What Are the Best Places to Sell a Used iPhone for Cash?

Are you interested in selling your iPhone?

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Unlike some other smartphone brands, iPhones can sell for good amounts of money when they’re used.

So it’s better to see if you can get some cash from yours instead of tucking it away and forgetting about it.

You can always use the cash toward your new iPhone or to buy accessories for your upgraded device.

This list includes online places and stores and spots near you that buy used iPhones for top prices.

Where Can I Get the Most Money for My iPhone 6?

The place where you’re probably going to get the most money for your iPhone – especially one that’s older – is eBay.

That’s because eBay lets you sell in different ways (through an auction or a fixed-price sale) to help you get what you want out of your items.

Plus, lots of people use eBay, so you have a pretty good shot of someone wanting your iPhone, even if it’s an older one.

Many of the places below won’t accept iPhones that are really outdated.

And if they do, they’ll probably only give you a few bucks for yours.

On eBay, you could still get $25 to $50 out of yours, depending on its condition, storage size, etc.

The Best Places to Sell a Used iPhone for Cash Online

Used iPhones can still sell for good amounts.

Thankfully, iPhones hold their value well, so even a phone that’s a couple of years old should still give you a good amount of money back when you sell it.

The following places are all ones you can use to sell online.

Give the site details about your iPhone, get a quote, ship it in, and get paid!


BuyBackBoss guarantees that it’ll give you the highest price possible for your device.


If you happen to find a quote from another place that’s higher than the quote this company gives you, you simply email BuyBackBoss and they’ll give you that same rate.

To get a quote, send in photos and information about your device online.

If you accept, ship your phone and get paid with PayPal or a check.

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This site lets you choose your iPhone from a list to start the quote process.

Answer a few questions about your specific device and wait for your quote to arrive.

The company pays you in cash within two business days after it receives your phone and verifies the condition you noted.

The Whiz Cells

The Whiz Cells let you sell your cell phone online (try saying that a few times fast!).

The company looks for used phones and tablets to refurbish and resell to its customers for affordable prices.

Register for a free account on the website to get the selling process started.

You get free shipping to send in your device and you can get paid within 24 hours.


This company lets you sell just about any used cell phone online, but it has a whole section devoted to iPhone sales.

uSell offers a 30-day price guarantee to lock in your quote for 30 days while you decide if it’s an offer you want to jump on or not.

This gives you some time to look around and make sure you’re getting the best deal for your phone.

Apple Trade In

Why not sell your phone directly to Apple, especially if you plan to get another iPhone with the money you make?

Apple has a trade-in program for its iPhones and other devices, and since your trade-in would go right through the company, you know you’re getting an accurate valuation.

The company allows trade-ins for iPhones as far back as the SE 1st generation, offering up to $25 for it.

Newer phones, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, can go for as much as $500.

Your trade-in value automatically goes toward the price of your new device, if you’re getting one.


SellCell doesn’t offer money for your phone directly, but it can point you to places that will.

Enter your phone’s model, and SellCell will list a bunch of places that buy that model, along with the prices you can expect to get for it.

This way, you can shop around without actually needing to shop around.


Glyde is an online marketplace for buying and selling used phones.

Kind of like an eBay just for phones, if you will.

You can start selling using the website or the app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Amazon Trade In

Amazon’s trade in program accepts some iPhones and other electronics and items.

When you trade in your device, you can get an Amazon gift card to use on the site for other purchases.

Amazon will just ask you a few questions about your iPhone to give you a quote, and you can get paid once you’ve finished the quoting process.


Swappa is for buying and selling “newish tech” so iPhones that aren’t really old can do well here.

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Unlike other sites on this list, you can set your own price on Swappa.

Instead of selling to Swappa, you’ll sell to buyers, so you can have more control over the price you set for your iPhone.


Get an instant quote from Decluttr when you enter your phone’s information on the website.

You’ll get free insured shipping to send your device in.


Gazelle also gives instant offers for iPhones and other tech devices.

You can choose to sell online or take your phone into a local EcoATM kiosk to finish the trade-in process.


When you send in your used iPhone to OCBuyBack, you can get some cash for it.

The company is based in California and has some local spots where you can drop off your devices for faster payments.

But if you don’t live near one, you can still ship it in for free and get money back.

