23 Legitimate Online Jobs for Accountants and Bookkeepers 

 Working online has become popular in these modern days. If you have some bookkeeping and accounting skills, you can take advantage of the many free online accounting jobs from home.  

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While many jobs are available for CPA level professionals, you can do more flexible online bookkeeping and accounting jobs. The jobs require you to have financial experience and skills like banking, auditing, and bookkeeping.  

If you are looking for virtual bookkeeping and accounting opportunities, this article lists some of the legitimate online jobs you can do.  

Work from Home Accounting and Bookkeeping Jobs 

1. Accounting Prose  

Accounting Prose provides online accounting and bookkeeping jobs in the United States for qualified accountants and bookkeepers of 18 years and above. 

It is based in Denver and serves tech, health, and wellness businesses and other professional services. It doesn’t give specific education requirements. All you need are a few years of experience and knowledge of common accounting and other business accounting tools.   

When working with the company, you will be involved in bookkeeping, handling payroll, calculating tax payments, assisting in financial statements, and helping businesses move from QuickBooks to Xero. You can work either on a full-time or contract basis.  

2. AIS Solutions  

AIS Solutions is a Canadian-based company offering online bookkeeping and accounting jobs for qualified individuals above eighteen years in the United States and Canada. 

You need at least one year of online experience in QuickBooks and bookkeeping to get a job in the company. You may also be required to possess QuickBooks online certification.  

Duties include providing bookkeeping services to health and wellness firms, accounting firms, home service businesses, and e-commerce stores.  

You also work towards helping companies set up their accounting software and move to QuickBooks. You can work full time, but they offer flexibility if you need some time off.  

You can apply as a junior and senior bookkeeper. If you don’t have much experience, you should apply for the junior bookkeeper, while with vast experience you should apply for the senior bookkeeper position.  

3. Backyard Bookkeeper 

Backyard Bookkeeper is a cloud-based bookkeeping company that hires professionals above eighteen years from Utah.  

To work with the company, you should have one year of full-charge experience. You will be involved in cleaning up books and handling other bookkeeping processes. You also provide add-on payroll services and help with 1099 filings.  

The company also provides part-time W2 roles. It has separate applications for payroll jobs too.  

4. Blue Fox Agile Accounting  

Blue Fox Agile Accounting offers online bookkeeping jobs to individuals in the United States.  

To apply, you should have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of bookkeeping experience. Besides, QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification (basic) is needed. The pay depends on your skill level.  

Duties include providing customized back office and financial services to social enterprises and nonprofits. You will also create monthly financial reports, weekly accounts payable, income entries, credit card and monthly bank reconciliations, and data manipulation through Excel.  

If you are hired as a long-term contractor, you will perform extra journal entry tasks and provide clients support. You should work 5 to 15 hours weekly.  

5. Upwork 

Upwork hires individuals above eighteen years from all parts of the world.  

The company has bookkeeping and accounting sections, where many jobs are posted daily. Finding a job is easy because the site helps you get the right bookkeeping or accounting positions according to your qualifications and experience.  

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Here you will find jobs posted by different companies from all over the world.  

Upwork makes it easier for home-based and online work from the comfort of their homes or offices. You will also find many success stories to motivate you and enlighten you on how to find the perfect bookkeeping or accounting job.  

You can be hired by a company to work on a project, hourly or full-time. The payment depends on the company you work with, your qualifications, and your experience.  

6. Book Minders  

Book Minders provides bookkeeping and accounting jobs for people above eighteen years based in the United States.  

If you are looking forward to starting your online or home-based bookkeeping career, Book Minders is a great place to start. You can work with the company and join its accounting and bookkeeping team. The company has a good reputation for providing community jobs and maintaining wonderful clientele.  

To work with the company as a virtual accountant or bookkeeper, you should be a graduate with five years of experience in a related field. The pay rates at the company also vary based on your experience level.  

7. Empowered Profit  

Empowered Profit hires bookkeepers and accounts above eighteen years based in the USA and Canada. 

