11 Simple and Effective Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2022 

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Cryptocurrencies provide fast, secure digital transactions globally while acting as a hedge against inflation and investment vehicles. Numerous cryptocurrencies exist worldwide, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Ether, Solano, and DAI. The currencies are traded on different exchanges using different cryptographic methods. 

 Most cryptocurrencies are expensive to purchase. Nonetheless, there are some schemes and methods you can earn your cryptocurrencies from your home. We have taken the time to earn crypto and are confident you can use these methods to earn free crypto instantly in 2022.  

Here are the main ways to get free cryptocurrency: 

1. Take part in crypto Games 

Crypto gaming is a gaming system that uses cryptography-based blockchain technologies. The game’s coil involves owning some form of crypto assets and selling them for a profit or having games hosted on a specific blockchain. The games provide an avenue for the players to earn the crypto for completing specific in-game tasks. 

Like any other gaming environment, crypto games have free tokens that can be redeemed for crypto. There are also tournaments, jackpots, and other offers that the players can earn for participating in those games. Players can earn a passive from participating in different crypto games. 

There are multiple crypto games you can start playing today hosted on different blockchains. The value of the cryptocurrencies you earn depends on the specific game; with some blockchains hosting thousands of games, you can start playing today for free. 

Take some time to scout the different crypto games you can play for free and the paid games to find games that offer you the highest returns for playing. If you invest your cash in a crypto game, try to settle for the games with regular rewards or large rewards to ensure that you make the most out of the crypto game rewards. One popular crypto game is Crypto Popcoin which will let you earn Ethereum and PopCoin in your Coinbase or Metamask wallet. 

2. Start Crypto Staking to earn free crypto instantly in 2022 

Generating and validating new cryptocurrency units is generally expensive and requires a behemoth of computational power to complete. However, proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocols are a cheaper consensus mechanism alternative that allows the validators to lock in their holding and reduce the computational hazard of proof-of-work schemes.  

Crypto staking is only available for PoS blockchains like Ethereum and Algorand, not Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin. 

Staking is a sure way to earn crypto continually and can be used as a good investment vehicle in the long term. If you are looking for a sure way to get free cryptocurrency, this is the surest way to get started, as the blockchain needs to mint new blocks off of your staked crypto for a long time. 

Beware that the reward from staking crypto varies from blockchain to blockchain, with some offering low returns while speculative coins earn larger returns. Many large crypto exchanges, such as eToro, offer stakes for users to make more crypto. If you own PoS crypto, use your existing cryptocurrency to validate the new blockchain, support the infrastructure and earn cryptocurrency. 

3. Mine Cryptocurrency 

If you have some idle computational resources, you can consider cryptocurrency mining. This is the most common form of cryptocurrency creation and validation of new transactions. It’s a vital process in maintaining and developing cryptocurrency.  

The method works with the PoW blockchain and rewards the computer that is first computing the solution to the problem. It works similarly to staking, but rather than staking the crypto asset, you lend your computational power to help the blockchain compute math problems. 

Crypto tokens are issued in the native currency that you are verifying the transactions. Crypto mining is, however, a heavy investment activity as you require a powerful computing system to receive rewards.  

The more powerful the blockchain, the more resources you need to engage in mining. Due to the huge returns and barriers to entry, the mining of popular crypto like bitcoin is almost exclusively left to big companies and banks. 

4. Participate in Airdrops 

New cryptocurrencies are developed every day; there are many ways of marketing them and getting people to participate in them. The most common way developers use new crypto is an airdrop (giveaway). That means that the cryptocurrency creators distribute free crypto to people who have been supporting the particular crypto from its inception. 

Airdrops have become a staple in most DeFi coins, with the developer airdropping their coins in the communities before the coins officially launch. You can place yourself in line for airdrops by following projects on social media, promoting the token on social media and other platforms, tracking on discord, signing up on newsletters, and many other means. Different platforms use different eligibility criteria for airdrops. 

Free cryptos from airdrops are often a gamble since mainstream appeal on the coins can fail to take off, leading to the tokens losing value. However, if you are feeling optimistic and lucky, then airdrops is a sure way to earn free crypto that may grow in value as the crypto grows.  

All you need to receive an airdrop is a crypto wallet such as Meta mask and Coinbase. You must also be very careful, as most airdrops have a spammy side to them. 

5. Complete Educational Resources 

Many crypto exchanges and communities offer a legitimate mode to earn free crypto by learning about cryptocurrency. Learning often involves watching videos, taking short quizzes, completing assignments, and earning a bonus on completion of the course. Multiple sites offer this lucrative opportunity to earn some free crypto, especially as a timed promotion. 

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Coinbase and CoinMarketCap.com have programs that promise to rack you up some cryptocurrency by learning. The main aim of such programs is to draw new crypto investors to the platform. Caveats to these programs are that you are not likely to get tokens from major cryptocurrencies, which may not be your goal for completing the course. 

6. Crypto Credit/prepaid/Debit Card Rewards 

We are already used to earning some cash back from making purchases on our credit cards. Crypto credit rewards work similarly with a slight exception: they offer you cashback in the form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin rather than fiat.  

