14 Best Sites That Pay You to Read Emails Every Day

Reading your email is something you do every day, probably multiple times a day.

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Would you believe me if I said you could read email for money?

Because you can.


There are a few sites that work with advertisers that produce paid emails for members of the sites to read.

It’s just another form of advertising and marketing.

The thing is, you reap the benefits just for reading email.

Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work exactly like you might think.

You can’t necessarily read through your inbox and get paid $20 just to do so.

Instead, you’ll read specific emails from advertisers.

The idea is that there’s a chance you might make a purchase from them or tell your friends about them, so those advertisers pay money to place their ads in paid emails.

But, even if you choose not to buy anything, you can still make money just for opening and reading the email!

It doesn’t make anyone a lot of money, but it’s still extra cash you didn’t have before from something ridiculously easy to do.

In most cases, you’ll earn just a few cents for reading a paid email and taking no further action.

If you do complete an offer that stems from that email, though, you could get more money!

If this sounds like something you want to try, then check out the sites below that offer paid emails.

14 Legitimate Sites Paying for Reading Emails

First, I want to mention that a lot of scams exist when it comes to paid emails.

This is a highly sought-after gig that people want because it’s so easy and pretty fun.

Scammers know this, so they like to make people interested in the gig their targets.

If you’re not internet-savvy, you might not know what to look for in a potential scam, and you could end up paying money for, or giving personal information out to, someone who wants to take advantage of you.

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The sites I’ll list below are proven to be ones that work.

They’re legit.

That’s not to say that others you might find aren’t legitimate sites.

They might be.

But, do your research before starting with them.

Make sure they have an actual company with contact information.

And never, ever pay anything to start.

The idea of paid email sites is to make money.

You should never have to spend anything to “learn” how to do it or to “start your membership.”

Now, onto the sites!

InboxDollars (review)

Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

InboxDollars is one of the most well-known and oldest reward sites on the web.

There’s a reason for that: There are tons of ways to make money on it, and it’s a legit, well-paying site.

On InboxDollars, you can get bonus cash for completing bonus tasks, so it pays to be a regular user.

Some of the paying tasks here include taking surveys, completing free and paid offers, watching videos, and playing games.

InboxDollars regularly sends paid emails, too, from advertisers, that will go straight to your inbox.

Be sure to tell your email server that emails from InboxDollars are safe, or they’ll wind up in your spam folder.

Every day, you should get at least a few paid emails.

Read them, check out the offer, and simply click the link to confirm you’ve read the email.

That’s it.

There’s no obligation to purchase anything.

Most emails pay a few cents each.

Swagbucks (review)

Eligibility: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, and Ireland, 13+

Swagbucks is as awesome as InboxDollars (maybe even a little more in some ways!).

This site offers a ridiculous number of ways to earn cash online, and one of those ways is with paid emails.

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The difference with Swagbucks is that the emails don’t go to your inbox.

Instead, you read them on the Swagbucks site.

You can sign up for free and then look at your Inbox at the top of your homepage.

You’ll see all the paid emails that are available and how much they pay.

Most of them on Swagbucks are invites for surveys, but others are from advertisers.

Just be sure to complete whatever action the email says is necessary to get your points.

Redeem any points you get on Swagbucks for some of the best gift cards, like Amazon, restaurant cards, and even PayPal cash.

MyPoints (review)

Eligibility: US and Canada, 13+

MyPoints is an excellent site for helping people who like to shop online get some financial breaks from doing it.

The site is mainly an online shopping portal that gives cash back for shopping its partnered retailers.

However, MyPoints has expanded since it started several years ago to also include paid coupons, surveys, polls, referrals, and paid emails.

The way paid emails work here is that MyPoints will occasionally send offers from partners to your inbox.

Complete the offer to earn points, or shop with retailers advertised in the email.

In some cases, you can still earn a few points just for reading the email, even if you don’t act on an offer.

Cash Crate (review)

Eligibility: Worldwide, 13+

You can join Cash Crate for free and get $1 just for signing up.

Cash Crate is another reward site with several ways to make money, like playing games, shopping online, and referring people you know.

The paid emails you’ll receive here are typically survey invites.

Cash Crate will let you know how much you can make if you qualify for, and complete, the survey.

Click on the link in the email to go right to the survey and see if you’re a match.

You’ll need a minimum of $20 in your account to cash out with Cash Crate.

Fusion Cash (review)

Eligibility: US and Canada, 18+, or US 13+ with Parental Permission

This is another reward site that gives you $5 just to join!

