81 Best Places Teens Can Find Online Jobs for Extra Cash

Do you want your 13, 14, 15-year-old teen to start earning some money, but aren’t sold on the idea of him or her getting a traditional job that might take away time from schoolwork and activities?

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An online job might be just the thing your teen needs to feel responsible, contribute to the household funds, and learn how professional jobs work.

This list of online jobs is 100% dedicated to teens who want to earn some money from home!

How to Make Money Online as a Teen 13 Years Old and Up

It’s tough for 13-year-olds to find jobs other than mowing lawns or doing odd chores around the home.

Unless you look for them online, that is!

Unlike traditional jobs, these online gigs accept teens just like they would adults, so your teenager can start making their own money.

Take Surveys

Online surveys shouldn’t necessarily be mistaken for a regular job.

They don’t provide consistent income, nor as much as you’d make from a job.

But, they’re fun, and the best survey sites will help your teen make decent money without spending hours away from home after school.

These sites allow 13-year-olds to earn cash!

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Use Reward Sites

I personally love reward sites as a quick and easy way to make money online.

Now, your teen can do the same, making money from things like playing games, answering questions, and completing free offers!

Use Apps

If your teen has a smartphone, they can earn money with fun, money-making apps that reward them to do specific tasks, like unlocking their phone screen, taking photos of products in a store, or completing quick in-store tasks.

Make Money Watching TV

Yes, your teen can even make money watching TV (probably one of their favorite hobbies, right?

Perk.TV and Viggle both accept teens and let them get paid to watch their favorite shows and movies.

Earn Cash Back with Ibotta

Ibotta is another app that helps anyone make money, but I thought it deserved its own spot because of how awesome it is.

You only need to be 13 to use the app and get paid (but, teens will need to use a parent’s PayPal account).

The app offers rebates on products you shop for.

When your teen purchases anything with her own money, she can get rewarded for those purchases by using in-app rebates and uploading her receipt.

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She can also team up with others and earn bonuses when her team completes goals.

Or, refer friends for even more cash!

She’ll only need $20 in her account to cash out her earnings.

Sell Stuff Online

Teens of any age can sell stuff they don’t need to make money, but they may need the help of an adult to navigate the site and set up an account.

Most sites are easy enough for kids and teens to figure out but have restrictions on the ages of members that create accounts.

However, if your teen rounds up stuff he wants to sell, and you don’t mind spending some time on the site to list his items, this could be a great opportunity for him.

Here are several places that allow people to sell things like books, clothing, electronics, and more:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Bookscouter
  • ThredUp
  • Swap
  • Gazelle
  • Worthy
  • Etsy
  • Swappa

Write Blog Posts

Teens with excellent writing skills and a love for creative or technical writing could be good candidates for writing blog posts or articles.

Freelance writing is becoming one of the most popular freelancing careers, so now’s a good time to get your writer involved.

The following content writing sites allow teens to get paid:

Teens can also sign up for The Forum Wheel, which lets them get paid to increase engagement on forums by posting on them.

Write an Ebook and Sell it on Amazon

Your child can also venture out on his own with his writing skills by writing an eBook and selling it on Amazon!

Amazon Kindle Publishing is the easiest way to go for newbie writers.

It basically takes the reigns of everything from the publishing to marketing, and your teenager will earn a commission on every book that sells.

Not a Writer? Edit Instead!

Maybe your teenager doesn’t like writing but still has a knack with words, spelling, grammar, etc.

In that case, editing could be better for her.

You can usually find a lot of editing gigs on Craigslist or Facebook groups, but your teen might also be able to find family and friends who need help and are willing to pay.

Make Videos on YouTube

Tons of kids as young as toddlers are making it big on YouTube by creating videos with their families.

There’s no reason your star-in-the-making can’t do it too!

There’s a niche for almost everyone on YouTube, from beauty tutorials to videos about repairing cars.

Whatever your child is into most is what he/she should focus their videos on.

Livestream Your Favorite Games

You only need to be 13 to have your own account on YouTube, so teens always have the option of posting videos of their gameplay to their YouTube channels to get viewers and eventually monetize their videos.

Or, your teen can use Twitch.TV for live streaming some of the most popular games!

