Where Can I Sell Electronics Near Me or Online? Here are 29 Places

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We tend to upgrade electronics pretty frequently because technology changes too much.

To make sure we have the latest tech, we upgrade our phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and more.

But what do you do with the electronics you’ve used?

Do you see if someone in your group of friends wants to buy them or leave them in the basement or a cabinet without knowing what to do with them?

The best way to go is to sell them.

Even though electronics tend to lose their value quickly because new technology constantly replaces them, they still hold some value.

Getting $50 for your old cell phone is always better than not getting anything for it, right?

Whether you want to sell your electronics to places or people near you or somewhere online, we have several options in this guide that you can choose from.

Places That Buy Used Electronics Near Me

Are you wondering “Where can I get cash for electronics near me?”

Then this is the section for you.

Check that the following places are in your area.

If so, you might be able to unload used electronics and get some cash out of them instead of leaving them in your home to collect dues.

Here’s where to try:

Facebook Marketplace or Groups

Facebook is a favorite among people who like to sell just about anything to friends, family, or even strangers in their town and surrounding areas.

And electronics, like laptops, smartwatches, and headphones, can all sell well in Facebook Groups or on the Marketplace.

When you use the Marketplace, you can even post to buying and selling groups to cross-post your listings in other spots.

It’s free to use either one.

Be sure to keep up with your messages to respond to any questions from buyers.


Your local Craigslist pages can also be helpful for local sales.

It’s free to use in many cities and towns and you can control your listings and how long they run for.

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You even get private messaging with buyers, so they don’t have your email address or contact information if you don’t want them to.

Set all details for buying and pickup with the buyer beforehand and meet in a public space for your safety.

Best Buy Trade-In

The Best Buy Trade-In program is a good one to use if you frequently shop at Best Buy and plan to buy new technology there.

Bring your stuff to your local store and Best Buy will value your item to give you an offer.

If you accept, you’ll get store credit to keep shopping for the latest electronics.


Gamestop stores accept video games, consoles, video gaming accessories, and even some tablets, smartphones, and other electronics.

Some items might be eligible for cash, but most of the time you’ll receive in-store credit for your sales.

Call your local store before stopping in just to make sure they’re open to receiving trades.


You can recycle old cell phones with EcoATM and make a little money while you’re at it!

You can price your device on the website before heading in, just to make sure it gives you a price you’re comfortable with.

Then, use the EcoATM locator on the website to find a kiosk near you to turn in your phone and get paid.

Local Electronics Stores

If you have non-chain, local electronics stores in your neighborhood, you might want to check with them too.

It’s possible that they offer a little more for your electronics trade-ins than chain stores!

Yard Sales

Start a yard sale to sell your electronics or other goodies.

Yard sales usually work better when they’re large, so see if some neighbors want to pitch in and do a neighborhood yard sale to get more traction to the area.

Advertise on social media and the newspaper to let people know when you’re running.

Computer or Tech Repair Shops

Computer and tech repair shops sometimes buy old electronics to either resell if they’re current enough or to use for parts for other devices.

It’s something worth trying if you have old electronics that are too outdated to sell but still could get a few bucks out of them.

Mobile Phone Providers

If you have a cell phone or tablet you’re trying to get rid of, contact local mobile phone stores, like AT&T or T-Mobile.

Some of these places will buy back certain items, especially if they’re locked to that provider, to resell to people looking for used technology at affordable prices.

Recycle Your Electronics

You might be able to recycle electronics to local recycling centers if they accept electronic devices (not all of them do).

If you’re not sure, call around to your nearby centers to see if they’ll accept electronics and whether they pay.

You can also use Earth911 to locate centers near you.

Places That Buy Used Electronics Online

Selling electronics online can be fast, easy, and painless if you choose the right place.

The biggest consideration is shipping and its related costs, but many of the sites below have processes in place that help you deal with all that – and some will even let you shop electronics for free.

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Here are several online spots for selling electronics:

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In gives you Amazon credit to use for future purchases for your eligible electronics.

Browse through Amazon to find the technology you own.

If there’s a Trade In button, you can start the process to trade it in by filling out the required information.

In some cases, you may be able to get instant credit in the form of an Amazon gift card even before sending in your device.

Apple Trade-In

Trade in your old Apple devices for as much as $1760!

The program even allows you to trade in some Samsung devices.

The more current your item is, the more you can make for it.

You’ll get credit on an Apple gift card for you to use on future Apple purchases.


BuyBackBoss is an online buy-back program for used phones.

Fill out your information for your device and get an instant online quote.

BuyBackBoss gives you a free shipping label to use to ship your phone.

