Lucktastic Review (2022): Is Lucktastic Legit or a Scam?

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There are so many apps in the App Store and Google Play that claim they’re easy ways to make money.

And the unfortunate reality is that many of them probably won’t help you earn any real money.

Others might not even be safe to use. I’ve seen plenty of reports of people getting viruses on their phones and other devices from scam apps.

In your search for apps to make money in your spare time, you might have heard of Lucktastic.

This app claims to be much like an app version of those scratch cards you can pick up at a corner store to try to win money.

But does it work? Is it a legitimate app to make money?

I tried out the app myself in addition to gathering some information around the web from other people who have tried it to give you all the details.

What Is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is an app that claims to help you make money just by using it and taking chances, just like you would with the lottery.

However, unlike the lottery, Lucktastic is free.

There’s a website you can visit to read more about Lucktastic, but you’ll only be able to complete money-winning tasks when you use the app.

Lucktastic has several ways for you to potentially win, which we’ll get into detail about in a bit.

Lucktastic is owned and operated by Jump Ramp Games, Inc.

Looking on the Jump Ramp Games website, I can’t seem to find out if it owns any other apps or just Lucktastic.

But it does appear to be a legitimate business with some PR surrounding it.

Is Lucktastic Free? How Does Lucktastic Make Money?

Yes, Lucktastic is free to use.

You might wonder, then, how it makes money.

After all, that’s the point of most apps, right?

They usually have some way to make money by their users using the app, especially if they’re claiming to give out money.

The money has to come from somewhere.

Lucktastic makes its money through advertisements.

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You can see on its website that it allows advertisers to partner with it.

Therefore, you can expect to see advertising on the app.

Many of the ads are for other games and apps you can download, which you can potentially earn money for.

But you may also see some for products, services, and businesses that Lucktastic brings in as advertising partners.

How Does Lucktastic Work?

The reason you came here is to find out more about how Lucktastic works and whether it’s a legitimate app, and the following sections should help address those questions.

Who Can Join Lucktastic

Lucktastic is only available to users who are at least 13 years of age.

You must also be a resident of the United States and have an Android or Apple device with your location detection enabled.

This allows Lucktastic to see where you are geographically, both to verify that you’re in the United States and to send you relevant offers.

Instant Win Scratch Cards

Instant win scratch cards are the main way to play with Lucktastic.

You’ll get one free scratch card every day to play, and they’ll take only a couple of seconds to scratch off.

Follow the rules of the card to determine whether you’re a winner.

Lucktastic sometimes releases bonus cards, too, so make sure you have your device’s notifications set to on, as Lucktastic will send push notifications when the bonus cards are available.

Lucktastic’s scratch cards are similar to regular scratch cards you’d buy, only they’re digital versions with no scratched-off messes.

Some scratch cards will give you tokens rather than cash.

You can use these tokens for various things on the Lucktastic app, including contest entries for cash prizes and gift cards.

You need 30,000 in tokens to get a $5 gift card.


Sweepstakes are another way to potentially earn money with Lucktastic.

You can enter them when you get enough tokens to turn into a sweepstakes entry.

You can also win sweepstakes entries through contests and scratch-offs.

Each sweepstakes will have its own set of rules, so it’s important to read through them before getting started to make sure you understand what you need to do to win.

Active Member Bonuses

When you log in and use Lucktastic for four consecutive days, you’ll be eligible to gain a $5k scratch off ticket.

The regular tickets you’ll get before this can be worth up to $2500.

The more you play, the more you’ll get the chance to win bigger amounts.

After playing 150 cards, you can get a $10,000 scratch off card.

So, it definitely pays to stay active on Lucktastic.

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Other Ways to Earn on Lucktastic

Lucktastic goes beyond sweepstakes and instant scratch offs to win money.

You can also download apps from Lucktastic partners.

When you download them and follow the instructions, you’ll earn tokens toward your balance.

There are also some offers on the app that pay you tokens for completing them.

These other avenues of earning give you more ways to make money instead of just relying on scratch offs.

But scratch offs can also give you bundles of tokens to help you boost your balance even faster, so don’t forget to do them!

What Is Lucktastic VIP?

Lucktastic VIP is a reward program that moves players on the app from one level to the next, depending on how active they are with the app’s tasks.

In other words, it rewards the most active members.

Lucktastic VIP has three tiers, starting at bronze and ending at gold.

VIP members have the chance to enter a weekly Amazon gift card raffle and get daily scratch cards for higher prizes.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find out for sure if this program is still available, as there isn’t any more information about it on the site or on the app.