The company mostly serves online businesses to help them with bookkeeping, tax support, and cash flow strategy. To work with Empowered Profit, you should have QuickBooks knowledge and two years of small business bookkeeping experience.   

You can work with the company on a full or part-time basis. However, the company makes it clear that it doesn’t hire people looking for a side hustle.  

Working for Empowered Profit entails performing various tasks such as financial reporting, financial projections, month-end closes, and QuickBooks.   

You should also use tools like Slack and Asana to communicate with the team members, clients and update projects. Besides you should also be available for team video calls.  

8. Bookkeeper.com 

Bookkeeper.com offers bookkeeping and accounting jobs to individuals above eighteen years based in the United States.  

The company offers several services such as financial planning, accounting, and tax services, to small businesses and individuals.  

When working with the company, you will carry out or help with tasks such as financial reporting, monthly closes, and journal entries. You may also be required to help with other services the company provides its clients.  

All the bookkeeping positions are remote, but you should be able to work like an employee rather than a contractor.  

9. Reconciled  

Reconciled offers bookkeeping and accounting jobs for qualified individuals over eighteen years in the United States.  

This cloud accounting company provides a wide range of finance and accounting services like outsourced CFO, bookkeeping, tax, and advisory.  

To work with Reconciled, you should possess an associate degree in business, accounting or a bookkeeping certificate. You should also have one year of experience working in the bookkeeping field and be ready to work full-time.  

You will need to communicate with clients through emails, phone, and video conferencing software. You will also use other tools to carry out various core bookkeeping tasks. You are supposed to work mostly between 9 am to 5 pm, though some flexibility is also provided. 

Note that you are required to visit their headquarters in Burlington, VT, every year for the staff meeting. The good thing is that the company covers accommodation and travel expenses.  

10. Supporting Strategies  

Supporting strategies offers online accounting and bookkeeping jobs to qualified persons in the United States.  

The company was founded in 2004 and offers outsourced bookkeeping and back-office services to businesses in various industries.  

To work with Supporting Strategies, you should hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. You should also have five years of bookkeeping or accounting experience. 

You are hired as a financial operations associate, where you work as a bookkeeper. In addition, you also work as a controller, as the head of an accounting department. This is why you are supposed to possess a degree and some experience in bookkeeping roles.  

When you get hired, you will be responsible for roles like accounts payables and receivables, financial reporting, and month-end closes.   

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The company provides part-time employment to persons with flexible hours. It offers training on the latest bookkeeping software solutions to help you work effectively.  

11. Two Roads  

Two Roads provides online bookkeeping and accounting jobs to qualified individuals above eighteen years in the United States.  

To work with Two Roads, you should have an associate degree in bookkeeping or accounting. In addition to this, you should also have at least four years of bookkeeping or accounting experience.  

The company provides bookkeeping and CFO advisory services to small businesses. They hire bookkeepers online with flexible hours. You can work on your schedule, but in most cases, you should be available between 9 am to 5 pm so that you can respond to teammates and clients.  

You will be responsible for helping small businesses with bookkeeping tasks such as journal entries, financial statement reviews, sales taxes, reconciliations, and many others.  

12. 1-800Accountant 

1-800Accountant offers online bookkeeping jobs for persons over eighteen years in the USA.  

To work with 1-800Accountant, you should have at least three years of experience in the bookkeeping field. You should also be experienced with online accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Gusto.  

You will be responsible for performing several bookkeeping tasks, such as generating financial statements and creating journal entries. You also get involved in building relationships with clients and also complete other assigned duties.  

You should work at least thirty hours weekly, with more hours during the tax period.  

13. AccountingDepartment.Com 

AccountingDepartment.Com provides online accounting and bookkeeping jobs for qualified U.S. citizens above eighteen years based in the United States.  

To work with AccountingDepartment.Com you should have over three years of experience doing full charge bookkeeping. You should also have good knowledge of accrual accounting.  

