Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Used Tires in 2022

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It’s so easy nowadays to turn old things into cash.

You can get rid of laptops and computers for a few hundred dollars.

Recycle your cell phone for cash.

You can even make money recycling or repurposing old wood pallets that stores don’t need anymore.

Did you know that you can also make some money on your vehicle’s tires, even if they’re used and worn?

We’re going to explain a few ways you can do it, including letting you know who buys scrap tires and how to make a used tire business profitable for you.

Because why not make side money on stuff you don’t need?

Why Recycle Tires?

I know you’re here to learn how to get paid with used tires.

But I think it’s important to point out why you shouldn’t just throw away old tires instead of finding something new to do with them or selling them for profit.

There is one really good reason for recycling tires.

Discarding them is bad for the environment – really bad!

The materials that make up tires aren’t biodegradable.

That means that the tires will sit in a landfill and never break down. They’ll always just take up space, and if you’re familiar with auto tires, you know how large they can be.

They’re also oddly shaped and won’t just compact in a landfill like other waste does, which means they’ll take up necessary space that could otherwise hold a lot of waste.

Landfills can become hotspots for insect breeding and all kinds of yucky stuff we don’t want in the environment.

In addition to all the environmental side effects throwing away tires has, there’s another reason you might want to consider recycling them instead of throwing them away:

They can make you money!

Whether you want to start a tire recycling business or you want to upcycle old tires into new stuff, you can earn more cash without picking up another job.

Here’s how to make money with used tires.

How to Get Paid for Used Tires: Where to Recycle Tires for Money

First things first: Let’s talk about how you can simply sell or recycle the tires you have for extra cash.

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Taking care of them this way keeps them out of landfills and gets you some money in your pocket.

And it could be even easier than you think if you know what places to look!


Craigslist is a good place to list old tires for a few bucks.

You probably won’t find anyone willing to pay a good price for them, even if they aren’t worn too badly.

Craigslist is often used as a place to find free and low-priced stuff quickly and easily, so the people browsing tires on here are probably looking for a good deal to replace their tires themselves without paying a mechanic to do it for quadruple the price.

When you list on Craigslist, be sure to have clear photos of the tires so people can get a sense of their wear before buying them from you.

If you do find a buyer, you should meet in a public location that’s well-lit with plenty of people around instead of inviting buyers to your home.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups for local selling and buying can also be helpful in locating buyers near you who might want your used tires for their vehicles or DIY projects.

You can also post to the Facebook Marketplace and syndicate the post within your buying and selling groups that you’ve joined on Facebook, making your listing appear in several spots on the platform instead of just one.

Or, simply post some pictures of your tires to a profile post to share with friends and relatives who might be interested.

Ask them to share, too, to spread the word.


You can always use Google to search for recycling centers near you that might accept tires.

Note that not all recycling centers will pay you for the items you bring in.

In fact, many of them don’t; they offer the service of recycling stuff that shouldn’t be disposed of, so they don’t want to have to pay for things too.

But some do offer incentives in some form to encourage people to bring in their recyclables to help the environment, so there’s no harm in searching.

Search for phrases like “tire recycling near me” to find what you need.

Earth 911

Earth 911 is also a helpful website that lets you search for recycling centers near you.

It might even be more accurate than Google in finding all of the recycling centers in your area.

Just type in what you want to recycle (tires) and your ZIP code, and the site will do all the searching legwork for you.

Auto Repair or Tire Shops

If your tires are in pretty decent condition, then there’s a chance that local auto repair or tire shops will want to take them off your hands for at least a few bucks per tire.

Not everyone who has a flat tire and needs a replacement wants to spend a couple of hundred dollars for two new tire replacements.

Instead, they might opt for a quicker, cheaper fix by buying matching used tires that the shop has on hand.

Some auto shops offer this service for people who are in a bind and can’t afford all brand new tires but still need replacements.

You can use Google to find auto and tire shops in your area and call around to see if any are interested in the tires you have.

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Turn Old Tires into Something New

Another way to turn tires into cash is to turn them into something new that’s not just a tire.

In other words, DIY your way to extra money that you probably wouldn’t get out of the tires if you just tried to sell them as-is.

People love buying unique stuff that’s handmade that you can’t find anywhere else.

And that’s exactly where your tires come into play.

You can turn them into tire swings for a backyard.

You might overhaul them into a garden planter.

Turn the tire into a coffee or end table.

Use tires as toy storage.

You might also:

  • Wrap and glue twine around a tire to make a living room ottoman for resting your feet
  • Make an obstacle course for a backyard using tires and other equipment
  • Make your own playground equipment using tires
  • Create a bean bag tossing game with tires
  • Cut the tires to use pieces as parts of animals or other artsy creations for garden decorations
  • Stack tires together and paint them to make cute holiday snowmen decorations
  • Stack tires on top of one another and attach a base and a lid to use for a garage trash can

As you can see, the projects you can make with a few tires is almost endless.

All you need is some creativity and common tools to make something completely new that others will want to buy.

Remember that any projects involving tires probably won’t be best for shipping because they’re going to be large and heavy.

Instead of using places like Etsy and eBay to sell your creations, you can try listing them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to sell them locally.

Start a Tire Hauling, Recycling, or Selling Business

Our final suggestion for money-making with tires is to start your own tire hauling and recycling/selling business.

This business could be a part-time gig or a full-time income, depending on how much you want to scale it.

To do it, you’ll need a pickup truck or some type of vehicle that you can use to pick up and haul any size tire. Preferably, it should be one that can hold multiple tires at once to save you time.

You can go around to homes, businesses, and repair shops to pick up tires that people are giving away.

You’ll charge a service fee for hauling the tires – say, $20 or so for a pair of tires or $30 for a full set, depending on how large and heavy they are.

Many people will be willing to pay the price just for the convenience of you picking them up and hauling them away for them.

Of you happen to contract with several auto repair or towing shops, you could end up with a decent, steady income.

Once you have tires in your possession, you can choose to recycle them for nothing or whatever the recycling center is willing to pay.

Or, you can sell them using the methods we mentioned above (either listing them somewhere or repurposing them as DIY projects and selling them that way).

If you choose to start a business for your used tires, be sure to check with your town to see what business licenses and other laws will apply to you.

You need to take care of the legal aspect before getting started.

Recycle Old Tires for Cash

Isn’t it cool how you can turn old stuff into new stuff just by being creative and thinking of new ways to do it?

Used tires don’t have to take up space in your garage or harm the environment as they sit in a landfill.

You don’t need to track down people who might want to buy your tires from you or give them away for free.

We’ve listed a few legitimate ways that you can earn cash from your old, used tires instead of having them go to waste.

Hopefully, these ideas spark your imagination and help you come up with ways that you can get paid in your community with used tires.

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