24 Best Places to Sell Antiques Near Me and Online

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Families sometimes collect antiques and pass them down from generation to generation.

Some people just enjoy collecting antiques and seeing what treasures they find.

Often, antiques can be worth some money, especially if they’re rare pieces and have been taken care of well over the years.

And if they’re worth money, you might be inclined to find a new home for them.

Or maybe you just are ready to part ways with your collection.

Whatever the case may be, you might want to have a few options of places to sell them to.

After all, one place might offer more money for your antiques than another, and you want to make the most out of your collection, right?

That’s why I’ve put together this list of places to sell antiques, both online and in person.

Check them out, compare them and what they’ll pay for your collection, and find the place or places that are best for your selling needs.

Where to Sell Antiques for Cash Online

Selling antiques online can be a convenient way to do it.

You don’t need to meet up with anyone.

Just create a listing, collect your money, and ship your items to their buyers.

Here are several places to sell antiques online:


Bonanza is an online marketplace for “everything but the ordinary” which means it’s the perfect place for selling antiques online.

There’s even a full category for collectibles and art, which is where many antiques can go, but you can find other categories in the More section.

You can list items and set up your shop for free, and you’ll even be able to sync your listings with other selling places you use, if any.


eBay is an online auction site where you can list items to have people bid on.

If you’re not completely sure what your antiques are worth, you could try using this selling model to see what others thing they’re worth and, hopefully, get a good price for them.

There are some listing fees associated with eBay, so be sure to take that and shipping costs into account.


Etsy is mostly a place for handmade items, but lots of shop owners sell vintage stuff here too, from dolls to furniture and everything in between.

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On Etsy, you’ll set yourself up with your own shop, through which you can add all the antiques you want to sell.

Etsy has listing fees and transaction fees for sales.

There’s also an advertising fee of 15%.

How this works is that Etsy pays to advertise items from shop owners.

You’ll only need to pay your cost if you make a sale from Etsy’s ads.

Plus, you’ll get more potential traction over to your shop from the ads!


Artfire allows sellers to list craft supplies, handmade goods, and vintage items.

There are different plans to choose from to set up your shop depending on how many items you have and how much you choose to sell.

They range from $4.95 per month to $40 per month, with the higher tier giving you no listing fees and up to 2500 active listings.


Sotheby’s helps consignors sell their items to the right buyers.

This service is best for people who are avid antique collectors and really know their stuff.

You can snap some pictures of your collection, send it to Sotheby’s, and wait for the specialists to review everything and get back to you about adding your items to the site.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace that’s all about vintage items.

Sellers have no maximum limit to the number of items they can sell at one time, but you must maintain at least 10 active listings to remain on the platform.

Sell antique jewelry, furniture, dolls, porcelain, and just about any other vintage stuff you have here.


Did you know that you can sell using your Instagram account?

If you have a business account and a large enough following, you could become eligible to make your posts linkable to sell right from your page.

However, you don’t need that to sell.

You can simply take beautiful pictures of your items, add them to your feed, and let potential buyers DM you if they want to buy.

It’s a good idea to get a website set up that accepts payments if you want to use this method.

Doing so can help make everything a little more official, give people a way to see more pictures of your items and a description, and act as kind of a hub for your business.

Be sure to link to your site in your Instagram bio.

Go Antiques

Go Antiques is like an online antique mall.

Find beautiful vintage jewelry, decor, and other collectibles here.

There are three different plans for sellers, depending on how often you plan to sell and how many items you have.

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Plans start at $24.99 per month for up to 100 listings.


eBid is very similar to eBay in its purpose and how it’s set up.

But some sellers prefer it due to its lower fees than eBay.

You can even sign up as a lifetime seller for one low price to get access to zero listing fees for life.

The Internet Antique Shop (TIAS)

As you can probably tell by the name, The Internet Antique Shop is a place on the web just for buying and selling antiques.

You can get a free 60-day trial to set up your shop and make sure it’s the right place for you.

Shops come with unlimited listings and no set up fees.

Heritage Auctions

This online auction house is one of the most popular, especially for antique sellers and collectors.

You can send your collection directly to Heritage Auctions, allowing the company to take care of listing and selling your stuff while paying you your earnings.


Christie’s is a good place to sell vintage art pieces online.

You can use the selling model or the auction model here, and there are helpful guides for both to get you started.