You can work with the company as an accounting software specialist, controller, or an accounting manager. The online positions are full-time W2 roles with several other benefits.  

When hired, you will work for multiple clients doing several bookkeeping tasks. You will mostly work as a team member with an accounting technology specialist and controller to assist each client.  

Currently, AccountingDepartment.com virtual accounting specialist positions are only available to U.S. citizens residing in the country. 

14. Acuity  

Based in Atlanta, Acuity hires qualified accountants and bookkeepers in the U.S. and Canada.  

The company provides CFO services, bookkeeping services, and tax services. It primarily works with digital savvy clients and focuses on positive company culture.  

When working with the company, you will be mostly involved in providing bookkeeping tasks. Other tasks you perform include financial reporting, reconciliations, accounts payable, and other payroll-related tasks.  

The company offers a more flexible working schedule. You can choose working hours as long as they are within the normal hours. You also have a chance to attend the company’s annual paid retreat, AcuityCon. You can network with other team members during the retreat and improve your skills and abilities.  

15. Bookminders 

Bookminders offers online accounting and bookkeeping jobs for qualified individuals in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  

To work with Bookminders, you should possess a four-year degree and at least five years of accounting experience. You should also be experienced in working with general ledger accounting software.  

Bookminders provides comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services to nonprofit clients and small businesses. It offers the services on either a monthly or weekly basis but also provides one-off support services.  

When hired, you perform several bookkeeping tasks for small business clients. If you are working with nonprofit clients, you will be responsible for tracking programs, grants, restricted funds, donations, and comprehensive board reporting.  

You can work on your flexible schedule, but you should avail yourself for meetings and training when necessary. About two third of the work is done online.  

16. Envolta 

Envolta is a Canadian-based company that hires accounting and bookkeeping professionals in Canada and the United States.  

To work with the company, you should possess post-secondary courses in bookkeeping and accounting. You should have one year of experience in full-cycle bookkeeping and QuickBooks advanced accreditation.  

The company offers online positions for both experienced and entry-level bookkeepers. When performing an entry-level role, you work on the full accounting cycle for the company’s clients. You will also manage and maintain documentation and report to your team and manager.  

If you are an experienced bookkeeper, you can work as a lead bookkeeper and perform advanced tasks to get a higher salary. All the positions are full-time and performed entirely online.  

17. InDinero 

InDinero is an accounting firm with offices in Oregon and Indiana that offers online accounting jobs to qualified persons in the United States.  

The company offers outsourced accounting to all types of businesses. It provides services such as business tax, accounting, and CFO.  

When working with the company, you stay within its accounting functions. Some of the tasks you perform include transaction entry, financial reporting, and reconciliations.  

Most of the tasks are full-time, but sometimes the company hires on a contract basis.  

18. Ledger Gurus 

Ledger Gurus hires account professionals above eighteen years in the United States.  

Ledger gurus is a remote and outsourced accounting company that assists small businesses, mostly eCommerce with their accounting tasks. The company offers part-time and full-time bookkeeper positions up to CPA levels.  

You will work remotely with a high level of flexibility allowed.  

19. ProLedge Bookkeeping Services 

ProLedge Bookkeeping Services is an accounting firm based in Texas that provides jobs for qualified professionals in the United States.  

You should have one year of bookkeeping and QuickBooks experience to work with the company. It hires bookkeepers on a part-time basis. They have several openings that allow you to work remotely.  

You will carry out bookkeeping tasks independently, so you must have good communication and time management skills.  

20. Stride Services  

Stride services hires qualified accountants and bookkeepers from the United States and the Philippines.  

The company works with professional service businesses. It helps them with accounting, bookkeeping, advisory, data analytics, profitability strategy, cash flow, and payroll services.   

When hired, you will work on a full-time basis. You will mostly focus on accounting and bookkeeping, but you may also branch into other tasks. 

To be considered for the job, you should apply on the website and leave a voicemail informing the company why you qualify for the position.  

