17 Websites That Help You Get Paid for Your Old College Notes

If you’ve been through college, you probably have a ton of notes from all your lectures and classes.

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Should you throw them away, or is there something you can do to get more use out of them?

Ask some college students and they’ll tell you that it’s a better idea to sell study guides and college notes for cash.

That’s right.

You can get paid for the notes you took in college once you’re done using them.

If you’re looking for some extra cash as a college student, then this could be one way to do it – and it couldn’t be easier because you already have what you need!

How to Get Paid to Take Notes in College Classes

Before we list the different sites that allow you to sell your notes from college, let’s talk about how you can get paid to do this.

Helpful Notetaking Tips

First, here are a few notetaking tips that can help you make more money from your notes and improve your chances of getting them accepted by different sites.

Digital or Handwritten?

Each website will have its own requirements for college notes.

Some prefer handwritten while others prefer them typed.

But it seems that more sites are favoring digital notes rather than handwritten, simply because these notes can be more organized and easier to read.

Either way, your notes need to be in digital format.

If you handwrite them, you’ll need to scan or upload them to the site you want to sell them on so that other people can purchase and download them.

Various digital forms of notes are acceptable, depending on the site, and may include Word documents, PDF files, JPG files, or Google Doc links.

Details, Details, Details

One of the most important things to remember about writing college notes that can sell is that they need to be detailed.

Without details in your notes, they’ll just be a quick summary of a lecture.

The reason people buy college notes is to get details that they can’t typically get from researching online or in a textbook.

So, it’s crucial to add enough detail to your notes so that everything makes sense to an outsider who’s reading them.

At the same time, you need to strike a balance between giving details and being concise.

Notes need to be clear and to the point rather than wordy and excessive, but still provide enough insight into the topic to help the reader understand what’s being talked about.

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Use Your Own Words

It’s never okay to copy notes from another source, but this is especially frowned upon if you want to sell your college notes.

Don’t plagiarize content from textbooks or your lectures.

Everything should be written in your own words.

Not only does this show that you thoroughly understand the material, but it also can help make your notes more conversational to someone else.

And, of course, it keeps you out of academic and legal trouble!

If a site ever catches plagiarism, it has the right to not just ban you from using the site, but it can also turn you into your school’s academic department.

Add Visuals When Possible

If you’re able to add drawings or graphs to your notes (if it pertains to the topic, of course), do it!

A lot of people learn better when they have visuals to see, so they may be more willing to pay for your notes that include those visuals.

Be on Time for Every Class

Some note buyers only want to buy notes for a full semester, which means you need to have notes available for that full semester.

If you’ve ever missed a class due to being sick or having another engagement, you probably know how difficult it is to catch up.

Having notes available for each class can be a huge bonus when you’re trying to sell them, so try your best to be on time to each class and ready to take notes.

How Much Can I Make for Notes?

Again, the money you make for notes depends on the sites you use to sell them.

Most sites work on a commission-based system that pays you a percentage of the final sale price for your notes.

If your notes sold for $50, you might make about 70% of that price, which is $35, for example.

Other sites have more of a marketplace structure where you can list the notes you have for sale and sell them directly to buyers at a price you choose.

You can tend to make more at places like this because you have more control over the pricing.

Usually, though, you can expect to make anywhere from 50% to 90% commission on the notes you take.

Be sure to look through each website’s terms, rules, and payment policies before you sign up and start selling.

Is It Illegal to Sell College Notes?

This is a very common question we see people ask when they’re interested in selling college notes.

The answer is no, it’s not illegal to sell your college notes – at least in the United States.

Some countries, like Belgium, consider it illegal to sell college notes unless you’re self-employed, for example.

But in most areas, although some may frown upon the idea, selling notes isn’t illegal.

Taking notes and selling them isn’t the same as giving away the questions and answers to a test or writing a paper for someone to pass off as their own.

Notes are simply notes.

They can help someone study for a class or exam, but it’s up to the person to understand the material enough to pass.

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Now, whether this practice is something that your college accepts is another story.

Some colleges have very strict rules about what you can and cannot share, and notes may be one of those forbidden things.

It’s always best to check with an academic advisor before selling any notes just to make sure you’re not violating any of your school’s policies.

Can I Sell Notes to More Than One Place?

This depends on the site you use, but many of them do allow you to keep your rights to your work.

