27 Best Online Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly Via PayPal or Gift Card

You’ve tried and tried to get your favorite online survey websites to pay you quickly.

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Instead, you cash out and don’t see your rewards for another two weeks.

It happens a lot, unfortunately, in this industry.

Some people even have to wait months to get a $5 payout!

If you want to know how to get 5 dollars on PayPal instantly from your time answering questions, then this post will explain how to do it and what websites will help you get paid fast.

What Do We Mean By “Instant”?

Since everyone’s version of “instant” can be a little different, let’s be clear in what we mean when we say that a survey sites pay instantly.

There are not many of these types of websites (that we know of) that will pay you as soon as you cash out.

That’s just not how they work.

In most cases, there is no such thing as same day paid surveys.

That’s mostly because every site has to confirm that you do, indeed, have the minimum cash balance or points balance to cash out.

A lot of survey websites also go to great lengths to make sure that scammers aren’t scamming the system and cheating to get their rewards (it happens!).

That’s why it could take a few days or weeks for some sites to get you your rewards.

It’s inconvenient for you, but it’s a good thing that they’re so committed to making sure the system works fairly for everyone.

Even sites that do pay quickly with PayPal don’t pay instantly because they still need some time to issue your payment.

Think of it like this: even if a friend says he will send some PayPal cash to you, it might not happen instantly.

He still needs to get access to a computer or the mobile app to send over the money, and it’s not always an instant process even once he does send it.

When we talk about instant-paying survey sites, we’re talking about ones that have proven to pay members within 24-48 hours of requesting their payments.

That’s lightning quick in the world of online surveys!

Just remember that even these sites may have their schedules thrown off a bit by weekends and holidays, so 1 to 2 business days is what we are going by here.

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Is PayPal My Only Option?


PayPal is a great option for getting paid quickly because the service itself is so simple and quick to use.

Some websites prefer this method because payments, once sent, tend to go through incredibly quickly (sometimes instantly!).

But some sites will also get you paid quickly with e-gift cards as options.

It seems that Amazon gift cards are among the quickest to arrive, but some websites also offer Walmart, Best Buy, Starbucks, and other electronic gift cards that come within a couple of days too.

Your prizes will depend on the site.

Before you join, look at the rewards catalog to see what kind of things you can get for your time.

Ultimate List of Fast Payout Surveys

Remember that the payout time of each site depends on a lot of factors, like holidays and how busy the site currently is at fulfilling rewards requests.

The sites below are ones that have a history of paying quickly via PayPal or an electronic gift card, so they’re some of the best to try if you don’t want to wait weeks for your rewards.

Swagbucks (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, and Ireland, 13+)

Swagbucks (review) has a wide range of gifts to choose from for taking its surveys, completing offers, and doing the several other tasks you can do to earn SBs, or points, here.

I personally use the PayPal option most of the time, and I’ve never had to wait longer than 48 hours to get my cash.

E-Poll (USA, 13+)

Take E-Poll (review) surveys on your computer or mobile device to earn rewards!

You’ll need $5 equivalent in points to cash out.

Rewards include PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes, Walmart gift cards, and more.

Rewards can take up to six weeks to go through, but several members say that PayPal payments are usually much faster.

Harris Poll Online (USA, Canada, 13+)

Harris Poll Online (review) has several gift cards to choose from as a thank you for answering its questions.

You’ll need at least $10 in points to cash out.

Amazon gift cards are popular here and tend to be one of the fastest prizes to get.

Opinion Outpost (USA, 13+)

Opinion Outpost (review) requires that you have a minimum of $10 in points in your account to cash out with PayPal, which shouldn’t take you too long to get.

You can alternatively choose an Amazon gift card delivered via email for the equivalent of $5 in points.

In some cases, Opinion Outpost pays out within a few hours when you choose either one of these rewards!

CashCrate (Worldwide, 13+)

CashCrate (review) offers several ways to earn some extra cash, and surveys are one of them.

You’ll get $1 just to sign up.

Check out the check gallery to see pictures of real payments as proof that this place pays.

Surveys typically range between $0.50 to $1, but you need $20 to cash out.

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Choose from a check or PayPal, but PayPal will obviously be the quickest route to go!

In some cases, you may have to wait a couple of weeks for payment, but some people receive it in a couple of days.

Ipsos i-Say (Worldwide, 13+)

Ipsos (review) is one of the longest-running sites of its kind on the web and continues to grow in size and popularity.

The cashout amount is $15, which you can redeem for various gift cards, including Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and even PayPal cash.

Rewards can take about four weeks to arrive, but PayPal and Amazon gifts are known to arrive much quicker, usually depending on your country.

Toluna (Worldwide, 13+)

Toluna (review) partners with some big-name brands to bring you surveys that pay cash.

You’ll have several gift cards to choose from, including Amazon or cash.

Once you have the necessary number of points for a prize, you can redeem it.

Electronic gift codes usually arrive within a couple of business days.

Vindale Research (US, UK, Canada, Australia, 18+)

Vindale (review) has some of the highest-paying questionnaires around.

Sign up and earn $2 and then you can get started taking surveys right away.

Choose from a check payment or cash with PayPal. The latter will get you paid quickly.

Global Test Market (Worldwide, 14+)

Global Test Market (review) has a high $40 minimum to cash out, but it also has a good reputation for paying fast when you choose PayPal.

You can also choose from various gift cards at lower denominations, but they may take a little longer to process.