21. ClickAccounts  

ClickAccounts hires bookkeepers and accountants from different parts of the world full-time.  

It offers a great online platform to work with because you don’t search for clients yourself. It provides you with clients to work with according to your qualifications. The company also provides security for your bookkeeping job.  

You can work on your schedule, but the most important thing is to ensure you meet the set deadlines and follow the clients’ instructions. With high-quality work, you can gain a lot of clients through the platform.  

22. BIDaWIZ 

BIDaWIZ hires certified bookkeepers and accountants over eighteen years in the United States.  

The company offers a wide range of online opportunities in bookkeeping and accounting. BIDaWIZ works differently from most other companies providing online accounting and bookkeeping jobs.  

To work with the company, you should first become a member. After you join, you will be in touch with the team, and they will assist you in finding new clients while maintaining your current ones. 

To join the company, you should have a certification such as a degree from a certified U.S. university, and then pass a background check.  

23. CPAMoms  

CPAMoms hires qualified moms from the United States.  

The company offers moms great online bookkeeping and accounting job opportunities. To work with the company, you should be a certified bookkeeper and accountant.  

The platform offers excellent job flexibility, allowing moms to spend more time with their kids. It is also free to join.  

However, to be accepted, you should pass a live QuickBooks observation, an extensive interview, and a technical test. Only a few applicants go through, but you will get many jobs once you are hired.  

Other Platforms that Offer Bookkeeping Jobs from Home 

Here are other popular platforms to get Legitimate Online Jobs for Accountants and Bookkeepers. 

  • Fiverr 
  • Indeed 
  • Craigslist 
  • People Per Hour 
  • Guru 
  • Remote.co 
  • Paro Network 

Skills to Succeed When Doing Online Accounting Jobs 

Like most other online jobs, there are certain tips you need to apply to succeed. Beyond having some bookkeeping and accounting skills, here are the other skills you need to succeed. 

  • Understand your Numbers- As an online bookkeeper or accountant, you should be excellent in numbers. You will use various accounting and bookkeeping software to do the math. However, you also have to be able to double-check the calculations.  
  • Organization- Online bookkeeping and accounting involve dealing with a lot of documents and numbers. You will be working with spreadsheets, and other excels files. Therefore, being organized is one of the skills that will make you succeed in your career.  
  • Communication Skills- Great communication skills are also essential because you will deal with many clients and other team members. While working online, there are several rooms for miscommunication, so before you start a bookkeeping and accounting project, ensure that everything is clear. You should also develop connections with your clients and be approachable. Note that you will be dealing with some confidential data, so your clients should also trust you, and honest communication is key to developing this trust.  
  • Focus on Details- Online accounting and bookkeeping job mostly involves ensuring that financial records are correct. Thus, punctuality and focus on detail are critical to your career success. The last thing you should do is put the data in the wrong cells or do inaccurate financial reporting. You should be reliable to your clients.  
  • Basic Computer Skills- You need to have great computer and online networking skills.  
  • Problem Solving Skills- As an online accountant and bookkeeper, you face various challenges. To succeed, you should be able to foresee them coming, stay calm, and amicably solve them.  
  • Multi-tasking- As a freelance accountant, you should be able to work with several clients. Therefore, multitasking skills will come in handy to help you switch between different accounts and clients fast.  
  • Maintain High-level Confidentiality- Handling financial data requires you to observe a high level of confidentiality. Thus, you must handle your clients’ data and passwords securely. You should also avoid discussing your clients’ information with others.  


There are plenty of online bookkeeping and accounting jobs available. The jobs allow you to work remotely on a part-time or full-time basis. 

To apply for the jobs, you should check their hiring criteria. For instance, check whether they jobs are available for people in your area and the required qualifications.  

Whether you have vast experience or not, you can be sure to get an opportunity that fits your qualifications. Besides, make sure you gain other skills such as good communication, focus on details, and organization skills that will help you succeed as an online bookkeeper or accountant.  

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