

  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Tango Card
  • Payza
  • Check

You will notice a glaring absence of PayPal from this list.

In the FAQ’s they state that PayPal is no longer accepted, and that you just have to choose one of the many other payment options available.

This will be a huge drawback for some because PayPal is standard among these types of sites. It is well known, trusted, and people are comfortable with it.

For those willing to branch out, however, there really are several other options.

The thing is, except for Tango Card, which is free, every other option has a fee associated with it.

The Fees are as follows:

  • Payoneer – $2
  • Skrill- 1%
  • Payza- 2.0% plus 30 cents up to $4
  • Check – $1 (The first check is free.  The fee is $1 thereafter.)
  • Tango Card – $0

If you live in North America, you may choose whichever payment option you wish, but there is an extra step involved.

Your address has to be verified. To do this, they default the first payout to a check for everyone in North America.

This means that regardless of the method you choose, if you live in Canada, the U.S., or Mexico, your first payment will be sent via check.

It will come with a pin number that you will need to enter into a form once received.

After that is done, your address is verified, and all future payments can be sent by whichever method you choose.

What is the Process Like?

Once you reach the cashout minimum, a cashout button will become available next to your balance on the “My Account” page.

Electronic payments are processed daily, in the order, they are received.  They generally take 2 to 5 business days after requested.

Checks are mailed on or before the 10th of the month, and cashout must be requested by the 5th for the request to be processed by the 10th.

All checks are canceled after 60 days, so be certain to deposit or cash them immediately.

Also, they note that some banks may charge a fee to deposit checks from ClixSense, so be certain to check that with your institution.

Another important thing to note here is that they are clear in this section that all help desk inquiries asking where payment is will be ignored.

How Can I Make Money?

There are many ways to make money using ClixSense.

This may be one of the most comprehensive sites out there as far as opportunities to earn, though the amounts are tiny.

Viewing Ads

This is what ClixSense started with, and it is still offered.  It is exactly what it sounds like. You click on an ad, and you have to stay on that tab for the entire ad.  There is a timer running, and it pauses if you change tabs.

This means, of course, that there is no option to set an ad to run while you are doing something else on another tab.

One user noted that mini and standard ads have a higher pay rate, and these sticky ads are not worth the time.

Ads pay from $.001 to $.02 per click.


Surveys on ClixSense are pretty much the same as on any other paid survey site, though they do not seem to pay as much.  They last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes and pay from one cent to $5.

It has been noted that the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom get higher pay rates.

Completing Tasks

Micro-tasks are a popular way of making money on several sites, and ClixSense is no different.  If you have no experience, you are only going to be eligible to accept jobs on the zero difficulty level.

The pay on these are extremely low, but if you are willing to stick with it and do well despite the low pay, you will eventually be able to take harder tasks that pay more.

Clix Offers

These are opportunities to make money by completing tasks with ClixSense partners such as TrialPay and

Task may include taking surveys, downloading apps, playing games, or signing up for offers.  The pay is usually one to two cents.

Whatever you make, it will not be credited right away because it will have to be verified with the partner.

Clix Grid

This is similar to paid-to-click ads, except that you are not paid.

The incentive is that if you click the ad and view it for 10 seconds, you have the chance to win up to $10.

Most people who win are winning $.10 to $1.00 a day, while a few win $5.

Only one person per day wins the $10.


They do offer a referral program.  It is set up well because you earn a percentage of what your referrals earn.

However, it is important to keep in mind that in order to earn a lot of money off of referrals you need a lot of people that are dedicated to sticking to it and making money.

You do not get paid just because someone signs up with your referral link.  They have to be active and earning.  If they do not earn, you do not earn.

Is ClixSense a Scam?

No, it isn’t a scam. It seems to be a legit way to make money online.

The thing is, it is time-consuming, and the pay is very low.

It isn’t worth the time for most people.

It does not throw up any of the red flags that are common to scams.

They do not ask for money or a credit card number.  No one is complaining that they do not pay.

Plan of Attack

If you really want to make a go of it trying to make some serious money on ClixSense, you may need to be strategic.

First, don’t waste time on ads.  Unless you find some that pay more than a few cents, move along. Concentrate instead on surveys and tasks.

If you work your way through a lot of low paying tasks, you will eventually get to those that pay more.

Once you are there, jump on them as soon as you can because they do not last long.

Working all of the tasks that you can get and hitting the highest paying surveys will get you the most money for your time.

Spending a few minutes a day on ClixGrid could pay off as well if you end up winning a dollar or two a week.

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The people who are most successful and pleased with the platform are those who do not need this for a steady income to live on.

It is a good way to kill time and make a few cents here and there while you are waiting in line or in the doctor’s office.

A little here and there from watching ads thrown in with winning a $1 or $2 and a few tasks now and then can help you earn enough for a couple of fancy coffee drinks every few months.

Take surveys when there isn’t one that pays higher on another site, and you can earn even faster.

This isn’t a bad site for earning money online.  It is similar to most survey sites in that you can make some money, but it isn’t a reasonable way to make a living.

If you like to keep a few sites in rotation to kill time on and make a little pocket change, ClixSense fits the bill.

If you are looking to quit your day job, this probably isn’t how you are going to do it. [/wps_conclusion-with-button]

Have you been using ClixSense for a while? 

We would love to know your experience.

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