Go Green: Recycle Your Old Appliances and Get Paid

If you are like me, you are always looking to make a few extra bucks along the way. I don’t consider myself green, but I like to play my part in keeping the world we live in healthy.

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Did you know that the U.S. is the number 1 trash-producing country in the world? Yeah, we keep our trash up, but the landfills are quickly filling up.

What are we going to do when there just isn’t anywhere left to throw our trash, non-working refrigerator, or old appliances?

Well, instead of filling up those dumps with more stuff that won’t go away for thousands of years, we can make an effort to start recycling.

You are probably thinking, but recycling takes time…

Yes, a little a bit, BUT the great thing about recycling appliances is that you can get paid to do it!

Who buys old appliances and non-working refrigerators?

There are several energy companies across the states that will pay you $50 or more just to recycle your broken crap!

Get Cash for Old Appliances

Many times, we don’t know about the programs we have right in our own city. So, when I learned of a program in my city that paid for recycling old appliances, it got me thinking.

Are there other programs in other states and cities?

And, low and behold, there are several companies just like mine that will pay you cash to recycle your old appliances!

Check out the list, below!

  1. Missouri: In Missouri, Ameren Pays will pick up your old refrigerator, freezer, or appliances and pay you cash for them.
  2. Illinois: Not only is Ameren in Missouri, but they also pay in Illinois as well.
  3. Wisconsin: In Wisconsin, Focus on Energy will pay you $20 and pick it up for you. You can schedule your free pickup online or call 800-354-1898.
  4. Michigan: If you are in Michigan, you can take your old appliance, fridge, or freezer to Efficiency United. They will write you a $50 check.
  5. New Mexico: Schedule a free pick up with PNM in New Mexico. They will pick up your old appliance and give you a receipt. You will send that in for a rebate check of $50. It takes about 4-6 weeks.
  6. Maryland: Empower Maryland has a recycling program through Pepco. You can get $50 for recycling a refrigerator or freezer and $25 for an air conditioner. Use the online scheduler or call 877-743-3117.
  7. Kentucky: The PPL Corporation has initiated several recycling programs for old appliances and electronics. Visit their page and contact them, today.
  8. Oregon: The Energy Trust of Oregon will pay you $20 to $40 for an old appliance. Also, check out their suggestions on new appliances before you buy them.
  9. Fort Collins, Colorado: If you live in Fort Collins, you can get paid by the City of Fort Collins to recycle your fridge or freezer. You get $35 and they will arrange to get it hauled away. Schedule online or call 1-888-646-1657.
  10. Indiana and Ohio: Schedule a pick-up with Vectren and earn a $50 cash rebate for every appliance you recycle. However, you can only recycle two per year.
  11. Long Island: Public Service Enterprise Group works a little differently. Instead of paying you to recycle, they pay you for using energy-efficient appliances. If you recently bought a new appliance, you can get a $10-$20 rebate just by sending in your receipt.
  12. Indiana and Michigan: Get $40 to recycle your fridge or freezer with Indiana Michigan Power Company. Schedule your pickup online by picking your state – Indiana or Michigan or call 800-253-5661.
  13. Michigan: Michigan really wants to see people recycle, so they have plenty of options for you to choose from. Get paid by Consumer Energy to recycle, today.
  14. Indiana: Have someone pick up your appliance for free and get $50 with Nipsco! Must be a Nipsco customer to use the program.
  15. Colorado: If your appliance fits the guidelines, you can get $50 by going through Black Hills Energy recycling program.
  16. New Jersey: The New Jersey Clean Energy Program offers you an incentive to recycle your old appliances properly. Get $50 for a refrigerator or freezer and $25 for air conditioners and dehumidifiers.
  17. Wisconsin: Focus on Energy is partnering with Wisconsin Utilities to offer a statewide recycling incentive of $35 and free pick up. Go to focusonenergy.com/fridge or call 1-800-354-1898 to schedule your free pick up.
  18. Arizona: Get paid to turn in your old appliance with APS. Call them today to find out how.
  19. Imperial California: Get $50 off your next energy bill by recycling with Imperial Irrigation District. Plus they will even pick it up for you.