Pinecone Research (USA, UK, Canada, 13+)

Pinecone Research (review) is not only one of the highest-paying sites (you can get up to $3 per survey!), but it’s also one that pays the fastest.

There are no minimums here, so you can cash out even if you have points that equate to only $1 in your account.

Cash out with PayPal or a prepaid card, either of which will get you paid fast.

Branded Surveys (USA, UK, Canada, 13+)

Originally Mintvine, Branded Surveys (review) offers PayPal cash, gift cards, or a form of payment called Branded Pay.

You need 1,000 points in your account to redeem them.

You can usually expect to receive your payment in as little as three business days, although some members receive PayPal cash even quicker.

Consumer Village (USA, 18+)

Consumer Village (review) pays members in “tokens,” its version of points.

You’ll need 500 of them to cash out.

You can redeem them at the end of each month if you meet the minimum.

Your prize is an Amazon gift card, which you’ll typically see within a couple of days in your email inbox.

iPoll (Several Countries, 13+)

iPoll (review) gives you real cash toward earning PayPal, iTunes, or Amazon gift cards.

The minimum is $25, and PayPal cash tends to be the quickest reward to arrive.

This site also offers some surveys for teens, too, so it might be a good option for kids to try to earn a little cash online.

Survey Savvy (Worldwide, 14+)

You can earn money here by answering questions from Survey Savvy (review) partners or installing its app on internet connected devices.

You only need $1 to cash out.

Unfortunately, the only method of redemption is a check, so you’ll have to wait for the mail, but most checks are issued quickly.

One Opinion (USA, UK, Canada, 13+)

Choose from PayPal money, Amazon gift card, or a prepaid debit card as your payment from One Opinion (review) when you have at least 1500 points.

The site typically sends payments very quickly.

MyPoints (USA, Canada, 18+)

Shop online, answer questions, complete offers, download coupons and more to earn points with MyPoints (review).

The company offers various gift cards as rewards, which you can redeem with as little as 480 points.

The site says that rewards can take up to ten business days for you to receive, but most electronic codes come much faster than that.

YouGov (Several Countries, 14+)

YouGov (review) is a good site for people who like sharing their political and social opinions.

The cashout minimums are kind of high, so it can take a while to get a prize.

But, once you reach what you want, you can expect your gift card to arrive quickly.

Quickthoughts (USA, 18+)

Quickthoughts (review) is an app for both Android and iOS devices that lets you take surveys on the go.

Get $10 in your account, and you can redeem the money for a gift code, which will usually be emailed to you in just a few hours.

Darwin’s Data (USA, 18+)

Darwin’s Data offers long surveys, somewhat like online focus groups, that pay $25 each.

As soon as you complete a survey, you can receive a Tango gift card within two or three business days.

Tango cards are basically digital points that you can redeem for various other gift cards, so you can visit the Tango website to find a gift card you want.

Hiving (UK, 15+)

Hiving is a UK-only site that offers PayPal rewards when you have at least 4,000 points accumulated.

You can also pick an Amazon gift code to be delivered electronically.

Either reward pays relatively fast!

Mindswarms (Worldwide, 18+)

Mindswarms is a different type of site that has members take video surveys rather than questionnaires.

You’ll earn $50 for every survey you complete, and you’ll get your cash through PayPal within 24 hours in most cases.

MySoapBox (USA, 13+)

MySoapBox requires that you have at least 25,000 in points in your account – the equivalent of $25 – to cash out.

Although it may take a bit to get your first reward, you only need $1 in your account to get future rewards.

The site has several gift card options available, like Walmart and Tango, and most will arrive within a couple of days to your inbox.

Opinion Square (USA, Canada, 18+)

You’ll have multiple ways to earn extra money with Opinion Square, including monthly sweepstakes and cash prize drawings.

The site also has occasional cash surveys that will pay you immediately for your time.

Be sure to use your rewards every quarter, because they’ll expire after.

There are several prizes to choose from, from gift cards to products. Electronic gift cards will usually arrive in a few business days.

Paid ViewPoint (Worldwide, 13+)

Get paid cash for surveys with Paid ViewPoint.

Get $15 in your account, and you can choose from Amazon or Walmart gift card or PayPal cash.

Most of the time, you’ll see your money or card within 72 hours max.

Quest Mindshare (Several Countries, 13+)

Quest Mindshare has a cash system instead of points, so it’s already got one benefit going for it!

The site also has low minimum cashouts that differ depending on the country you’re in.

For the U.S., you need $12.50 to get a PayPal payment.

You can also request a quick Amazon gift card sent electronically if you live in Canada or the U.S.

Rewards range from $2 to $10 for most surveys provided by Quest Mindshare and its partners.

Survey Spot (Worldwide, 13+)

Survey Spot has PayPal, Amazon, iTunes and airline miles rewards to choose from.

You’ll usually receive rewards within 48 hours from requesting.

The site also has some instant win games where you could earn more money for your account!

Univox Community (Worldwide, 13+)

Join Univox and get $5 for doing nothing else but signing up!

The quickest way to get your money is by requesting it on PayPal, but you can also choose an Amazon gift code or Visa card.

[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Conclusion: Online Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly Via PayPal or Gift Card” style=”card-success”]

Now you have a bunch of survey sites to try that will pay you quickly.

It’s nice to be rewarded fast and feel like you really matter and are appreciated for spending your valuable time helping out market research companies.

Stop waiting weeks with similar sites just to get your $5!


Comment below: Do you use any of the sites we mentioned? What ones are your favorites? What other sites have you used that pay super quickly?

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