29 Places to Sell Custom T-Shirts Online in 2022

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It seems like everyone nowadays is selling t-shirts, right?

And why not?

T-shirts are worn by people every day.

They’re a must-have item for the majority of closets all over the world.

People need t-shirts, so people make t-shirts to sell.

Creating custom t-shirts is easier than ever with print on demand services that let you upload your designs to sell on t-shirts.

You don’t have to hold inventory or print the shirts yourself.

You’re basically just selling your designs, making this a super easy business venture to get running.

If you’ve thought about opening your own custom t-shirt store, keep on reading.

The Best Place to Sell Custom T Shirts Online

You came here to find out what the best website to sell your t shirt is, so let’s answer that.

In our opinion, Shopify is the clear winner.

That’s because Shopify is a website building platform that caters to online sellers.

Because you have a ton of e-commerce tools at your fingertips with this platform, you’ll have everything you need to start your own t-shirt business without a middleman site involved.

You are in control of your website design, navigation, and functions.

You can track the orders you receive and be in charge of shipping them out.

And you can connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Shopify offers several integrations for print on demand services that you can use to print your t-shirts and send them to customers.

Everything is incredibly streamlined when you use Shopify, making it an excellent place for starting a full t-shirt business with your custom designs.

Other Places to Sell Your Custom T Shirts Online

If you’re not quite sold on running your own website just yet, that’s okay!

You can test the waters with your designs first by making a few and selling them on any of the websites listed below.

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Use the BlueCotton design studio to create t-shirt designs, or you can upload ones you’ve already made.

BlueCotton takes care of the printing and customer service so that you can just focus on designing and making sales.

Sell on BlueCotton.


You can create your own merch store on Bonfire to sell your shirts or sell them in a campaign.

A campaign lets you upload your designs and sell them to customers once they order them without you needing to hold inventory or take care of shipments.

Sell on Bonfire.


CafePress is an online marketplace that sells home décor items, apparel, and more.

You can register for free and start uploading your designs that people can order on whatever products they want to buy.

You’ll get a portion of everything you sell with prices varying by product.

Sell on CafePress.

Custom Ink

Custom Ink has an online design tool that you can use to design t-shirts for fundraisers.

You’ll have your own page for your fundraiser, where you can track donations and shirt orders.

When your fundraiser is over, Custom Ink will print and ship your shirts.

Sell on Custom Ink.

Design By Humans

Open your own store on this site, which is a great place for artists to display their work.

The first 90 days, every artist is eligible for double royalties!

Normal sales will give you a profit of $3 for every t-shirt you sell and $4.50 for hoodies and sweatshirts.

Sell on Design By Humans.


If you know how to design and print your own shirts or contract with a company to print them for you, you can sell your inventory on eBay.

Create auctions or fixed-price listings to sell them to buyers.

Sell on eBay.


Etsy is a marketplace for crafters and handmade items.

As a t-shirt designer, you can print your t-shirts, hold inventory, and sell them on Etsy.

It costs a fee to keep a shop open, but you’ll benefit from analytics and promotion tools and tons of daily visitors who could see your shirts.

Sell on Etsy.

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Fine Art America

If you have artwork that you want to put on custom t-shirts, Fine Art America is your place.

This site is for visual artists and photographers to build an online portfolio and sell their art on products.

Apparel is one of several categories of products that people can buy with your artwork on them.

Sell on Fine Art America.

Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon is a special section of Amazon dedicated to people who want to utilize Amazon’s traffic to get their eyes on their products.

You can simply upload your designs, wait for review from Amazon, and start selling.

You’ll need to request an invitation to get invited to the program.

Sell on Merch By Amazon.

Print All Over Me

Join Print All Over Me as an artist for free and be one of many who sell their unique artwork as apparel on the site.

The marketplace occasionally closes its doors to new signups, but you can always email the company if you want to dropship through PAOM with Shopify, or wait for signups to reopen.

Sell on Print All Over Me.

Print Aura

You can display your designs on any of Print Aura’s products, and the company will print and ship them for you as soon as one sells.

There are no membership fees, and Print Aura will even ship under your brand’s name if you have one.

Sell on Print Aura.


You can choose what apparel products to sell in your own online store on PrintedMint.

The company even lets you have custom branding and packaging that fits your brand, so it looks like everything came from you.

Sell on PrintedMint.


Printful integrates with Shopify if you want to go that route but you can also use it alone as a service for your custom t-shirt business.

Printful also has a mockup generator for you to create mockups of your t-shirts to make them more appealing to buyers.

Sell on Printful.


Create your custom clothing on PrintShop and take advantage of its print on-demand service that takes care of fulfilling and shipping orders for you.

There are several types of t-shirts for you to choose from here.

Sell on PrintShop.


You can get your t-shirt designs all over the world when you sell on RedBubble.

Upload whatever designs you have and choose the types of shirts you want to feature them on.

When someone buys something, RedBubble will take care of the printing, shipping, and customer service.

Sell on RedBubble.


Ript is for anyone who loves pop culture!

Everything from comics to movies to animation goes here as far as designs.

You can submit designs for review, and if accepted, you’ll get 10% of all the profits of anything you sell your designs on.

Sell on Ript.

Sell My Tees

Sell My Tees offers a free plan for custom t-shirt designers to get their business running.