Can’t Find My City or State?

If you can’t find a recycling option above for your city or state, don’t be dismayed. There are plenty of recycling options across the globe.

Although some of these recycling options will not pay you cash to recycle, you can help save the Earth.

Keep in mind that even without an appliance option, many recycling places will pay you for scrap metal and aluminum. So, if you can get it there, you can get paid.

If you still wish to recycle an old refrigerator, freezer, or appliance of any kind, you can visit:

ARCA Incorporated

If you aren’t sure where a paid program would be near you, ARCA serves utility companies across the United States and Canada.

ARCA’s turnkey appliance recycling programs provide you with money for keeping the world a better place.

But, you don’t have to spend all your time calling each utility company in your area. Simply check out ARCA’s website to see their programs by state.

ARCA currently has programs in the following states:

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With over 350 materials and 100,000 listings, Earth 911 is one of North America’s most extensive recycling databases.

You can enter the material you are trying to recycle along with your zip code to find a recycling place near you. Here are a few items you can find recycling for:

  • Automotive
  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Hazardous materials
  • Metals
  • Paint
  • Plastic

Or, you can call 1-800-CLEANUP to talk with someone about finding you a recycling option near you.


A simple Google search for “appliance recycling in my area”  or “appliance recycling program” will give you many places you can take your old appliances.

Some of the options may be paid where others are just a way for you to help keep our environment clean and healthy.

Your State’s Energy Office or Local Electric Company

Many of the recycling programs above are done by energy or electric companies. Local Utilities and energy-efficient organizations support these recycling programs.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to make cash to recycle your old appliances or just get credits on your utility bill.

Either way, it is worth it to call your gas or electric company and find out what programs they may offer for appliance recycling.

Your Cities Waste Management Division

In my city, the electric company works with the waste management division; however, in other cities, the waste management division may be a separate component.

As you can probably guess, the waste management division gets a lot of trash, so they may have a recycling program that can get you a few extra bucks for helping them out.

Contact your waste management division, today to see if they have any special deals for recycling your old appliances.

Local Scrap Metal Recycler

There are thousands of scrap metal recyclers in every city. In fact, you may see people dumpster diving for these very precious metals.

This is because scrap metal recyclers will pay you good money for various kinds of metals and that includes the metal on your appliances.

Keep in mind that the metal will be recycled; however, other parts of the appliance may get thrown out and put in the landfill.

This is also a great way to get rid of other things in your home that are made of metal. If you are going to throw it out, consider recycling first.

You could make a lot of money just saving the planet!

Responsible Appliance Disposal

Before you buy a new appliance such as a fridge, freezer, or air conditioner, ask the company if they take part in the RAD program.

The RAD program has prevented 1.1 billion pounds of metals, plastic, and glass from going into the landfills.

RAD is a voluntary program that works with companies, utility retailers, manufacturers, states, affiliates, and others to properly dispose of old refrigerated appliances.

They go above and beyond the federal requirements to protect the Earth’s climate and ozone layer.

This means that when you buy a new appliance, the company may work with RAD to help you recycle your old appliances.

Other Options

If you can’t find a place to recycle your old refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner, there are other options as well if they still work.

If you like helping other people, you could consider donating your used appliances to Goodwill, Salvation Army, the Habitat for Humanity Resale stores, or other thrift shops.

If you would like to make some money off your used appliances, consider the following places to sell them:

  • Letgo: You can sell anything from appliances to a whole house on this app.
  • Facebook Marketplace: The marketplace will sync up with your location and post items you have for sale in front of local buyers.
  • Craigslist: Yes, Craigslist is still around and many people still use it to find the things they need.
  • eBay: Shipping could get pretty pricey on appliances, but if its close and you can meet up, eBay could work.

Even if you sell your used appliances to someone who needs them, it is a lot better than sending them to the landfill.

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With so many recycling options, metal scrapers, resale stores, thrift shops, and online ways to sell anything, we shouldn’t have to send old appliances to the landfill.

What do you do with your old appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners? Share your tips, experiences, and ideas in the comments below!

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