Zibbet Marketplace

The Zibbet Marketplace is for independent artists, creators of handmade goods, and people like you who love antiques and have some to sell.

Get set up with your own shop on the marketplace for just $5 a month with no listing or selling fees.


This site is exclusively for doll collectors, sellers, and buyers.

You can call the company or fill out the online form to let them know about your collection and send a few pictures.

They’ll look over everything and get back to you with a quote for your dolls.


If you have antique art, furniture, or decor, try selling them with Selency.

This UK-based site lets you fill out its online form with information and pictures of your items for consideration.

Your Own Website

Lastly, you can sell your antiques on your own website, if you have one.

And if not, make one!

It’s actually a relatively simple process if you use a host like Shopify to get your ecommerce site set up.

It has everything you need to set up an online shop and start accepting payments from buyers.

Having your own website gives you full control over your pricing and how you go about selling your antiques to others, so it’s a great way to make sure you’re getting what you want from each piece.

However, if you’re going to have an online shop, it’s a good idea to turn your antique selling into more of a business by continuing to collect pieces to sell.

Otherwise, you’ll run out of inventory, which won’t make for very happy customers who have come to you to buy antiques.

Where to Find Antique Buyers and Antique Dealers Near Me

Want to find a local store or spot where you can sell your antiques? These listings are for you.


Craigslist lets you list things for free in most areas, although some bigger cities cost money for listings.

Either way, it’s a helpful resource for getting things sold to people in your area.

If you have some antiques that aren’t worth a bunch of money, Craigslist could be a good place for them.

You might want to look for somewhere more specialized if you plan on selling high-value items, though, as those buyers don’t tend to browse Craigslist.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re already on Facebook, try using the Marketplace to list your antiques.

You can sell to people on your Facebook list, pages, and groups.

Or, you can just list in the Marketplace and people in your area can find your listings if they’re searching for antiques.

If you choose, you can even sell to people who live far away on Facebook Marketplace, but be sure to collect payment before you ship out the items.


OfferUp is a popular selling app that’s free to list items on.

You can use the app for listing items, updating your listings, and communicating with interested buyers.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a listing, add photos, fill out a detailed description, and get your items in the database for others in your area to find.

This idea might work better if you live in a large area with plenty of people using the app, but it’s worth a try no matter where you live.

Flea Markets and Antique Malls

Do you have flea markets or antique malls near you?

If you have a large collection of antiques to sell, this might be the way to go.

These places do usually charge money for you to set up your area of the market, but it can be worth it if you have lots to sell and the market or mall stays fairly busy when they’re open.

Local Auctions

Seek out local auctions, especially ones dedicated to antiques.

These places are especially good for collections with high-value items, where auctions could bring out some competitive buyers.

The rules for getting involved in auctions can vary, so reach out to yours before you decide whether it’s a process you want to get started with.

Not sure where auctions are in your area?

Do a Google search for “auctions near me” or you can use Live Auctioneers to locate them.

Pawn Shops

A pawn shop might offer you good money for your antiques, but there’s no way to know for sure until you head to yours with your items and get some quotes.

All pawn shops price things a little differently depending on how the appraisers value items and the likelihood of your items to sell in your area.

Clean up your pieces, bring them into the pawn shop, and see what you might get for them.

Be sure to find out an estimated value for your pieces, if possible, beforehand to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Thrift and Consignment Stores

Thrift shops and consignment stores in your area probably take antiques, so bring in your collection to see what you can get from it.

A thrift store will probably offer you an amount on the spot, whereas a consignment store may only pay you your cut once your items sell.

Work out all the details with the shop in writing before you decide to sell anything.

Antique Shows

Antique shows might have stationary spots in your area or travel through your area during certain times of the year.

You can usually find them by checking areas that host local events, like community centers and fairgrounds.

Also, check out Antique Trader to find upcoming shows coming to a city or town near you, along with information about each show and how to get involved.

What Are the Best Places to Sell Antiques Near Me and Online?

With all the options above, you’ll probably get your antiques sold in no time.

Selling near you, especially at antique shows and local auctions, could yield you more money than selling your collection online.

However, the process does take more time.

If you’re looking for a quicker process and don’t mind missing out on some money in exchange for convenience, you might opt for selling online.

Whatever path you choose, be sure to comparison shop.

No two places are going to offer you the same amount for your collection, most likely.

So grab some quotes before making your final choice of the best place to sell.

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