Once it makes its way there and someone has a chance to review its condition, you’ll get paid with a check or PayPal.


BuyBackWorld not only accepts gift cards for sale, but you can also sell iPhones and other cell phones to the company and ship them for free.

You’ll get an instant quote when you fill out an online form.

If it sounds good to you, you can go ahead with the shipping process and get paid once the company receives it.

Choose from PayPal, direct deposit, store credit, or a prepaid debit card.


Like the name suggests, you can use Decluttr to declutter your home from all your electronics!

The site accepts phones, Kindles, tablets, video game consoles, and more.

Enter the description of your item and get a quick quote for what the site is willing to pay you for it

You can ship for free and get paid with a check, direct deposit, or PayPal.


eBay is one of the few websites to sell electronics where you’ll get full control over how much you sell them for.

You can choose an auction where people will bid on what they want to pay or opt for a fixed-price listing that lets you set the fee you want to get paid.

You’ll need to figure out shipping costs for the buyer, but you can do that easily with eBay’s helpful suite of shipping tools.

Gadget Salvation

Use Gadget Salvation to send in your electronics for free and get paid for them.

The site takes everything from iPads and smartwatches to laptops and tablets.

Most of the time, you’ll get paid within two business days of Gadget Salvation receiving your items.

Choose between PayPal, Venmo, a bank transfer, or a check.


Similar to the other sites on this list, you can get a free, instant quote from Gazelle for your electronics, including cell phones, iPads, and Macbooks.

As long as you have something worth $1 or more, you can ship it for free.

Then, choose from PayPal, check, or an Amazon gift card to get your payment.


Gizmogul takes smartphones, tablets, Macbooks, and iPads, so if you have one of those, you can potentially sell it here.

There’s also a way to sell in bulk if you have a bunch of devices to sell at once, so it could be a good idea for a fundraiser for an organization or school!

For bulk services, more electronics are accepted, including laptops, PDAs, and batteries.


Glyde offers a simple online quiz you can take to learn more about the phone you want to sell to determine a quote for you.

Use a prepaid shipping package to ship it in and you can get paid with Plaid or PayPal.

It’s Worth More

It’s Worth More accepts tons of different tech goodies, like tablets, iPods, and laptops.

You’ll get a prepaid shipping label with tracking information so you can make sure your package reaches the facility.

Then, get paid in about two days after!


Calling all Apple product lovers, this one is for you!

Itemcycle deals only with Apple products, giving you a free online quote after answering a few questions about your device.

Get paid with PayPal or check after the company verifies everything.


Sell iPhones, Apple watches, and other popular technology items at MaxBack.

The company gives you 30 days to decide if you want to act on the quote you get; your quote won’t change at all during that time.

Get paid in three days with PayPal or a check.


You’ll get free shipping to send in laptops, phones, and other devices to SellBroke, but the company only gives you the label rather than all the packaging, so make sure you package it securely.

You can get paid with a check, PayPal, or Google Pay.


This site is actually one that searches prices from other buy-back sites to help you gather them all in one place.

Use it if you want to compare prices quickly so you’ll know which one might be best for your particular device.


Swappa is a popular site of its kind specializing in buying all sorts of electronic devices.

It’s kind of similar to eBay but on a smaller scale.

You’ll sell your device directly to customers, which lets you get a higher chunk of your sale, especially because sellers don’t need to pay anything to list items or sell them.

Target Trade-In

Trade in your eligible electronics to Target by completing the process online and getting a Target gift card for your sale.

Some Target stores also allow you to bring stuff in to trade for PayPal cash, but you’ll need to call your store first to see if it’s one of them.


Sell everything from cameras to headphones here.

As long as it’s techie, it probably can pass.

You’ll get a check or PayPal cash depending on your preference.

Walmart Trade-In

With Walmart Trade-In, you can ship cell phones, game consoles, speakers, wearables, tablets, and other devices to get an electronic Walmart gift card.

You can get all items appraised on the website for free before sending them in with free shipping.

Walmart even allows you to send in broken or flawed products as long as your device is listed on the website.

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Where Can I Sell Electronics Near Me or Online?

Sell your electronics either in-person or online; either option is going to give you some cash for your technology that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Selling electronics in person can be a good choice for people who have a lot of potential places in the area to sell to.

You can call around to get quotes on your item and ultimately pick where to sell to.

Online might be easier for people in rural areas or without as many local options.

Online spots may not always pay as much as somewhere locally because they usually need to consider shipping costs, too, but this isn’t always the case.

Try to get quotes from any place you’re interested in first before sending it in to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Also, look at other electronics retailers to find out what used electronics like yours are going for, just to get an idea of fair pricing.

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