Fusion Cash offers a few unique ways to make money in addition to the usual taking surveys and playing games.

You can also participate in the forum for cash, download mobile apps, and get paid to click on links to websites.

Plus, of course, you can get paid to read your emails from the site.

Fusion Cash also has a lot of great offers that are either free or trial offers with high payouts, and you don’t have to spend a dime.

InboxPays (review)

Eligibility: US, 18+

The goal of InboxPays is to steer members toward advertiser offers through paid emails.

You’ll get a good amount of emails from this site every day.

Some of the emails are for free offers, while others might be for trial or paid offers.

You can make money by following the link through the email and completing each offer.

There are also some games and surveys you can take to boost your earnings.

Oh, and you get $5 just to sign up!


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+ or 13+ with Parental Permission

Points2Shop is similar to other sites in that it gives you points to do things online, like take surveys, refer friends to the site, and check emails.

Where it’s different is with its reward system.

Instead of choosing prizes or gift cards from a catalog, you’ll get points that you can use toward products on Amazon.

The site offers tons of great rewards, though, so if you’re an Amazon shopper, it’s a good place for you!


Eligibility: US and Canada, 18+

There are so many ways to make money on QuickRewards that it’s almost overwhelming!

One of the is with paid emails.

The site sends out emails inviting you to take surveys or complete offers.

You’ll get paid when you complete whatever task the email talks about.

Reward Shopping

Eligibility: US, 18+

Reward Shopping is a cash back shopping portal for those who like to shop online.

In addition to cash back shopping, you can also discover new products, services, and brands through offers from partners.

There are several prizes to choose from for participating in the site’s tasks, like Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, and sweepstakes for large prizes.


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

SendEarnings is a sister company of InboxDollars, so it’s no surprise that it also offers paid emails.

The sites also work very similarly, offering most of the same tasks as each other and even using the same $30 minimum payout arrangement.

Once you get paid for the first time, you can have access to quicker payments and more payment types.

SendEarnings doesn’t tend to have as many cash-making opportunities as InboxDollars.

I suggest using it in conjunction with some of the other sites to maximize your earning potential.

You’ll have more emails to read, but you’ll also have more opportunities to earn cash online!


Eligibility: US, UK, Canada, Australia, 18+

Not only can you earn cash by completing tasks on Cash4Offers, but you can also get your first $5 just for signing up.

Completing cash offers is the main way to earn money here, but you can also take surveys, refer your friends, and read emails to boost your balance.

Most payments from Cash4Offers come within 72 hours after cashing out!

Small Business Knowledge Center

Eligibility: Consumers, small business owners, and self-employed persons in the US, 18+

This site is very different than the other ones I mention on this list, but it’s excellent for paid emails (and regular mail!).

The Small Business Knowledge Center is a market research company that pays consumers and small business owners for their junk mail.


The company wants to know what you consider junk for market research purposes.

It uses the junk mail to inform companies of what direct mail methods might be working or might not be as successful for their business.

You can send in regular postal mail to the company or forward your junk emails to its inbox!

The site says that most participants can earn $20 every six to ten weeks just by sending in or forwarding emails.

You can also refer your friends for bonus cash!


Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

This is one of the few online rewards sites that accepts members from all over the world to join.

The site runs on mostly advertised offers that pay members when they complete them.

If you complete offers within your first two days of joining, you can get a 10% bonus on them!

The site also sends emails to your inbox with new and advertised offers, for which you can get paid to complete.

Get paid in either Bitcoin or check.

There’s no minimum cash out amount for Bitcoin, but checks require a minimum of $5.

Unique Rewards

Eligibility: US, Canada, and UK, 18+ or 13+ with Parental Permission

Shop online, read your email, complete offers, and take surveys with Unique Rewards to earn easy cash online.

The site has some helpful tutorial videos to watch to assist you in getting started.

Don’t forget to refer your friends to make more money!

You can cash out when you have at least $20 via check or PayPal.

The site pays every Monday, so if you request your money on Thursday, it will be processed the following Monday, and you should get it (with PayPal) within a couple of business days.

[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Fun Side Gig: Get Paid to Read Emails with Legit Sites” style=”card-success”]

Reading email is something you do every single day, so you might as well get paid for your time.

You might even discover some new brands and products you want to try out, and you can earn even more when you do!

Although you won’t make a full-time income from reading paid emails, it’s still a fun gig that can give you some extra cash every month.

What paid reading sites have you tried? Are there any others that we didn’t include on this list?

Let us know in a comment!


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