When you keep your rights, you’re allowed to sell those notes more than once to different people, and you can sell them on other sites.

These are the best sites to work with because you can potentially get multiple sales on just one set of notes.

Where to Sell Your College Notes Online for Cash

We’ve covered the basics you need to know about selling your notes to other college students.

Now, let’s introduce the best sites that pay for your college notes:


OneClass is one of the leaders in college notetaking for money.

Instead of simply selling pages of notes here and there, you can become an official note taker to make up to $470 per semester.

You’ll basically be a dedicated note-taker for a class, but you can choose to be the official note-taker for more than just one class to boost your earnings.

After you submit an application, you’ll go through a trial period before becoming a part of the team.


You can join NotesMate for free by filling out a quick application with your details before uploading your notes to sell.

You’re allowed to set the prices for your notes here, so make sure you name what you think is fair for them.


BookHolders is a place where you can buy and sell college textbooks.

It also has a newer service that helps you sell your notes, either types or handwritten.

BookHolders pays $20 per each set of notes you have for each of your classes.

Go to just one class a day for a full week of classes, and you could end up making $100.

Course Hero

You can become a tutor on Course Hero to make money or you can upload your notes to earn money on them.

The site claims that its top tutors earn as much as $500 per week.

Course Hero doesn’t require you to work a certain number of hours, either, so it’s a flexible way to make money as a college student.

Nexus Notes

There’s no special application process you need to go through to start selling with Nexus Notes.

Just upload the notes you want to sell, wait for the company to look over them and approve them for sale, and get paid.

Nexus Notes charges students $35 for each set of notes and you’ll get 50% of each sale.


StudySoup looks for people to join its team as Elite Notetakers.

As an Elite Notetaker, you can get paid as much as $500 per course by keeping track of notes for other students.

Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes looks for outlines that you write for college classes to help other students learn and succeed.

You’ll be able to get a 72% commission for every sale you make.


Upload study notes to Notesale and you can determine how much you make for each of your set of notes.

Once someone buys your notes, you can get paid within a day or two.


Sell your lecture notes and study guides to GradeBuddy to make some extra cash in your spare time.

The site says you can make up to $500 per semester.


Notesgen looks for study guides, notes, smart cards, e-books, and other studying materials.

The marketplace lets you choose your pricing and you’ll get paid right to your bank account by an electronic deposit.


Sign up for free for NoteXchange to sell notes at the price you want.

You’ll get 100% commission for everything you sell!


If you’re in Australia, this one is for you.

Get setup for free to start selling your notes.

You’ll get $70 of your sales prices for all sets of notes.


Upload notes to Docmerit as a notetaker and seller, set the prices you want to make, and get money credit to your account.

You can sell your note sets multiple times to keep making money off just one class’ notes!


Stuvia isn’t just for college notes.

You can also upload high school class notes and notes for certification or exam study classes.

Add a description of the notes you’re selling, then publish them and make money.


eBay is an auction site where you can sell just about anything you want, including college notes.

You can create a listing, add a description, and start selling.

Add your listing as a fixed-price listing if you’d rather have people pay a set price for your notes rather than take your chances with an auction.


Upwork is a different kind of site that still could work for you to sell college notes.

Here, you can browse through open jobs to apply for.

Use the search tool to look for “college notes” and related keywords to find note-taking jobs.

You might be able to find jobs here that are looking for notes for a specific class.

One thing that’s good about this site is that it uses an escrow system to hold your cash in until you complete the job, which helps both parties ensure they’re getting what they need.


You can create gigs on Fiverr for college notes.

Start a listing that says something like, “I’ll write college notes for X class within X days,” for example.

Other people can find your listing, wait for you to send the notes, and pay you for them.

Fiverr uses a rating system that can make it easier for you to get jobs after getting a few positive ratings.

Get Started with Selling Your College Notes

A few reminders before you begin selling notes online:

  • Check the terms of each site you’re considering to find out more about its rules and payment policies.
  • Check with your school to make sure selling notes doesn’t go against their policies.
  • Determine if your notes are of selling quality based on the tips above. If not, you may want to refine your note-taking procedure during your upcoming classes.

Although this money-making technique won’t pay you thousands per month, you can expect to make at least some money off your notes, which is always better than tossing them in the trash for free.

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