The more viewers they have, the more they can earn, and people can even send in donations.

The site only requires that you’re 13 with parental consent.

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Start Freelancing with Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the few freelance marketplaces that allows teens to make money.

Although Upwork and Freelancer are helpful for finding gigs, they also have an age restriction of 18 or older to join.

Fiverr allows 13-year-olds to create their own gigs and offer their services, like content writing, editing, photography, video editing, graphic design, and more.

Sell Photos Online

Teens with photographer skills may be able to start selling their photos online to bloggers or businesses with websites.

Fiverr is, again, an excellent place to start!

Help Companies with Enroll

The Enroll app allows teens as young as 13 in the US (you must be 16 if you’re in the European Union) to use it.

With this app, you can take surveys, offer your opinions on websites and logos, and help brands tweak their products, designs, services, and more.

Users earn PayPal cash for each test.

Spin the Qriket Wheel to Earn Cash

This simple game is both fun and addicting!

Your teenager uses her phone to join a live Qriket game, picks a color, and earns points for each correct color guess the wheel lands on.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game can win the grand prize.

Browse Facebook Groups or Craigslist for Gigs

Craigslist and Facebook groups have an almost neverending number of gigs to earn extra cash.

Check local Facebook groups and write a post asking if anyone has suggestions for online work for your teen, or browse the Jobs section of Craigslist for your area.

Listen to Music Online

Both Music X-Ray and Slice the Pie let your teenager listen to awesome music and get paid for it.

With Slice the Pie, he’ll review music clips that haven’t made it mainstream yet.

Music X-Ray sends you music in the genres you like for you to listen to, provide your thoughts, and get paid.

Design T-Shirts

Got a budding artist on your hands?

Why not let her design t-shirts to sell?

Several websites do the hard work for you, holding inventory and shipping products.

All you need to worry about is the design and making it look good to get a cut of the profits.

Here are some t-shirt designing sites that accept teens:

  • CafePress
  • Teespring
  • Zazzle

Shop Online and Earn Cash Back

Does your teen make any online purchases?

Have her sign up for Swagbucks first and check out the shopping portal.

Click the link for the retailer she’ll be shopping with and then make a purchase.

She’ll earn money back into her Swagbucks account that she can redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Teens can also sign up for Qmee, a browser extension that finds deals on stuff you search for and want to buy.

They’ll get money, though, even if they don’t buy anything!

Alternatively, teens can have their parents sign up for Boostapal, an online shopping portal that gives students the cash back into their accounts.

Making Money as a 14-Year-Old

14-year-olds have a few more opportunities for earning cash online.

Take Surveys

A few survey sites require teens to be at least 14 years old before joining:

Use Reward Sites

In addition to the GPT sites for 13-year-olds, these reward sites can help teens 14 and up earn money too:

Find Kids to Babysit

Use Care.com to find kids near you that need a babysitter.

Your teen can help!

You only need to be 14 to sign up and create an account as a caregiver on the site.

Find Dogs to Walk

There are several apps that help people find dogs to walk in their neighborhoods, but due to legal reasons, most of them require dog walkers to be at least 18.

That doesn’t mean your child can’t earn some money from dog walking, though.

Instead, have him post his interest in walking dogs to his social media accounts.

Maybe his friends and family know of someone who needs his help?

This gig would be best for trustworthy teens who have experience with dogs.

Find Houses to Take Care Of

Teens might also be able to use the internet to find housesitting gigs in their neighborhood.

You can usually find housesitting jobs on Craigslist, but your teenager might also be able to ask around on her social media channels.

It’s best to find people you know personally who would trust your child to watch over their home while they’re gone, just so you can avoid any potential legal issues that might pop up with strangers.


Microtasking is an excellent way for anyone to earn income online without getting a regular job.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the best (and original!) microtasking sites, and your child can join when he’s 14.

Teens can sign on and work whenever they want, and they can also choose what types of tasks they want to do.

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Online Jobs for 15-Year-Olds

In some places, 15-year-olds can get hired for regular jobs, so it’s even easier to find online places willing to pay teens at this age!