Still, there are active member bonuses in place, so try to remember to log in and use Lucktastic daily to maximize your rewards.

What Can You Win on Lucktastic?

Lucktastic allows you to win real cash, tokens, and gift cards.

Your cash prizes can be in the form of a paper check or a Visa gift card.

You can also elect to transfer your winnings to a digital gift card in lieu of cash.

When you get tokens, you can turn them into gift cards by heading to your account and redeeming them.

Lucktastic FAQs

The following questions are ones I commonly see or hear from people looking to try Lucktastic and deciding whether it’s something they want to spend their time with.

So, I thought I’d address them here.

Is Lucktastic a waste of time?

I guess that depends on your version of a waste of time.

Lucktastic is a super simple app to use.

No, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever win anything the whole time you use it.

But there’s also a possibility that you can.

The thing is that Lucktastic’s methods of winning are so simple and only take up a few seconds of your time, like scratching off a scratch card or entering a sweepstakes.

In my opinion, you’re not really wasting time doing either of those, especially if you’re one of the lucky ones who does happen to win money.

You can still earn cash by downloading apps and completing other tasks on the app, but you’re not obligated to spend any time doing so.

Basically, you can choose to spend as much or as little time as you want on the app, so there’s no need to “waste” time if you don’t want to.

Otherwise, it’s a legit app to add to your usual money-earning app routine if you want an extra.

How do you win cash on Lucktastic?

There are several ways to win cash on Lucktastic, including instant win scratch cards, sweepstakes, contests, and app downloads.

Instant win scratch cards are among the easiest.

You’ll get one each day to work with, plus the potential for bonus cards throughout the day.

If you remain an active member, you can unlock a $5k scratch card after four consecutive days of playing Lucktastic.

Once you unlock it, you’ll have access to it forever, giving you the chance to earn more money from the app.

Is Lucktastic a safe app?

When I think of unsafe apps, I think of those that collect unnecessary information from me or those that add random things to my device that don’t need to be there.

Lucktastic doesn’t do any of that.

It’s a simple, log in and go type of app that doesn’t have all the bloatware and other non-necessities of scam apps.

During my time using it, I haven’t found anything that concerns me about my information being unsafe or any other shady practices being used on the app.

How do I redeem my Lucktastic points?

As mentioned previously, some scratch cards give you tokens rather than cash.

When you have enough tokens to redeem, you can head to your balance to redeem them.

You’re allowed to redeem your tokens for an Instant Reward once every 24 hours, so make sure you’re redeeming your rewards in the order you want them.

What Do Other People Say About Lucktastic?

I dug around other comments and reviews from people on Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other public areas where people share their thoughts about Lucktastic.

There were a few opinions that I saw pop up.

One commonality is that it seems nearly impossible to win actual cash on the app.

I’ve seen lots of comments from people who have won good amounts of tokens from scratch cards, but very few of people winning actual money.

However, when you get enough tokens, it translates into money that you can redeem for a gift card.

But I know that a lot of people join the app in hopes of winning real cash, so that can be kind of a bummer.

Another problem I see is with the gift cards themselves.

Some people have had problems with the gift cards showing that they aren’t available, while others have had to wait a while to see their gift cards after redeeming them.

Lucktastic does have a system in place, though, for people having trouble redeeming or receiving their gift card, which you can read about in its FAQ.

One other common complaint is that it can take a while to reach enough for a gift card.

From what I’ve seen, this could be true.

You would have to spend a lot of time on the app to rack up tokens quickly, unless you’re really lucky and win a bunch of scratch offs.

This is usual for most of these kinds of apps, though.

They’re not really meant to be a way to earn tons of cash all the time.

Instead, they’re typically there for extra earnings when you have some time to spare, and Lucktastic does that well.

Now, for good points.

Lucktastic is really easy to use, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.

You can sign in and start doing things whenever you want, and they don’t take a lot of time to do.

I sign in once or twice a day when I have some time to do my scratch cards and earn tokens.

And, Lucktastic is FREE.

There aren’t even in-app purchases to keep bothering you while you use it like other apps, which I and many other people appreciate.

Lucktastic Review: Is Lucktastic Legit or a Scam?

In my opinion and based on the information I collected for this review, Lucktastic is legit.

I see nothing in the app that worries me about using it, and I have been able to earn tokens during my time using it.

Is there potential to earn real money?

Sure, but I’m not holding my breath about winning any scratch offs, although I do believe the people online who have said they’ve won.

I’ll just be using it to make some extra money in my spare time.

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