This means that you earn free crypto while you are out focusing on things that matter to you. BlockFi and Gemini have some of the most popular crypto credit cards. Their credit cards have the same kind of caveats as regular credit cards. The more you spend, the higher the crypto cashback.  

There is also a prepaid card program featuring Crypto.com and Visa with cash backs ranging from 1%-5% and special a whopping 10% on purchases on Expedia and Airbnb and even 100% for subscriptions on Spotify and Netflix. 

It is best not to rack up a huge debt on your credit card trying to earn a modest free crypto token. eToro, in particular, lets you pay for transactions in cryptocurrency even when the merchant doesn’t accept cryptocurrency by handling all the exchanges. That implies that you can pay in crypto, and the merchant receives the fiat currency they accept. 

7. Start lending in Decentralized Financing (DeFi) 

 Visit any bank, and they will tell you their biggest asset is a loan book. Do not let all the action bypass you by joining crypto lending and making some interest off your cryptocurrency. DeFi allows you to leverage the power of digital currency and decentralized financial apps working on blockchain technology.  

The apps are often P2P platforms that do not rely on a central party to execute transactions as they rely on smart contracts. 

Generally, the interest rates in crypto lending are higher than bank interest rates. Yields may differ depending on the cryptocurrency and the protocol involved, with some loans earning up to 10% a year.  

All DeFi loans are collateral-based, with the collateral being in crypto assets that are usually higher in value than the loan. The blockchain smart contracts make DeFi loan lending safe and impossible for someone to cheat or scam you on the blockchain. 

Success in crypto lending requires prudence on the types of borrowers and the amounts you lend. The more you can lend, the more the returns. Smaller loans are generally much safer compared to large loans. You can opt to finance loans with other lenders to reduce the risk. 

8. Complete Crypto Faucet Assignments 

Do you have some free time to complete some simple assignments? If you had that time in 2010, you could have earned 5 BTC. Anyway, you should not fret as you still have a legitimate opportunity to earn several cryptocurrencies for performing simple tasks even now. While they may not be worth 5 BTC now, you never know how much they will be worth in a few years. 

 Crypto faucets are websites, apps, or programs that offer digital rewards for completing straightforward and simple tasks such as completing captcha, viewing ads, or completing tests and surveys. Since the tasks are simple, they are relatively easy to complete. Similar to the work the rewards are equally small, similar to drops dripping from a faucet hence the name Crypto faucet. 

Crypto faucets often have some limits on the minimum withdrawal balance, time limits on the amounts you can earn, and so forth. These challenges make it substantially hard to make any meaningful crypto tokens out of the crypto faucet.  

You should read the terms and conditions before trying the crypto faucet. Popular crypto faucets you can try are: 

  • Lucky Block  
  • FreeBitcoin  
  • Cointiply  
  • FireFaucet 
  • Altcoins.pw  
  • Bitcoinker  
  • CoinPayu 
  • FaucetCrypto 
  • adBTC 
  • SatoshiQuizz  

9. Open a Crypto Saving Accounts 

As we get accustomed to cryptocurrency, most of them are turning out similar to conventional money that can be used in trade and investment. There are currently many institutions that let you deposit cryptocurrency into a savings account and earn interest over the token in addition to their appreciation over time.  

Initial interest rates in cryptocurrency are often higher than in traditional savings accounts. BlockFi has one of the most renowned crypto saving accounts with a tiered interest rate structure. The account uses a retrogressive interest rate system, implying the higher the deposit, the lower the interest rate.  

Different tokens have different interest rates, with popular coins such as Ethereum and bitcoin working at low percentages, while newer crypto coins such as Stablecoin have higher interest rates. 

10. Sign Up for an exchange 

Similar to educational resources, signup rewards are designed to attract new investors into the crypto world. The exchanges offer different amounts in various cryptos for signing up with them. Some exchanges create limits on how you can get the crypto by setting an amount you must deposit before you can access the free crypto. 

Take time to study the terms set by the exchange before signing up for the free crypto. Like in the educational resources, you will likely get some worthless free crypto rather than premium crypto to entice more signups. 

11. Free NFT 

Similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs are public ledgers showing ownership of original digital assets such as art. NFTs have value. Minting NFTs also costs energy and other resources and generally requires some cash to mint. However, there are some free blockchains, such as polygon, that allow you to mint your cryptocurrency for free. 

Once you have the free NFT, you can sell them and make Free crypto in 2022. Some crypto projects also have an attractive bonus to their top supporters, similar to cryptocurrency airdrops. The requirement is similar to participating in airdrops, as the creators dish out bonus pools to individuals who create the most traffic on NFTs. 

You could even search Twitter for free NFT giveaways and win big from the regular giveaways. The value of an NFT could give you more money compared to other ways you earn free crypto instantly in 2022 

Start Earning Today 

The key to earning free crypto instantly in 2022 is a sharper image to keep on searching for opportunities. You never know which opportunity could give you the most value. The methods we have described provide the tested and tried way that provides free crypto. The returns differ depending on the time and value of the free crypto you receive. 

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