Gadget Gone

Gadget Gone gives you a quick quote within a few seconds after answering questions about your iPhone.

You’ll get a prepaid shipping label so you don’t need to spend any money on it.

Then, after inspection, you’ll get paid.

Inspection usually takes about two days after the company receives your phone.


Walmart offers a way for you to trade in your iPhone conveniently online to get cash from it.

It’s the Walmart Trade-In program.

As a side note, you can’t just bring your phone to your local Walmart store and ask to trade it in.

Instead, use the website to include information about your phone and get a free and instant quote for it.

Walmart lets you ship it in for free with FedEx, and you can get a Walmart gift card when the company receives it.

Local Places to Sell iPhones and Stores That Buy iPhones

Looking for places to sell your iPhone in person?

You can always try searching for places on Google using a phrase like “sell iPhone near me” or something similar.

But this list includes several spots that you can try to sell your iPhone locally, which can be a little quicker than doing the process online.

Apple Stores

As I mentioned above, Apple will take back your iPhone and give you a credit toward your new iPhone as part of its trade-in program.

Just like you can complete this process online, you can also complete it in your local Apple store if you have one.

It’s probably a good idea to call in before you show up just to make sure the store has enough staff on duty to help you process your trade-in.

But once you’re there, you should be able to quickly get your device traded in and upgraded with a new iPhone.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a store that’s all about electronics, so it’s not surprising that its locations accept trade-ins for certain high-value items like iPhones.

You can bring your device into your local Best Buy store to trade it in for a new iPhone.

Or start the process online.

You’ll get a Best Buy gift card that you can hang onto or use toward your new iPhone purchase.

Pawn Shops

Check pawn shops in your area to see if they’ll buy your iPhone from you.

They probably will!

Just make sure you get an idea of your phone’s value before bringing it into a pawn shop to be sure that you’re getting a fair quote.

You can do that by seeing what Apple is offering for your iPhone model or checking with any of the companies on this list for a value range.


Sell your iPhone to someone local using Craigslist.

Just create a free listing in the right category for your area, and you may get people contacting you within a few hours.

Craigslist doesn’t have any protections for sellers or buyers, though, so be careful selling on here and meeting potential buyers.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another great place to try to sell your iPhone quickly to someone in your area.

Add your free listing to the Marketplace by uploading photos and writing a description of your phone.

Then, your listing will go into the Marketplace and you can share it across Facebook on your profile or in groups.

Again, what you sell here and how you sell it is up to you, so protect yourself against scammers in any way you can.

Local Electronics Stores

If you have smaller electronics stores that are local to you but similar to chains like Best Buy, try them.

It’s possible that even if they don’t have a trade-in program available, they might still be interested in buying your iPhone from you to refurbish and resell.

Let the company know what quotes you’ve received from other places, so they can give you a counter offer.

OfferUp and Other Selling Apps

OfferUp is just one of many selling apps you can use to sell your iPhone to someone who lives near you.

It’s free to use for both buying and selling.

You can create listings using the website or the OfferUp app, and connect with buyers when they contact you letting you know they’re interested in your phone.


EcoATM gives you instant cash for your old phones.

They’re usually located in large department stores, like Walmart, malls, and other shopping plazas.

You can look for a kiosk near you to find one.

EcoATM accepts all iPhones, including the original ones, so you should be able to get at least a few dollars from your used iPhone.

To turn it in, just head to your local kiosk and follow the instructions on the screen.

You’ll need to make sure it’s fully charged and that you bring an ID with you.


Gamestop is known for accepting trade-ins for games and gaming systems, but it also accepts trade-ins for phones, including iPhones.

You can trade in old versions dating back to the iPhone SE and iPhone 6.

Check the website to see what your iPhone might be worth or bring your device into your local Gamestop store to get a quote.

In most cases, you’ll get more money if you accept Gamestop credit rather than cash.

Make Money on an Old iPhone

Because iPhones are so popular, they’re really valuable, even when they’re a couple of years old.

Fortunately, that means that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a place that is willing to buy your iPhone for cash or allow you to trade it in for a new one.

Most online buying and selling places will easily accept most iPhones, unlike phones from other companies that aren’t as desirable to these companies.

Before sending yours in, make sure you’ve cleared off your information and backed it up somewhere.

Then, reset the device, clean it up, and package it well for shipping.

Now, go get that new iPhone!

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