The free plan comes with 20 product displays and no transaction fees for listing or selling your t-shirts.

Sell on Sell My Tees.


As an artist who sells on Society6, you can earn 10% of each t-shirt that a customer orders and the company fulfills.

You can also earn an extra 10% as an affiliate by promoting your products and triggering sales.

Sell on Society6.


Spreadshirt has an awesome designing tool built into its site that you can use to create your t-shirts without any design experience necessary.

You can either choose to sell in the marketplace or open your own shop to have more control over its look and how much you sell products for.

Sell on Spreadshirt.


SunFrog is another print on-demand service that you can use to sell your t-shirts.

The difference with this place from a lot of others is that it helps you market your shirts, too, with its automatic email campaigns that promote creators’ designs.

Sell on SunFrog.


Artists who love gaming, TV shows, books, and more, can send in their designs to TeeFury for them to be printed on t-shirts and other products that customers want to buy.

Sell on TeeFury.


Sell your designs on more than 75 products when you choose TeePublic.

Regular-priced t-shirts usually pay artists $4 when they sell, while hoodies pay $8.

Sell on TeePublic.


Teespring has tons of products to put your designs on to sell through its website and earn commissions, including regular tees, hoodies, and even baby onesies.

Sell on Teespring.

The Yetee

The Yetee is dedicated to giving its customers really unique shirt designs at an affordable price of just $14.

You can submit your designs to the site to have them reviewed for potentially adding to the company’s shirts.

Artists receive $2 of every shirt that sells with their design, and The Yetee even throws in a free t-shirt with their design on it.

Sell on The Yetee.


Set up a custom online store for your t-shirt business for free on Threadless.

Threadless also has a promotional feature called Threadless Discover that features artist designs, and you could have a chance to end up there if you opt-in.

Sell on Threadless.


This on-demand printing and selling platform is in Spain, but people all over the world can sell and buy from the site.

Open a free online store to start selling t-shirts.

Sell on Tostadora.


ViralStyle is another print on demand service that also takes care of holding and managing your shirt inventory and shipping them off to customers.

You’ll get a unique storefront with plenty of tools to manage your sales and keep track of everything.

Sell on ViralStyle.


Zazzle is one of the most popular sites of its kind on the web.

It’s another huge marketplace similar to CafePress that features tons of products you can add your artwork or designs too, including t-shirts.

You can even earn up to 99% in royalties!

Zazzle has a unique name-your-price system. If you want to earn 99% in royalties, Zazzle increases the item’s price to make it work.

You can also go all the way down to 5% royalties if you want to make lower-priced items.

Sell on Zazzle.

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How to Design T-Shirts to Sell

Before you get started, read the following tips to help you reach success with your t-shirt business.

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

First, you should choose a niche for your t-shirts.

This will help you narrow design options to fit within your niche instead of being all over the place.

When people want to buy shirts in that niche, they’ll come to you!

Many of the sites above feature artists in specific categories, so it’s a good idea to stick to your chosen niche so that the right audience can find you.

If you decide to branch out into your own business at some point, niching down will also help you establish your brand.

Step 2: Find the Right Program

There are several programs you can use to create designs.

Some sites above have built-in designers, but you’ll typically have more control over your designs when you use programs made for graphics designing.

If you want to stick with simplicity and just use wording on your shirts, you can use an app like WordSwag, which features lots of fun fonts and text shapes.

Canva is also very simple to use and can be best for someone who wants to use graphics, text, or both.

There’s a free and paid plan, with the paid one giving you access to all templates, fonts, pictures, and more.

For those with more graphics experience, GIMP is a good choice.

It’s like a free version of Photoshop with many of the same capabilities to give you total control over your designs.

Step 3: Get a Few Designs Made

Make some sample designs yourself or contract someone to do it if you don’t have a knack for designing.

Try enlisting the help of someone on Fiverr who can make you designs for your t-shirts starting at just $5.

Don’t go overboard with designs just yet.

You can always add more later, but it’s a good idea to have a few solid ones to start with, see how they do, and continue to make similar designs to those that are performing well.

Step 4: Choose One or Two Platforms

Try a couple of custom t-shirt platforms to sell on first before signing up for all of them on this list.

There might be two or three that stick out at you.

Try those first, test them out for a few weeks, and see which ones are your top performers.

You can always pull your designs from non-performing sites and try a couple of new ones.

Or, if one is doing really well for you, you can stick to just that one.

Step 5: Grow Your Business

It’s a good idea to work on growing your t-shirt business by promoting your designs.

Share them on your social channels.

Write about them on your blog.

Add a signature to your email with your links.

You can also give your business a name (make sure to check the requirements for naming a business with your state) and market yourself on LinkedIn and other places with your business name.

Sell Your Custom T Shirts Starting Today!

Custom t-shirts are easy to create (especially if you have a designer create your designs for you!) and super simple to sell with the help of the sites above that do most of the legwork for you.

With little to no overhead and inventory to hang onto, you can stand to make a decent profit from every shirt you sell.

Do your homework before signing up with custom t-shirt sites, though.

Not all of them will pay you the same amount for your sales, and not all of them run on the same policies.

It’s important to find a few that align with your beliefs and needs, and that pay you the price you want.

Eventually, once you find out what designs work best, you might consider opening your own online store with Shopify or another page builder to give you ultimate control over your business.

Good luck!

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