EarnHoney Review: Is It As Sweet as it Sounds?

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EarnHoney is owned by BayBee, LLC.  It has been around for 4 years, and frankly, it makes some pretty big claims.

They not only claim that you can earn 3 times faster with them than with other, similar sites, but they offer a first day gift card guarantee.

This is all right there on their landing page.

I was skeptical.

What is EarnHoney?

It is a pretty standard get-paid-to site.  You can earn incentives by doing various activities including watching videos, signing up for offers, and taking surveys.

Sign Up

I went to sign up and it only asked me for my email address and a password.  That was easy enough.  I was then asked to verify my email address by clicking on the link they emailed me.

Once I did that, I was asked if I was a male or female, what my zip code was, and my income level.  I was then told I had earned two OPTins.

Next, I was told I could earn three more for answering three more questions.  They were standard profile questions, and before I knew it, I had earned 5 OPTins in a matter of minutes.

The process was quite easy.


I always read a few reviews by others before I get started, and I was a little confused this time.  Other reviewers talked about earning Honey Dollars, which I though was cute for a site called EarnHoney.

After a little snooping I figured out that they recently changed to OPTins, and not only can they be exchanged for cash and gift cards, but with the change they can also be used to buy Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

This is kind of cool, because Bitcoin can grow in value. Then again,  it can lose value as well.

One OPTin is worth 10 cents.


There are 4 options for redemption.  You can either redeem for a Visa gift card, Amazon card, or a PayPal deposit.

You can also donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

It takes 50 OPTin to get a $5 card or deposit, but there are discounts going on right now that allow you to get a $5 card for 48.5 OPTIn.

There are 10 charity options, but they say in their FAQs that you can also choose your own.

I clicked the link that appears to lead to this option, but it leads back to the homepage.  Maybe they are working on that.

How Can You Earn?

There are a few ways to earn with EarnHoney.

The first is by answering profile questions.

Like I said, I earned the equivalent of 50 cents doing this.


There are videos you can watch that are much like the videos you can watch on other sites.  News, ads, and more are available.  They are worth a few cents each.

One reviewer said you were limited to 10 per day.  I did not see this anywhere, but other things are capped so it would make sense if these were too.


You may already know how these work, but just in case you don’t, offers are typically the way to making the most money on these types of sites.

The catch is that you may have to spend money, or at the very least give up your credit card information.

These are usually trial subscriptions or something similar.  You can sign up, earn your money, and then cancel the subscription, but if you forget, you will be charged.

Sometimes these are worth it if it is something you were going to try or sign up for anyway, or if you are really good at remembering to cancel, but you have to know you may have to spend money to make money with offers.


Of course, this is where most people want to spend their time.  I was very disappointed that I did not have a single survey available to me.

According to the website they run very similar to other survey sites, but I cannot verify.

Usually surveys pay between 50 cents and $3, and it varies depending on the demographics required, length, and topic of the survey.

Some really long surveys pay little, and some short surveys pay more. It all comes down to how much whoever putting out the survey wants to pay.


You can download apps and earn a certain amount per day.

There are three available currently, and two are for android.

They are limited to 50, .5, and 90 OPTins per day, respectfully.


If you are familiar with Swagbucks and their swagcodes, you will get this.

HoneyCodes are hidden all around on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other popular sites.

If you find one, you enter it under the “honeycodes” tab on website and you earn however much that code is worth.


On the surface, this is by far one of the better referral programs out there.  There are two different programs.

The first one is for users that want to share with their friends.  You earn 10% of the earnings of everyone who signs up at your referral link, for life.

The other option is to become a Brand Ambassador.  This is for those who make a living on referrals.  It offers up to 15% of the earning of those that sign up at your link.

Earnings depend on hitting the benchmarks for that level.  The levels are:

TierNew UsersTotal Earnings for Group (in OPTin)Referral %
Noble Bee25100,00013
King Bee50300,00014
Queen Bee100500,00015

You have to meet both benchmarks to earn a level, so if you earn 100,000 but only sign up 20 members, you will make the NuBee rate.

It is made clear that you are the face of the company, and you will be banned for violated the terms and conditions.

Houston, We Have a Problem

I noticed something strange while maneuvering around the site.  I always head to the FAQs right off to see what I can find out.

The link didn’t work!  I thought that was very strange. Clicking around some more I found several broken links.

It seems that maybe with all the changes they just haven’t cleared out all the bugs yet.

I did end up finding the FAQs under the “support’ link to the left of the page.

The link at the bottom of the page is definitely broken however.


, though only 4 years old, is accredited by the BBB.  That actually says a lot.  Not many of these types of sites are accredited.

They also have an A+ rating.  There have been no complaints against them filed with the BBB.

There are three reviews.  One of them is positive, one is neutral, and one is negative.

The negative one is from someone who was apparently used to earning much more from them in the past and is aggravated that he can no longer earn as much on the site.

This seems to coincide with the limits put on how much you could earn in a day watching videos and using the apps.

Is EarnHoney Legit or a Scam?

They never ask for your credit card information, and there is a review on the Better Business Bureau website that says they pay on time.


This one is kind of tough.  They are accredited by the BBB and have an A+ rating.  This combination is almost unheard of with survey sites.

They do have a ton of broken links though, which always bothers me.

I think my biggest drawback is I cannot see how users are actually earning the money that the company claims they are.

I had no surveys available, videos earn pennies, and app earnings are capped.

This leaves offers, which may cost money, codes, and referrals.

I am sure there are some out there that are getting a lot of referrals, but if the people signing up aren’t earning, it still doesn’t translate to profit.

In the end, I don’t see a lot of earning power here.

Certainly, you can’t earn what they claim unless you are glued to the site for a whole day, and even then, I am still not convinced.

You can try it out.  It won’t hurt anything.  If you earn enough to cash out I believe you will get paid.

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