Surveys for 15-Year-Olds

A few of the top survey sites require teens to be at least 15 years old to join their panels, including:

Manage Social Media Accounts

Although a 13-year-old could technically manage social media accounts, this is a job that’s a better fit for someone who’s had at least a couple of years’ experience on multiple social media platforms.

So, 15 is a good age to start looking into this work.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all require teens to be at least 13 years old, so by 15, they should have a good understanding of how they all work.

Social media managers basically take over the accounts of others and create and schedule posts to share.

Your teen can work with people they know, or can set up a gig for this work on Fiverr.

Or, Use Your Instagram Account to Become an Influencer!

Teens can also use their own Instagram accounts to grow their following and become an influencer (which can also work on other social media sites!).

Influencers have highly engaged audiences and work with brands for sponsored posts.

If your teen has an account that really stands out to brands, there’s a good chance that she’ll be able to work with awesome brands and make money creating posts for them.

Best Online Jobs for 16-Year-Olds

Sixteen is when most teens get their first job, but there’s no reason they need to be limited to a traditional workplace.

Here’s where to find jobs for 16-year-olds online:

Surveys for 16-Year-Olds

MySurvey is a top-ranking survey site that accepts teens as young as 16 to make money with their opinions!

PayPal and Amazon rewards are available here, but MySurvey also offers a wide range of other prizes and gift cards.

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Join Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies

Some direct sales, or MLM companies, willingly take on teens to join their teams!

This can be an excellent way to start a family business, too, if someone already sells for a company.

Some MLM companies that allow 16-year-olds to join are:

Become a Note Taker

Teens who are organized, efficient note takers might be able to offer their services to other students.

Try OneClass, StudySoup, or NexusNotes for money-making opportunities.

Teach English to Foreign Students

SameSpeak connects online tutors to foreign students to help them learn English.

It’s one of the few tutoring companies that allow teens as young as 16 to make money with them.

Design Logos and Graphics

Use Fiverr to create logos and graphics for website owners or bloggers!

Or, set up an account with 99Designs, a fun site that lets you design custom graphics for requesters and get paid if they choose your design.

Online Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

Seventeen-year-olds have the most opportunities being so close to legal age.

They can do anything on this list so far, plus the below gigs that are open to teens this age!

Become a Reservation Agent

U-Haul has one of the most popular work from home jobs on the web, and it also allows teens 17 or older to join in!

As a Reservation Agent for the company, teens can answer phone calls and help people book their U-Haul reservations from home.

All that’s required is a high school diploma, so if your child is one of the younger ones to graduate, they might be able to score this job.

Answer Questions Online

Does your teen have a lot of expertise in a subject area or two?

Then Studypool might be a good way for her to earn money.

She can sign in when she wants, answer academic questions by other students, and get paid to do it.


Humanatic offers a fun side gig for adults and teens.

Your teenager will review calls by customer service agents and provide feedback on the agent’s politeness, helpfulness, etc.

There’s no set schedule!

Write Greeting Cards

Older teens can put their writing skills to use by writing funny, emotional, or inspirational sayings for greeting cards for some of the top companies in the industry.

Many greeting card companies pay freelance writers for this task and don’t have any specific age requirements.

However, it’s a good idea for teens to wait until they’re old enough to have an excellent command of their language for the best chances of getting their writing accepted.

Here are a few companies that work with freelance writers:

[wps_conclusion-without-button title=”Things to Know About Online Jobs for Teens” style=”card-success”]
It’s important to remember that, just because a site accepts teens, it doesn’t mean your teenager will definitely find success there.

If your teen wants to do anything related to social media, you first need to consider that most social media channels have restrictions on the ages that can join.

Facebook, for example, doesn’t allow children younger than 13.

Instagram and Twitter have the same restriction.

Just to use a Gmail account, your child also needs to be 13.

Email addresses are required to sign up for most sites, so Gmail could be out of the question.

And, if your child hopes to get paid with PayPal, he or she needs to be 18.

Alternatively, you could use your PayPal account and pay your child his earnings, but it’s something to consider first.

Be sure to monitor your child’s internet usage and online work to help keep them safe along the way.

What online jobs has your teen tried? We’d love to hear about them in a comment below!

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